Sunday, January 25, 2015

1-20-15 Finally 22 and can't listen to T-Swifts song....

Hi there!
Well not too much to report this week, as I have been feeling a little under the weather.  The more I talk, the more I cough, so Sister Bush has been doing most of the talking. Because of the ickyness, I haven't been sleeping great so I drag a little during the day.  We tried to find quiet things that we could do to give both of us a rest. 
- Update on YSA: we are being "transferred" out.  A set of elders in the Denver North Stake can't find housing so they will be moving them down into the YSA ward.  haha one week! my shortest record for being in a ward.
- Had a few great lessons this week as we applied some of the things we learned from Elder Bednar's visit.  Really helped the spirit to be there in greater abundance!
-The Clarines from Westminster came and took me to dinner.  They gave me a candle in my cake and said that it represented an all expense paid trip to Canada including my hunting license.  The catch is I can't lose the candle.  That's it. I was just so happy to see them!  It has been so long!
- Friday, I woke up to Sister Bush having decorated the room with streamers!  And then we saw 2/3 of the zone later that day and they all sang me happy birthday.  When we walked outside, our car was sticky noted all over (two to be found later under the gas cap haha).  They really made it special.  That night, we had dinner at a Less Active's house.  Her husband cooked us personalized pizzas, her daughter decorated the cake, and they even got me presents :D a dinosaur CTR ring included haha.  They were so sweet!  I had such a great night!  I got a box of cool touch tissues as part of my present hahaha.
- got a cool call on Saturday from a member telling us to come see them right then.  We drove up and they had a friend inside who wanted to ask about being missionaries.  Said he didn't have much time, but he did want to learn more so we gave him some ways to contact missionaries before he had to go.  I really hope something comes from that!
-  The Kers also took us out to lunch on Saturday to celebrate. Even though I am so close, I feel we hardly get to see them!
- Sunday we took a sick day and stayed home, except for Sacrament.  I showed up to church for sacrament and everyone just kept telling me to go home haha.  The mom at the house we went to that night for dinner gave me a bunch of different stuff to try.  She is a mom of 11 so she is pretty well stocked.  It was so nice of her.
- Yesterday we had zone pday.  We had a bonfire out in Strasburg!  It was such a fun p-day, even though we were all cold and hot at the same time since the wind was super bad.  It was funny watching people trying to get close enough to roast their marshmallows without burning their face off.
Well I think that is it for this week.  Not too much else.    Thanks for all the letters!  I love and miss you all!!  Talk to you soon! Love, Sister Grossman

Monday, January 19, 2015

1-12-15 Surprise Transfer!!!

Kind of...not really...but really...
Man what a great week this has been!  Not for very specific reasons, but just for a whole lot of small reasons...and big reasons.
- Tuesday morning we gathered as a whole zone and talked about our goals for the transfer and specific expectations.  It was amazing to feel the unity and love that we had for each other even in that meeting.  We talked all about yoking ourselves together and yoking ourselves to Christ.  An interesting concept to ponder...(a subtle hint inviting you to do such.)
-Met with the Okelberrys on Wednesday.  Daniel prayed about his baptismal day and has chosen the 14th of February!!!  We are so stoked!!  Especially because it is within this transfer.  We aren't allowed to travel back for baptisms, so if he had chosen the 21st and one of us got transferred, we would have missed it.
- Bednar was AMAZING!!! The spirit just emanated off of him.  What an incredible man.  I learned so much during that meeting and the funny part was, he didn't give us a talk.  He actually told us at the beginning, do not take notes on what I say.  Everyone paused with D-o on their page haha.  He instead told us to listen to the spirit and write down what HE teaches us.  He asked questions and we asked questions and that was mostly it.  But it was so amazing!  I learned a lot about how I need to change my way of teaching so it allows the spirit to teach them versus what I say.  I think a good summary for the time spent would be learning by the spirit and learning by faith.  They weren't instructing us at all on how to be better missionaries, or telling us what we were doing wrong, or telling us what to fix.  The way Elder Martino (a 70) said it at the end was pretty powerful: "We aren't here to make sure you are the best missionaries you can be.  We are here to make sure you make it back to your Father in Heaven."  Super powerful!  It really was a great time.  Elder Bednar is way funnier in person, very sassy, very personable, and very bold!  I loved having this opportunity.
- Saturday evening, 3 other companionships came to blitz our area, meaning that we were all tracting on the same street(s).  In only 45 minutes we had 10 potential investigators, at least 3 Books of Mormon placed, a return appointment, and a guy coming to church next week!!  It was amazing!!  I really REALLY  did not want to do it that night!  I hate tracting/finding so much and avoid it at all costs. But since we were all doing it as a zone (part of yoking ourselves together), I couldn't really avoid it.  And then wham!  We are hit with blessings galore and God reminds me that this his work and he will make it happen, I just have to be willing to go along with his plans.  To have faith in him and his work.  To not fear man more than I fear God.
- Last, but not least: transfers..kind of.  Ths YSA in this stake has awful luck, they lose missionaries like no other, one went home early, and 2 went home early for school, the area being shut down in both cases.  This week was no exception.  A set of sisters got put in at the beginning of this transfer. One sister, this was her last transfer.  After a series of events all happening within 2 or 3 days.  She decided to go home early and the other sister was taken to Parker.  Got a phone call from the STLs Sunday morning saying they have thought a lot about it with the ZLs and President, and they all felt like we should take over YSA.  No, we didn't get moved out of Coal Creek, we are now covering 2 wards!  Excited and a little over whelmed at how much we have to do.  Lots of organizing, and lots of watching the ball to make sure it isn't dropped.  But it is going to be so fun! We are very excited!!
Well I don't have to much more to say about this week.  It was all about growing my faith, trusting that God is at the Helm of His work and asking Him to also be at the Helm of my life.  I feel like I'm a back seat driver sometimes and I stand there fretting next to God about the seas on our journey.  He occasionally he will turn to me and say, "Peace child.  I made the ocean.  I know where every rock, fish, and grain of the sand is at. I can navigate this with my eyes closed better than you could with Lasik surgery, a submarine, and a whole crew with telescopes. Watch and learn, but don't worry. You are in my hands"  I try to take so much of it into my control and end up steering the boat into a rock haha.  We watch and learn by faith.
Not sure if this is much of a complete thought, but that is all I have for today!
I love you all and hope your week is great!
Love, Sister Grossman

