Sunday, October 5, 2014

9-22-14 Meet Denver

Hope  everyone has had a great week.  Our weather has been pretty bipolar, going rainy, to really warm, to really cold.  Today is pretty rainy, but hopefully it clears up because we are going to the zoo!  Super excited!  The week:
- We had another good lesson with Tiara, but then we got another text message in the week saying that she probably wouldn't be back for a while but thanks for everything and God Bless.  We were really disappointed, but I'm just so worried for her.  I wonder what happened that she doesn't feel she can come back. 
- Attached I put a picture of our dinner that night.  Yep, it was a picnic in front a giant cow sculpture.  Most interesting dinner I have had and will probably ever have out here!!
- Guess I haven't talked a lot about the area yet.  Denver is so fun.  There is actually more than white people here!  Lots of Russians, Blacks, and Middle Easterners.  The traffic/roads are terrible, the parking is horrendous, and the air smells like pot.  It's so fun!  Definitely different than other areas, except for maybe Aurora, they might be kind of similar.  I swear if I tried to avoid every giant, gaping hole in the road I would get pulled over for drunk driving.  There are chunks of the road missing.  People here are a lot more diverse and it provides good entertainment sometimes.  I heard for the first time that we are all Jesus and we are all the devil, we are all one.  Kind of strange...
-  Temple Wednesday morning!  Some Elders I am good friends with had a member telling them a lot of the symbolism in the temple and they shared with me.  So cool!!  Even though I can't remember half of it because they told me so much.  I just love the temple and the peace it brings.
- After a meeting we had on Wednesday, we got a phone call from a girl named Ann.  We knew immediately that this was the nonmember girlfriend of a member we had been working with on missionary work.  She said she had a Book of Mormon (and had read some of it!), had been to, and wanted to learn a little more!!  It was so awesome!  Unfortunately, she is over YSA age so we have to pass her off, but it was still such a cool miracle!!
That's about it for the week.  Some bad and some good.  Kind of up and down.  But overall it was still good.  Not too much else to share.  Sister Lee is actually in my zone and she is coming to the zoo too!  It is amazing what a little time and distance can do.  We are really good friends now.  She was on exchanges with the STLs one night and came over to our apartment.  It was so good to just sit and catch up with her and compare stories and experiences.  It is so weird to know I am 2/3 done.  Not quite sure what to think.
Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Grossman

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