Sunday, October 5, 2014

9-29-14 The Three Musketeers

Well it has been a crazy week full of surprises!!
- the zoo was so fun!!  It was Sister Lee's first time! so it was cool to see her excitement. although the ostriches weren't out so that was sad :(
- doctors appt went well.  Gave me a prescription to go get the blood work done.  Since it is feeling better right now, she just said to call if I start having problems again. 
- had some pretty great lessons this week with members and less actives.
- Got a phone call from the APs this week announcing that the church would like us to be able to use the new movie "Meet the Mormons" in our finding.  So we get to watch it!!!  Salt Lake City sent an advanced copy to our mission president and we will be watching it on Wednesday!!  We are all so stoked.  I heard that you can go somewhere and request it to be played in your theaters near you.  So go do it!!  And get your friends to!  If they get enough requests, they will out it in all the theaters in that area.  and then go watch it!! With someone who isn't a member!  They were originally going to just use this in visitors centers, then they got some awesome feedback saying people wanted to go to their church now.  It's an awesome nonthreatening way to help your friends understand what you believe.
- went on exchanges and it was so fun!  We had such a blast!
- Saturday about 20 missionaries helped set up for a Down Syndrome walk they were having.  It was great to be able to see so many friends!  We had a ton of fun working with the people there.
- I thought the General Women's Meeting was great!!  I learned so much and I just felt my testimony of the temple growing.  I would love to hear something everyone learned from the session!
- Had a zone fireside after the women's session. It was really great as we heard from a week old RM who served in Milan, Italy.  Great to hear his experiences and thoughts.
- Saturday afternoon came a huge surprise!!  Are you ready??  We were getting another sister added to our companionship.  That's right, we are a trio now!  Her name is Sister Meteer, she trained my MTC comp and she goes home at the end of this transfer.  No we weren't on the verge of killing each other, (we've been doing pretty good lately!)  her companion was going home 2 weeks early, so she needed a place to kick it.  We are the closest companionship that has living room (and President thought it would be a good idea anyways.)
- Sunday during sacrament sister Meteer was delivered.  She is so awesome and I think will be a really great help for our companionship.  I am excited to see how this turns out.  Plus now that we have 3 women together, we can go into single guys homes to teach without needing an extra person! 
- Sunday our elders quorum president (who is very inexpressive) walked up to us before church and said, "Sisters, I brought a nonmember to church today and we would like to meet with you after church." and then walked away.  Of course we were stoked; we dream of that!  It was awesome and now he is an investigator!!  It was such a great lesson with him.  The first half of our week is pretty busy so we are excited!  Hopefully it goes great!
- best part about being in singles ward, we are expected to be at all the activities: fhe, institute, volleyball, socials!  We went to a social last night and it was great just to be able to be with so many members of the ward.  Ended up having a super spiritual conversation with a brother who didn't see why he was important.  Lately I have been able to feel just how vital each and everyone one of us is to the Lord's plan.  If you don't feel you are or aren't sure of your purpose, pray to the Lord to know you are and then turn to the scriptures for the answers.  He will show you!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Sorry for a short one today!
Love, Sister Grossman 

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