Saturday, November 29, 2014

11-24-14 Same place, new companion

Hello all!
What a great week we have had!  We sure were busy!  Coal Creek is really starting to come together!...except we still don't have a ward mission leader yet...we've made it a whole transfer without one!  Bishop promised it would happen very soon!  Fingers crossed!
- Had 12 Less Active/Recent Convert lessons this week!  It was so great!  Most of them are really progressing and we are really getting down to the root of their problems in order to help them fix it.
- Went to the temple on Wednesday and saw so many of my good friends who are getting ready to leave.  So weird that so many of them are gone!  Drove with a member that used to be a part of our ward and she was hilarious.  Her husband was driving the elders and we all stopped and got Krispy Kreme on the way home! Yum :)
-Forgot to mention last week a little miracle we had.  We kept meaning to stop by the house of this less active couple, the Mileys, for a long time and had never gotten around to it.  The wife is very ill and her health has been rapidly declining.  The husband is more of the inactive one.  The night we finally make it is the first day her daughter (an inactive member), Crislin, is in town and we had a wonderful talk with her about the plan of salvation and not having to do it all alone because of Jesus Christ.  It was an amazing talk.  At one point it was heart breaking because her mother was asking where her son was.  He passed away a while ago in a car accident.  Crislin just cried and put her scriptures on her mother's lap and said, "you know where he is mom, he is somewhere better.  He is waiting for you. you know this mama, please remember!"  It was so heartbreaking.  I thought this must be what Heavenly Father feels like sometimes.  Just begging us to remember who we were, the happiness we had, to remember he has an extraordinary plan for us.  I was very humbled to be a witness to that scene.  It made me so grateful to have such a testimony of the plan of salvation that I don't have to worry when my loved ones pass.  This Wednesday, everything fell through for the evening and I was mad at Heavenly Father.  But I could hear him telling me there was a reason and I had to find it.  To stop being stubborn because I was needed elsewhere.  We eventually found our way over to Crislin and she was having a hard time.  We had a great talk with her about coming to church, being an example to her father, finding strength and solace in Christ.  She started crying and said those words were exactly what her mother would have said.  She wanted to come to church and she also wanted to take the missionary lessons (and get her dad in on them too!!)! She asked us if she could have them!  It was awesome!  before we left, we sang the first verse of "I am a child of God" to Sister Miley (her mother) and also "families can be together forever".  It was hard to be there, but very humbling and very spiritual.  The next morning we got a text from a ward member saying Sister Miley passed away later that night.  We were a little awe struck; we both felt that it was her last night here, but we didn't want to say anything.  It was a little freaky to know we were right, but really cool at the same time.
- Had a great lesson with the Okelberrys and their son Daniel.  They helped us teach the lesson and it was so great!  So excited for this family, I love them so much!
- Friday all the missionaries in our stake  were called in to help set up for a giant fencing tournament happening.  It was so much fun setting up all the...I actually don't know what they are called, can't call them courts.  Hmm..  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and they even fed us!  This was the first time they had ever used the church for help and they were so thankful and pleasantly surprised with all the help.  They said they would call us next year!  They were even asking us all sorts of questions about missions and the church.
- Had a less active family ask to feed us on Saturday and it was so much fun!  They were just a hoot.  Honestly, less actives are some of my favorites out here.  I love the members and investigators too, but I've just connected with so many of them
-Transfers...I stayed in Aurora!  I was pretty excited for that.  There is so much going on here, I would hate to leave.  There is so much I want to accomplish!  Sister Bracey got transferred to Denver South, the area I was just at.  My new companion is Sister Bush!  We served together in the Denver South Zone.  An elder we served with in Denver south said, "you're with Sister Grossman?? that is going to be the sassiest companionship ever!"  She is so awesome, super hilarious.  I was so excited when I heard her name!  She is from Hawaii and has been out almost a year.  I think this ward needs her, and us.  It is going to be a great transfer :)
- Sunday we had some awesome lessons.  Also helped set up a Christmas tree :)  Jessie (ironic right?), a member we are very close to, wanted Sister Bracey to be there.  It was way fun!  I didn't get to do one last year so it made me happy to have that this year.
- Excited for Thanksgiving!  We have lots of people lined up to go see.  It should be great.  I hope you all enjoy yours and really focus on what you are grateful for. 
I love you all and miss you dearly.  But don't worry, I am well taken care of.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Keep praying for missionary opportunities.  Be what someone else is grateful for.  Love you all!
Sister Grossman

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jessie!! It was so great to read your email! You are just a great missionary! Do you remember MacKenzie, my granddaughter from Texas? She is here visiting. She decided to take the missionary discussions while here. She seems very interested in learning about the gospel. She goes back to Texas this tuesday night. I worry that when she returns that she will have no support there and her parents are totally inactive. Keep her in your prayers will you??
    It is wonderful to read of your adventures and sweet successes. Take care and God Bless you for your service. Lots of Love, The Stephens