Monday, December 8, 2014

12-8-14 Busy, Busy

Hi there!!
Even though this was a great week this week, I don't have too much to share!  We met with Martin and Justin, and one other investigator.  Great, super progressive lessons!  Met with a few less actives, that we had never met with before!  Had a really great lesson with another one who now wants to take the missionary lessons.  Crislin came to church again with 2 of her daughters!  The one who was actually in our ward, brought her son as well!  We are half way to having a functioning ward mission effort.  We have an assistant ward mission leader, but not a ward mission leader.  Apparently the calling has been extended, but they are waiting to see if he will accept.  But our assistant WML just moved into the ward and we are excited because his family is so great! We were meeting with him yesterday and asked what he did.  He is a federal agent. After some questioning, this is the conclusion we reached: I officially know a spy!  We may or may not have freaked out in his presence.  We kept it pretty controlled though...until we got in the car.  In our phone he is labeled as 007. He even does surveillance and has to keep cover and everything!  So cool.  Christmas devotional was great!  Loved the perspective Elder Christofferson gave in his talk.  Getting to talk with so many people about the He is the Gift video!  It has been so great.  We have 2 appointments next week with people whom we never met, but are following up watching the video.  Still loving Sister Bush.  We are getting along great! Things are going great!  Love you all, Sister Grossman

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