Monday, January 19, 2015

1-12-15 Surprise Transfer!!!

Kind of...not really...but really...
Man what a great week this has been!  Not for very specific reasons, but just for a whole lot of small reasons...and big reasons.
- Tuesday morning we gathered as a whole zone and talked about our goals for the transfer and specific expectations.  It was amazing to feel the unity and love that we had for each other even in that meeting.  We talked all about yoking ourselves together and yoking ourselves to Christ.  An interesting concept to ponder...(a subtle hint inviting you to do such.)
-Met with the Okelberrys on Wednesday.  Daniel prayed about his baptismal day and has chosen the 14th of February!!!  We are so stoked!!  Especially because it is within this transfer.  We aren't allowed to travel back for baptisms, so if he had chosen the 21st and one of us got transferred, we would have missed it.
- Bednar was AMAZING!!! The spirit just emanated off of him.  What an incredible man.  I learned so much during that meeting and the funny part was, he didn't give us a talk.  He actually told us at the beginning, do not take notes on what I say.  Everyone paused with D-o on their page haha.  He instead told us to listen to the spirit and write down what HE teaches us.  He asked questions and we asked questions and that was mostly it.  But it was so amazing!  I learned a lot about how I need to change my way of teaching so it allows the spirit to teach them versus what I say.  I think a good summary for the time spent would be learning by the spirit and learning by faith.  They weren't instructing us at all on how to be better missionaries, or telling us what we were doing wrong, or telling us what to fix.  The way Elder Martino (a 70) said it at the end was pretty powerful: "We aren't here to make sure you are the best missionaries you can be.  We are here to make sure you make it back to your Father in Heaven."  Super powerful!  It really was a great time.  Elder Bednar is way funnier in person, very sassy, very personable, and very bold!  I loved having this opportunity.
- Saturday evening, 3 other companionships came to blitz our area, meaning that we were all tracting on the same street(s).  In only 45 minutes we had 10 potential investigators, at least 3 Books of Mormon placed, a return appointment, and a guy coming to church next week!!  It was amazing!!  I really REALLY  did not want to do it that night!  I hate tracting/finding so much and avoid it at all costs. But since we were all doing it as a zone (part of yoking ourselves together), I couldn't really avoid it.  And then wham!  We are hit with blessings galore and God reminds me that this his work and he will make it happen, I just have to be willing to go along with his plans.  To have faith in him and his work.  To not fear man more than I fear God.
- Last, but not least: transfers..kind of.  Ths YSA in this stake has awful luck, they lose missionaries like no other, one went home early, and 2 went home early for school, the area being shut down in both cases.  This week was no exception.  A set of sisters got put in at the beginning of this transfer. One sister, this was her last transfer.  After a series of events all happening within 2 or 3 days.  She decided to go home early and the other sister was taken to Parker.  Got a phone call from the STLs Sunday morning saying they have thought a lot about it with the ZLs and President, and they all felt like we should take over YSA.  No, we didn't get moved out of Coal Creek, we are now covering 2 wards!  Excited and a little over whelmed at how much we have to do.  Lots of organizing, and lots of watching the ball to make sure it isn't dropped.  But it is going to be so fun! We are very excited!!
Well I don't have to much more to say about this week.  It was all about growing my faith, trusting that God is at the Helm of His work and asking Him to also be at the Helm of my life.  I feel like I'm a back seat driver sometimes and I stand there fretting next to God about the seas on our journey.  He occasionally he will turn to me and say, "Peace child.  I made the ocean.  I know where every rock, fish, and grain of the sand is at. I can navigate this with my eyes closed better than you could with Lasik surgery, a submarine, and a whole crew with telescopes. Watch and learn, but don't worry. You are in my hands"  I try to take so much of it into my control and end up steering the boat into a rock haha.  We watch and learn by faith.
Not sure if this is much of a complete thought, but that is all I have for today!
I love you all and hope your week is great!
Love, Sister Grossman

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