Saturday, November 29, 2014

11-17-14 Finding out what cold really means

I really didn't know what clever think to write in my subject so that you knew it was freezing cold down here! but that is mostly the moral of the story.  So cold.  We were happy when it was in the 20s, ecstatic when it was in the 30s.  Single digits were normal.  You had to drive at 10 mph in order to not slide all over the road!  I dearly love my long skirts that I can wear pants under and get away with it.  I wore a shorter skirt for the first time yesterday and about froze my knees off.  Well another week gone and passed!  Not too shabby, had lots of appointments cancel, but it was still good.  Not too much to share on those, although there were lots of good lessons.  Everything is just prefaced with it was too cold.  Had zone conference on Wednesday!  It took us an hour and a half to drive up there when normally it wouldn't have been 45 minutes.  Thank you snow storm.  Driving was sure a blast.  They were inspecting our cars in 0 degree weather.  As a zone, we performed the song "Come unto Christ". It's the new youth song.  It was a good meeting.  Doing our weekly hour of family history Saturday morning.  There was a ton of nonmembers at the church for this big Aurora Arts Festival.  Someone comes running into the center saying a pip has burst and it has spiked out into the hall!!  We go running over  and sure enough, it's a big room with a boiler in it flooding itself, the mothers'  room next to it, the classroom it is attached to, and is now pooling in the hallway.  No one can get in touch with the facility manager so we are trying to find someone who has a key.  Thankfully, we get someone and the door is opened, the water gets shut off.  Now what to do with the pond in the hall?  We grab some mops and an empty janitors bucket with the nifty squeeze thing and start trying to soak up as much water as possible.  We were worried that we weren't going to have church the next day.  If they couldn't get the pipe fixed, they couldn't get the water on, which would mean no bathrooms.  Thankfully they got it working again.  Apparently it wasn't anywhere close to the mess they had in the brand new building the day before.  200,000 gallons of water came out ruining the primary piano and flooding several rooms.  Sorry not too much to share!  That's it for this week.  Can't believe we are already on week 6 of the transfer!  Love you all! Have a good week.
Love, Sister Grossman

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