Monday, March 2, 2015

3-2-15 Snow, snow, everywhere, and me without my boots!

Sorry for no big letter last week!  Not too much to share from last week except for the crazy snow storm we had!  I can't remember if it was 1 or 2 inches every 30 minutes. Crazy!!  So all cars were parked and we were to be out and about on foot.  Of course that means I can't go, but some nice members gave us rides.  All the cars on the road were slipping and sliding and getting stuck everywhere! Also, Daniel wasn't able to get confirmed that Sunday either.  There was no way his mom could have made it out in that and he refused to do it without his parents (rightfully so, I think they offered to him though)
Ok this week!!
- Had a less active ignore us at the door after knocking/ringing 4 times!  We could see and hear her in there.  I just wanted to open the door and say, "Excuse me!!  We know you're home! Stop being a pansy and tell it to our face." (she was trying to be quiet and not cross in front of the window, but she wasn't doing a good job.) But that would have been mean, not quite appropriate with a tag on.  Sometimes I think, "If only I wasn't a missionary!!"'s probably a good thing I am haha.
- Had some great lessons with 2 investigators who previously had not been progressing.  Both of them had their whole families join us!  One of them even admitted his real concern!  Both of them had amazing members who came.  I know it was their presence, testimony, and friendship that made these lessons go so well!
- Had some great lessons with Less Actives!  Good spiritual moments and progression!
- Toshi: We asked how his prayers were going and he said he had been doing them, but he still didn't feel like he was getting an answer.  My heart sank because I promised he would have one soon, as God wants to have a relationship with him.  So we asked him how he felt when he prayed and he couldn't find the right word.  First he said solemn, and then said that wasn't right.  He hunted around in his translator for a minute and then said, "Oh!  Peace."  My mouth fell.  I said, "TOSHI!! (probably scared the poor guy with how excited I was) You are feeling the spirit!!  That is how he talks to us!!!  You are receiving answers!!"  His eyes got really big and his mouth got all scrunched up as if he were saying "o" and he just sat there.  It was an amazing experience to see him realize for the first time that God was really there, was really listening, and really loved him!  So happy to be apart of that.  I'm not sure if I already said this.  We got his Japanese address to send him missionaries when he gets back home.  He said that when he returns, he wants to find our church.  He loves how kind everyone is to him and how we are all family.  Just goes to show how members have an incredible influence.  He wants to go back not entirely for what we are teaching (because we haven't gotten that far haha), but because he feels loved and important. Wow!
- We blitzed Colfax this week. 20 missionaries walking up and down one of the sketchiest streets haha. We had fun!  Met so many diverse people.  We do something nicknamed "zebra tracting" where a Spanish missionary and an English missionary go together.  That way, no matter who you meet you can talk to them!  But really we would need the whole rainbow as we met people from Congo, Ethiopia, etc.  So cool to see how readily some of these people accepted the gospel.  We found a lady who previously met with missionaries, but moved and they never knew.  But she still was interested!
- Daniel finally made it to church!!  There were so many complications, but man is the Lord watching out for us!  The base was shut down and they couldn't get off.  Even if they somehow managed, the Brother who was supposed to confirm him was also stuck on base!  But it opened up and they made it in perfect time!!  A good chunk of our ward was late to church because of it.  I was crying through his whole confirmation.  I got up and bore my testimony (because I thought this might be the last chance I get to do it) which made me cry more because every time I looked up I didn't see a congregation of people I knew, they were family and I love them so much.  Then his mom went up and bore her testimony which made me just bawl.  I was so overcome with love that day.  Love for them and for Heavenly Father and for his love for me and a love to be a part of this work.  Can't really explain any better what I was feeling.
- We had 2 LA families and 3 individual LA's at church!!  One of them (well 2 counting Sister Okelberry) bore their testimony!

Well not too much else to share!!  It was a great week this week.  Thankful I got to stay here and continue seeing the miracles happen.  I can't believe how few of these I have left to write.  I will be so sad to leave, but so happy to be home.  Bittersweet.  I love you all!  Hope you have a wonderful week.  Continue praying for missionary experiences.  Talk to you in a week!
Love, Sister Grossman 

Daniel and his family

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