Monday, November 3, 2014

10-27-14 Happy Halloween!

Feel totally exhausted this week, but not quite sure what we did haha!
- Got in with a less active who I guess had never been able to sit down or even open up to other missionaries.  She has agreed to let us continue coming back.
- Spent a good deal of time working on the transition of the people we were working with to the other wards and picking up all the people the elders were working with.  I hoping none of them fall through the cracks!
- Met with one of the Elder's awesome investigators who ended up having a friend over who decided to sit in on the lessons too!  Unfortunately he is right across the street, which now belongs to the Sable ward, so we will have to pass him off.
- Had to take our car in for a recall on one of the parts.  We were going to do our planning there, but it was no place to feel the spirit and was so distracting.  We found some other elders who were there for the same thing and asked if we could join in on their game of Phase 10!  Had a fun time with them!
- Saturday, the brand new church building had its open house so we were there giving tours.  Sadly it was such a beautiful day that not as many people showed up as they were hoping, but we still had an ok turn out.
- Sunday was interesting because people in callings were lost so everyone was trying to scramble and adjust to get through.  We ended up teaching gospel principles, but they did give us heads up notice, so at least that was nice.  We don't have a ward mission leader so that is a little weird.
- Things are still good with Sister Bracey. She is in that phase though where she swings back and forth from knowing everything to know nothing (in her mindset). She just doesn't take the lead on a lot, except for when she is really comfortable with something.  Like in conversations, I'm the only one talking.  Kind of frustrating, but predictable from someone who is straight from her trainer.  I remember what it was like to be there.  We talked about it a little yesterday, so hopefully she steps up.  I told her I'm going to start acting like she is training me; she panicked slightly.  She just doesn't realize how much she really does know and how much I need help doing this.
Hope everyone has a very awesome Halloween!  We will be "grounded" after six that night so I won't get to see much fun.  But we have our Chili Cook Off/Trunk or Treat the night before.  A mom is letting us raid her little girls dress up clothes so we will see what we come up with.  Love you lots!!  Miss you!
Love, Sister Grossman

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