Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11-10-14 Apparently I get to live Frozen before I watch it

Man what a crazy week!
And next week should be even crazier!!  Our schedule is so booked solid with appointments that we don't have enough time to see everyone we need to.  So cool!!  Well this last week still had no snow!  It was ever warmer!  But this week is complete opposites.  Single digit weather.  Highs of 15s.  Crazy winds.  They are predicting snow, but at this point I am really starting to doubt it.  I guess we will see.  But I did break out the fleece lined tights today!  Winter is coming!  Well we saw a lot of great things happen this week!
- Tuesday I was on exchanges in another area.  We went to visit a RF they received.  Twins answered the door, told us to come in, that their sister had warned them about everything.  Their sister was just baptized and told them she was sending missionaries whether they liked it or not and told them everything to expect.  It was awesome because they were just like, "alright!  What message do you have for us?"
- Dr.'s office on Thursday. Of course because I followed through and went to a Dr's office, my wrist started feeling better.  She thinks it might be a ganglion cyst and that is why the pain is coming and going because they swell up at different times.  Especially because when it was hurting I could see a specific lump instead of all around general swelling.  It won't show up on an MRI unless it is flared so we are going to wait until it gets bad again, I'll call her, she left a note in my record, and they will right away approve me for an MRI so I can get it done while it is bad.  Hopefully that will help.  So for now...once is a waiting game.  Traffic was the worst.  It took me through my old area of downtown Denver again and I do not miss the traffic!!
- Had an awesome first lesson with one of the investigators, Tom, the elders passed off to us.  He seems to be very sincere and open to learning more.  Was excited when we invited him to church and to read, respects us a ton as missionaries (told us a few things to make our egos pretty big haha), and was super impressed when we told him we would invite him to be baptized.  Hope it turns out well!!
- Had quite a few great lessons with LA.  Setting expectations with them.  Telling them we were there to bring them to Christ.  If they wanted to come great, we'll be here every week and we will challenge them!  It went really good :)
- First time I legitimately got to talk to someone about the Law of Chastity! so great :)  Saturday night.  Investigators: Big John and Momz.  Invited us over to their house for their son Ricky's 21st birthday. Just them, some good food and cake, no wild party. So we showed up for a little bit.  He made some hints about his plans for the night which included beer and girls.  His mom turned to us and kind of joking said please help him!  So we started talking to him about it.  You should know he just got out of jail (I don't think for anything awful, might have been some type of addiction).  So she made the comment, "Do not call me from JeffCo Jail. I will hang up on you.  You will be wasting your free phone call!"  I told him, "And do not call us!  Because we will just bring you a chastity pamphlet!  In fact...I have one in the car, you can have it right now!  Our birthday present to you!!"  I went and grabbed one and also a Word of Wisdom pamphlet, handed it to him and said happy birthday!  He started to read it, a little jokingly at first and then very serious.  He was even reading parts out to his mom, calling her out on the things she isn't living, such as a common law marriage.  They brought the cake out so he put it down and as soon as they left to cut it, he picked it right back up again.  Afterwards, he had nothing to say.  He was slightly stunned.  Finally he said, , "I feel like I just knocked lopsided (edited for family content haha) by a piece of paper..."  I couldn't help it, I busted out laughing.  We talked with him a little later on it and he said, he knew it was true and that he felt so guilty!!!  What!  Major miracle!!  We got a text from him mom this morning saying that he felt so guilty that night that he ended up just coming straight home and not doing anything bad (well other than the 6 things of alcohol he had. guess he had to drink his sorrows away lol).  It was awesome!!!!!  We even got to talk with him a little about the Atonement because he said it felt like it was all so overwhelming. He had hope in his eyes :)  I hope we get to talk with him more.
- Sunday we are sitting in Relief Society and the Elders Quorum president comes and pulls us out, asks if we know the Okelberrys.  We say no.  He explains they are less actives for a while that haven't wanted anything to do with the church.  They just showed up saying they want to come back to church and they want their 9yr old son baptized.  We have an appointment with them on Friday :) so cool!!!
The Lord is listening :)  It was such a great week and we have an awesome one planned out for next week too.  We are so booked that we don't have enough time for everyone we need to see.  We have maybe 2 hours open on Saturday and Sunday is wide open.  We also have zone conference coming up this week.  Man I'm already exhausted, but so pumped!  As I have trusted the Lord more, I have seen the miracles that come from it.  We are not in control; this is his work.  We just choose if we will be left behind or not.  We are so blessed to be apart of this.  I love you all and hope your week is great!!
Love, Sister Grossman

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