Monday, March 9, 2015

3-9-15 Another Week of Blessings

Well it has been another good week!!
- Went out to Strasburg for our sisters p-day last week.  We went to a donkey shelter and got to play with them all!  Our shoes were pretty poopy afterwards, but we had a fun time!  We just had fun taking some pictures on this giant train bridge too.
- Been working with a LA's 12yr old daughter.  Seeing great progress with her :) she's awesome and I just love her.  She's been coming to church and Young women's pretty regularly, but is having a hard time blending in with the girls.  Spent some good time with her this week.
- Had a lot of good lessons again this week.  We even invited Toshi to be baptized (after he goes back to Japan and can finish the lessons).  He said he would pray about it.
- Went blitzing again this week.  We ran into a deaf pastor (I got so flustered I couldn't remember much of anything!) and a Jehovah Witness.  We did get into the JW's house, but that was only because I asked to use their bathroom.  Haha fun times.
- Had a great Relief Society party this week; 4 Less Actives Showed up.  They seemed to have a fun time and hopefully will come to church more!
- Had to give a talk in church this week.  He asked me to speak on the Atonement and to give it from the heart.  That's all I got.  I was panicking about it all week.  I feel so much better now that it is over.  Oh yeah, and I was going last.  I ended in perfect time :) it was awesome.  I was crazy nervous, but at least my voice wasn't super shaky.  I got a lot of compliments on it afterwards, so I guess it went ok, but I don't even remember what I said haha.  I felt it was really all over the place, but they said it made sense!  The Kers even came in and listened.  I talked a lot about using the Atonement to strengthen us.  The more we break, the weaker we become. (I used the moose figurine on the stereo that we always break the one antler off as an example haha).  I also spoke on how we don't need to earn it or achieve it, but to just be thankful for it and use it.  My theme I guess you could say was "We are merely content with being fixed, but God would have us be unbreakable."  I also spoke of how our trials accomplish this.  Our trials are simply practice, not punishment.  I forgot my notebook so maybe I can share more of my thoughts next week. 
Well I know that it isn't much, but that's the week!  Again, I am so glad I got to stay here to see the work pick up in this ward.  It truly is a blessing from God to see the blessings he has.  I love you all and hope that you can feel of His love constantly because He is always there.  I will report next week!
Love, Sister Grossman

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