Monday, March 16, 2015

3-16-15 Super Weird!

Oh man!  This is super weird to be writing my very last normal letter!!
What a roller coaster of a week this has been!  So many ups and so many downs, but it all turned out good in the end.
- We live in the basement.  Apparently that means mice problems.  We have mice.  We first thought there was only one.  His name was Roadkill.  So we put out traps....we caught more than one.  This week alone we have totaled 3.  I was alright putting the first trap down, but when I saw the mouse squirming and squealing trying to get out, I just couldn't pick up the trap.  I knew if I told our member, she would make me face my fears and get it.. So we called the district leader, told them where the traps were, gave them replacements, and waited outside.  They had to come back a few days later to get the other one.  Not ok....
- Had super fun helping members clean and organize places in their home as they are trying to move and are completely overwhelmed. Seriously, organizing = my favorite hobby lol.
- Thursday was interesting.  We had 4 appointments set. 3 cancelled and at the other one, our investigator dropped us.  He wasn't really progressing and we were considering dropping him, but still.  I just couldn't help but laugh.  It was so funny just how everything was working out.  It still was a bit of a bummer, but if that is all Satan has, then bring it on.  He ain't got nothing on us.
- We had a lot of good lessons this week with LAs.  There are many of them that are progressing.  I just found out this morning that one of them is in the process of going to the temple!  She is meeting with the stake president on Tuesday!!!!!!!!!!!  Wow, that made me so happy!!!!  Her daughter is the 12yr old that we are working with.  We sat with them at stake conference.  I just love them!
- Weird, this is my second stake conference in this ward.  That is a first for me.  You are usually never in an area long enough to see the next one. Unfortunately, my knees were bothering me from too much walking the day before so I had a really hard time concentrating.  I also got a lot of funny looks because I was sitting in one of the primary chairs. (they help to sit in when my knees are acting up because I can bend my leg more).
- Saturday we had a zone blitz in our area.  We picked a neighborhood, relatively smallish, but usually they split up the zone into 2 different areas so we figured we'd be ok.  And then, not everyone comes.  Well...the whole zone came to our area. 24 missionaries.  There is one member house in that neighborhood and we were standing outside talking to them when the whole fleet showed up.  Their jaw dropped and they said, "Sorry neighbors!  I promise we didn't do it!"  hahaha.  We tracted out the whole neighborhood and got 10+ potentials!  It was awesome!  Even though there were a few snags, I know we were supposed to be there for some of those people.
- I guess a few other random things: zone p-day in Strasburg, members being our get away drivers for ding dong ditching, driving/riding on automated wheelchairs around the church (Sister O's), lots of not very nice/uninterested/not progressing people who make me feel like I am hitting my head against a wall, and probably lots more I can't remember right now!  But all in all it has been a fun week.
Starting to panic.  It doesn't feel real, but at the same time it is far too real. Can't wrap my head around the fact that I have less than 14 days.....I feel slightly sick all the time hahaha.  But still loving being a missionary.   
I will talk to you all next week for the final time :O love and miss you!!
Sister Grossman

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