Sunday, January 25, 2015

1-20-15 Finally 22 and can't listen to T-Swifts song....

Hi there!
Well not too much to report this week, as I have been feeling a little under the weather.  The more I talk, the more I cough, so Sister Bush has been doing most of the talking. Because of the ickyness, I haven't been sleeping great so I drag a little during the day.  We tried to find quiet things that we could do to give both of us a rest. 
- Update on YSA: we are being "transferred" out.  A set of elders in the Denver North Stake can't find housing so they will be moving them down into the YSA ward.  haha one week! my shortest record for being in a ward.
- Had a few great lessons this week as we applied some of the things we learned from Elder Bednar's visit.  Really helped the spirit to be there in greater abundance!
-The Clarines from Westminster came and took me to dinner.  They gave me a candle in my cake and said that it represented an all expense paid trip to Canada including my hunting license.  The catch is I can't lose the candle.  That's it. I was just so happy to see them!  It has been so long!
- Friday, I woke up to Sister Bush having decorated the room with streamers!  And then we saw 2/3 of the zone later that day and they all sang me happy birthday.  When we walked outside, our car was sticky noted all over (two to be found later under the gas cap haha).  They really made it special.  That night, we had dinner at a Less Active's house.  Her husband cooked us personalized pizzas, her daughter decorated the cake, and they even got me presents :D a dinosaur CTR ring included haha.  They were so sweet!  I had such a great night!  I got a box of cool touch tissues as part of my present hahaha.
- got a cool call on Saturday from a member telling us to come see them right then.  We drove up and they had a friend inside who wanted to ask about being missionaries.  Said he didn't have much time, but he did want to learn more so we gave him some ways to contact missionaries before he had to go.  I really hope something comes from that!
-  The Kers also took us out to lunch on Saturday to celebrate. Even though I am so close, I feel we hardly get to see them!
- Sunday we took a sick day and stayed home, except for Sacrament.  I showed up to church for sacrament and everyone just kept telling me to go home haha.  The mom at the house we went to that night for dinner gave me a bunch of different stuff to try.  She is a mom of 11 so she is pretty well stocked.  It was so nice of her.
- Yesterday we had zone pday.  We had a bonfire out in Strasburg!  It was such a fun p-day, even though we were all cold and hot at the same time since the wind was super bad.  It was funny watching people trying to get close enough to roast their marshmallows without burning their face off.
Well I think that is it for this week.  Not too much else.    Thanks for all the letters!  I love and miss you all!!  Talk to you soon! Love, Sister Grossman

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