Monday, November 3, 2014

10-20-14 Having a great time

Hello Everyone!
It has been such a great week!  Sister Bracey and I are having a great time.  We get along really well!  Since she has just come out of training, she is really unsure about a lot of things, but she is great at learning fast.  I love that she always goes up to people on the street.  Anyone she sees she wants to talk to.  She doesn't really know what to say after she starts the conversation but that is why we make a good team lol.
- We live with a fight attendant so basically have our own apartment for half the week!
- Met some awesome people.  Found a ton of potentials that we referred to other missionaries, a couple really promising ones!
- Found a new investigator!  17yr old girl who when we asked her what she felt about Joseph Smith's experience she said, "I just felt it was true." So cool!  Unfortunately we'll have to pass her off to another set but more on that later.
- Temple was great once again!!  But there was a surprise there!  Sister Rodriguez (or now Audrea I guess...weird) and her parents are visiting!!    I got to see them all!  Including the Kers.  I am going to dinner with all of them tomorrow!  So excited.  I really am excited to ask Sister R how it was to go home and what she has found hard.
-District meeting was awesome!  It was all about inviting people to be baptized which is how they follow Jesus Christ.  So instead of practicing on each other like we normally do, we went out onto the most famous street in the mission, Colfax (it is famous because it is full of people to talk to during the day and the sketchiest place to go at night because that is where all the hookers stand.  No one good goes there after six.) (and don't worry, it was only 12:30 at this point) and just found the first person we could and invited them to be baptized.  We got two referrals for other missionaries and so many of the other companionships had amazing experiences, including people say yes!!  It was way cool just to go out and do it instead of practicing.
- Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference!  It was so good!  The Sunday session was a broadcast where we got to hear from Elder Scott, Bednar, a lady in the primary presidency and the president of the 70's.  What amazing talks!  It was all about how our baptismal covenants are literally to do missionary work.  More and more everything is about missionary work.  I sure got a lot of good notes!
-Other exciting news, at Stake Conference they rearranged the wards.  2 wards completely disappeared, one of them being mine.  I was the last missionary to serve in the Buckley ward and the first to serve in the Coal Creek Ward!  Most of the boundaries are the same, we lost a couple neighborhoods though.  We also lost the elders.  We are now the only missionaries.  It is so weird to be without another set.  But I guess it will be this way until February because so many are going home in the next 2 transfers and we won't get enough to balance it out until then.  So quite a few wards will be shut down entirely and the ward members will have to take over teaching the progressing people the missionaries were working with.  So we have to do a lot of transitioning of people which is why we are losing our new investigator.  So this should be interesting!  I've never had to do this!  New experiences all the time!
Well there it is.  Not much more to say!  Love you all!  Hope this week is spectacular!!  Let your light shine to those around you!! Love, Sister Grossman

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