Monday, December 1, 2014

12-01-14 Laughing All the Way!

What a fun week this has been!  It's a party every day with Sister Bush and I!  We just never stop laughing! Been a fun and busy week:
- Monday night we were lamenting about how many miles we have for the rest of the month.  I jokingly said one of us needs to get sick, then without warning, put my finger on my nose.  She tried to put hers quick and then we busted up laughing because there is only two of us and she already lost.  The next morning, she had issues with her knee and we had to stay in for a couple hours.  We laughed so hard.  We decided that our companionship is the physical manifestation of God's ironic sense of humor.  Then the Russells shortened it for us "we put the fun in dysfunctional" hahaha.
- had a good time helping the Ronald McDonald House prep for Christmas.  I fluffed enough trees for the rest of my life.  My arms and hands were so scratched afterwards.  We were talking with the elders who were helping us, and Sister Bush mentioned that her last zone gave her "Lilo" as her superhero award.  The elder (whom I am good friends with, so it was really funny) said, "Oh my gosh, that is so true! and look, (pointing at me) you even have a little monster!"  I laughed so hard.  So now we are Lilo and Stitch as well.
- Thanksgiving was great!  We had brunch with the Russells and played a few rounds of Phase 10! Then went and hung out with a less active family for a while.  Then the Kers told us they were going to be with their brother, who is in our ward, and that we should stop by, so we did!  Then we left for Jessie's.  Her tables was decorated so cute!  We had so much fun playing with the girls while she finished up dinner.  We had dinner while rocking out to Christmas music.  It was so fun and such a good time.  Just spent all night laughing and talking.  Poor little Gemma got so sick during dinner and fell asleep.  Jessie ended up having to take her to the doctors, so we cleaned up all the food and put it away.  Ended up being there most of the night.  We stopped by one more family on our way home.  I was ready to collapse into bed!  But overall, it was a great, fun day spent with people we love! 
- Had another great visit with Crislin!  She came to church and even brought her less active daughter!
- Had a great Saturday and Sunday. Not a whole lot of set plans, but had some awesome random lessons with actives/less actives.
Sorry there isn't too much to share.  But it was a great week.  Sister Bush and I have spent all week just laughing our heads off.  I am so glad I get to be with her for the holidays.  Normally at this point you at least find something small that annoys you, but we were talking about it and we haven't found anything in each other.  We both just made a conscious decision together on the first day of this transfer to just be happy.  So anything that might bother us, we just let it go.  We both felt this week was great work wise.  Then we got excited because we still felt like we could do more.  It is so  nice to be on the same work path as my companion.
I love you all!  Hope this week will be good.  If you haven't already seen the video, go checkout  .  A really good video, very similar to because of him.  They are making a huge push for it, we even have pass along cards that match it!!  Don't forget what this season is really about.  Grateful to be serving my God at this time to be able to share this wonderful message: the beginning of the greatest miracles.  I love you!
Love, Sister Grossman

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