Monday, November 3, 2014

11-3-14 We're not in Colorado anymore!

Hello from cold Colorado!
Everyone is surprised it hasn't snowed on us yet!  Usually it is bitterly cold Halloween and we have already received two snowfalls by that point.  But don't be too sad, snow is predicted today!  Winter is coming! :O
This week:
- Got a call from President Mendenhall during dinner on Monday.   They have asked me to be on the family history committee.  A new thing the mission is doing.  All about putting the power back into the hands of the missionaries.  There are 3 committees: family history, flooding Denver with the BOM, and 1001 in 2015 (1001 is the goal for baptisms we have set for 2015).  We meet every Tuesday and it is all about how to implement family history into the mission, how to use it in our proselyting.  Going to be interesting!
-Got to carve pumpkins with a member and her 2 daughters!  So much fun!  First time ever using a pattern!
- Thursday was our Halloween trunk or treat.  Since Sister Bracey is originally from Virginia and her family is now in Maryland, she had the idea to be the wicked witches from the Wizard of Oz.  I am the witch of the west and she is of the east!  It just so happened that there was a little Dorothy there with Todo!!  It was so cute.  We had a good time!
-Saturday we helped a family move.  (really gross!!  I don't think they have ever used their vacuum, let alone a cleaning supply.  The house just wreaked.)  I vacuumed a very small carpeted area and had to empty the canister and filter 5 times!!!  It was chock full every time.  The other filter inside that you have to wash was so chock full of dirt that it was leaving dirt streaks on the carpet.  The dirt that was on the carpet had stained it.  It was so gross!  Of course she didn't offer us gloves until near the end...  After we left we washed off thoroughly and that night I dosed up on Echinacea and OnGuard.  I also made Sister Bracey take some.  I am surprised we haven't gotten sick.  I didn't know it was going to be that bad...
- Had a few good lessons this week.  Just  trying to get the area going.  Things are moving a little slow so we need to dig in our heels and get to work.  
- I think all of the problems with my health lately are so that I have to rely on Sister Bracey more and she has to step up and take control.  I keep letting her know how much I am struggling and how much it is worrying me, but I don't think she is entirely getting it.  
Well not too much more to add.  Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!  Have a great week!! Love you lots!  Sister Grossman

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