Sunday, October 5, 2014

9-15-14 Catch up from last week

Hi all!!
Sorry or not writing last week!  I'll try and cram 2 weeks worth of stuff in here.  Just kidding, it won't be too hard...I think.
We're teaching this awesome less active, Tiara.  She is struggling a lot.  It was amazing to see in just my second lesson with her how she had previously been very closed off, in our second lesson she started to open up.  She was crying saying her life was falling apart.  I just wanted to hug her, I felt so bad for her.  She is a convert with no family support and is going through quite a few hard things.
That is almost how it is with most of the people we are teaching; I love them so much.   I'm really seeing the Lord's mercy in helping me to love this ward.
Ok a neat experience.  Late at night last Saturday, we were visiting a less active in a very sketchy neighborhood that I'm pretty sure is a regular meeting ground for drug deals. (don't worry grandpa, my pepper spray was in hand!)  We are walking and this older gentleman sitting on his steps starts talking to us.  Nothing much, he just said hi and then God Bless.  So sweet!  The Spirit just told us to stop and talk to this man.  So we did.  His name is Clinton and he can't walk, but he can ride a bike.  So as we were conversing with him we asked if he would show us to building 2 since this apartment complex is ridiculous (it has 2 of every number and # 5 is next to 13 which is next to 27).  So he hopped on his bike and rode us over.  Instead of taking us to building two, he took us to where a member of our ward, Kenton, lives.  Kenton had just told us about Clinton, how they are good friends, and that he has been sharing the gospel with him.  So we talked to Clinton a little bit about the church and gave him a book of Mormon.  We invited him to church and then knocked on Kenton's door to see if he would give him a ride.  Clinton said he wanted to bring his roommate too!  That's fine, the more the merrier!  So as we walked away (to actually go find building 2) we walked past Clinton's place again.  There was another man standing where Clinton had been.  We talked with him, turns out he is his "roommate" (temporarily sleeping on his floor) Jesric.  We started talking about the gospel and you could literally see the hunger in his eyes for that.  We gave him a Book of Mormon, told him to read it tonight to keep the good spirit he felt, and then invited him to church in the morning.  Well we never found out what happened Sunday morning, but somehow Jesric wasn't on Clinton's floor anymore.  I guess Clinton hadn't been feeling too good, but Jesric showed up!  It was fast and testimony meeting and he got up...  We were so nervous that he would start talking about the things he spoke about the night before such as getting thrown in jail, kid taken away, drugs and alcohol, etc.  It almost started to go there, but God hears prayers and he took the reins.  It didn't turn out too bad.  Afterwards he were talking to him.  He said he laid awake all night just thinking of everything we said.  He looked at me and told me he came because of me.  As he explained it, I knew he meant because of the light of Christ (although he didn't know that was the source of the light) that he was able to see in my eyes and how he wants that so bad.  It was something incredible to hear.  Again I could see how bad he wanted it.  Later in the week, we were searching for the same less active and ran into Clinton and Jesric again.  Jesric seemed really torn up.  Almost a little crazy.  I think he wanted it so bad, but didn't think he could make the necessary changes.  I think he thinks he is too far gone.  It was so sad.  I was in tears as I tried to express my testimony to him that it doesn't matter where he thinks he is at, he is never too far from God's reach.  We had an appointment with him on Saturday to hand off to the family ward Sisters (we were also bringing a member who had been addicted to Crystal Meth for years), but he never showed.  He has no phone and no address so we have no idea how to find him.  We keep getting different stories from everyone as to where he is.  I just keep praying that he will remember the feelings he felt and follow them.
Last big news: we had mission tour on Saturday and was visited by Elder and Sister Lawrence from the 70.  Sister Lawrence talked all about the House of Israel and the Abrahamic Covenant!  It was so awesome!!  Those were things I had been thinking about for a while so it was awesome to be taught on it.  Than Elder Lawrence talked to us.  It was mostly calling us to repentance for not being very obedient, but he did it in such a loving way.  It was very humbling, but at the same time filling with love.
Since I didn't write last week: my companion is pretty rough but we are making it through.  This week was a little better, at least no big fights or anything. We are going with some other sisters to the 16th St mall today!  It has lots of pianos outside that anyone can just sit down and play on. Pretty excited.
Love you all!!  Have a great week!

Love Sister Grossman

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