Sunday, February 15, 2015

2-9-15 Miracles! Miracles are everywhere!

Sorry I have slacked on writing a big letter!  It's go time!  Lots to cover in a small amount of time!
-  Things are still on track for Daniel's baptism!  His interview is tomorrow.  Dad will be back in town the end of this week.  The schedule is set and hopefully all the kinks are worked through!  We are so excited!  We have really come to love this family so much!  I am so excited that he decided to get baptized before transfers so that I can be there for it.
-Toshi.  Toshi is from Japan and is here on a 3 month business trip.  He wants to learn English and knows that Americans go to church on Sunday.  So he looked at a bunch of different churches and likes ours the best.  He has been coming for 4 weeks now.  Toshi was raised Buddhist, but doesn't really know much of anything about God.  He wants to learn more about Jesus Christ.  So now he is our new investigator!! He asks the best question!!  Like, why do we need Jesus Christ to save us? and How did Jesus Christ always know which way was right? (as in choosing to be righteous).  There is a huge communication barrier but thankfully the church is a small world and we have two people who alternate coming to our lessons to translate (they both served their missions in Japan) and make sure he understands everything. Toshi is amazing!  He is so sweet and humble.  He doesn't understand that this is what we do, teach people about Jesus Christ. He is so thankful that we take the time with him.
- the Kers.  No not that Ker a different Ker.  We have been teaching their 7yr old daughter Natalie before her baptism. She just got baptized on Saturday and they asked Sister Bush and I to speak!!  It meant so much to us!  Toshi came to watch the baptism too!  Brother Ker even helped us detail our car for Zone Conference but we still didn't win :(
- Work has been going good.  Lots of people progressing and coming to church.  We've been reading the Book of Mormon with Julie Sargent and we left one day just finishing the 6th chapter and she texts us the day before our next appointment telling us she doesn't understand chapter 13 and we are going to need to go back and explain it to her!!  So great!!  Her daughter is even coming to church with her now and loves young womens!!  Brother Ker, the other Brother Ker, Mike in the Sable ward,  was joking around with us on Saturday telling us, "you know what this means right? You have people progressing, baptisms, the work is going great, the ward is're getting transferred :)  We have a sinking feeling he might be right....
- Superbowl Sunday: we ate dinner with Jessie that night and she is a HUGE Patriots fan.  So we were voluntold that we are now Pats fans as well.  So my team one!!! hahaha but we were well informed by her cheering or moans of what was going on during the game lol.
- We had Zone Conference on Wednesday.  This was a big day as it was my last zone conference which means I had to give a departing testimony.  There are 3 zones in attendance; at the end of the meeting,everyone who will be going home in this transfer or the next gets up and bears a short testimony.  It's your last "make it count" to everyone.  So hard to do, but even harder to sit down afterwards because it was final, it was over.  I just sat there silently crying.  I talked about how I will miss being people's hope.  How in my darkest times, Christ was there.  He was the hand reaching out and not everyone can see that hand.  We get to be the one that shines the light, spotlights his hand I guess you could say.  We get to show people there is a better way.  And I will really miss that.  I also talked about how I realized how important the gospel was to me, that it isn't up there on the list, but it is the top.  It was a great opportunity, I just wish I could remember more of what I said haha.  I felt the spirit so strongly though.
- Health: still sick. still working.  We've been taking it easy for a few days and the rest has definitely helped.  Still have a nasty cough, although the antibiotics were gone on Friday.  Might go to a doctor tomorrow.  I talked to the mission doctor and he said he wants me to get a picture of my chest just to make sure it isn't walking pneumonia.  But honestly, it hasn't been too bad.  Some days are worse than others.  If I can stop talking maybe the coughing wouldn't be so bad, but we all know I am no good at that :)
- Cool spiritual thought I had:  after Toshi's question "how did Jesus Christ always know how to pick the right?"  We all went around the classroom trying to answer  (it was in gospel essentials that we had this conversation.)  As one man was talking, something he said really made me think.  He mentioned that Jesus Christ knew his purpose and he understood just how important it was.  He always chose right because it was essential to fulfilling his purpose.  Part of our purpose in being down here is to learn and make mistakes, but if we understood just how important OUR purpose was, I think we would choose wrong a whole lot less of the time.  We often forget who we are, how important we are, and how much of a difference we make.  Just a little tidbit of a thought.
Well I think I better wrap up.  I'm running low on time and I can't remember what else there is to tell.  So I love you all and may or may not see you on Monday of next week since it will be transfers.  Have a fabulous week! 
Love, Sister Grossman

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