Sunday, January 11, 2015

1-5-14 Ringing in the New Year!

What a great week this has been!  Nothing spectacular has happened, it's just been full of lots of little blessings!
- Sad to say but I am glad the holidays are over.  EVERYONE and their dog wants to "take a break" for the holidays.  Now that they are past, we can finally get to work and do our job...nagging people haha.
- Things are finally moving forward with our ward mission leader. Excited to get things going in and with the ward.
- Didn't do anything special really for New Years and most definitely did not stay up.  Way too tired for that.
- How we celebrated our new year: January 1, 2015: Had an awesome mission conference!  It was launching the new year and our new baptismal goal which is 1001.  Can't remember if I have already talked about this, so sorry if I repeat myself.  Our usual baptismal rate is somewhere in the 300s.  This year we are shooting for 1001.  That is the whole point of the family history committee I am on: a way to reach this goal.  The other 2 committees are flood Denver with the Book of Mormon, and the 1001 committee (mostly to help us keep going strong and to implement the other 2).  We got together as a whole mission to prepare ourselves for this coming year.  It was really powerful.  I have received confirmation time and time again that this goal is inspired and doable.  Sad I will only get to be here for some of it.  It was so great to see everyone though!  We got an MTC picture!  Elder Dubbs is back and it was so great to see him and talk with him.  Even better to have our completed MTC group :)
- The roads have been crazy this whole week.  I have 5% control over the car, we just slide around the whole time no matter how slow you go. If you go too slow, you get stuck. I have become pretty good at getting the car unstuck.  Slightly terrifying that it isn't that scary anymore.
- Spent a ton of time packing and preparing to move this week.  So happy with our new home!  Sister Ackerman is great and we love living with her already!  Plus, I haven't been in a home with a dog for a long time and she has two!  Of course the day we move decides to have a mini blizzard!  Thank you Colorado!  But it turned out ok regardless!  We are experts at packing those little Chevy Cruzes to the max haha!
- Finally made contact with an old investigator, Lawrence.  He isn't a former investigator because we never dropped him, but we couldn't reach him for almost 12 weeks!  But he is so open and so ready for baptism!  Sister Bush and I both walked out of there saying wow!  We could already envision him in the temple!  Sounds overboard, but it's a good goal to have regardless.
- We both made it through transfer doctrine!!  Neither of us are leaving and we may have quietly-ish screamed when we found out we were staying together.  But we weren't the only ones who screamed so it's all good!!  We were stoked.  Not much is changing in our district or in the zone leadership.  It should be a great transfer!
- Daniel came to church on Sunday along with 5 Less Active families, and 2 LA individuals!  It was incredible!  We were so happy!  We just didn't know what to do! It was also a wonderful testimony meeting so that is good!
- Still loving being a missionary even though it is ridiculously hard sometimes.  It is amazing to see how the gospel can change people.  We got to give a training this week in district meeting on how the Book of Mormon answers questions of the soul.  I would like to invite all of you to think about how the knowledge and testimony you have would be changed if you had never read the Book of Mormon.  The only reason I know what I do is thanks to that book.  It is the reason I hope and how I know I can be changed.  It's how I know my Heavenly Father loves me and has a plan for me.  It is how I change each and every day through our Savior's Atonement to become who my Heavenly Father needs me to be.  Think about what it means to you and allow your testimony to change you.  The next time you get asked a question of the soul, weave your testimony of the Book of Mormon in to your answer.
- Next week's episode: We are very blessed to get a visit from a very special person!  Elder Bednar is coming to speak to not only our mission, but the South mission as well.  So we will be hosting a bi-mission conference with a member of the 12 coming to visit!  So excited for what he will talk to us about....and a little nervous haha.  (Guest speaker subject to change)
I love you all and wish you luck on your new year's resolutions :)  Talk to you next week!
Love, Sister Grossman