Sunday, October 19, 2014

10-6-14 And then there were 4

Just thought I would mix it up a little.  Hope everyone had an awesome week and enjoyed Conference!  I certainly walked away with an action items list.  I think if we don't then we really missed the whole point of it, being to help us change and come closer to God's will and purpose for us.  So I am going to try to find those things Heavenly Father wants me to change on.
Man what a great week it was!!
- Had zone p-day on Monday!  As we were playing soccer it started raining, which then turned into huge pieces of hail!  We kept playing until it really started pouring down, hurt pretty bad!  So we tried to take shelter under the pavilion but it was just blowing sideways so it didn't do much good.  We were all soaked and freezing.  But we had a great time.
- Amazing week for work!  The standard of excellence is 20 lessons and we got 19 with our 20th canceling (dang Satan) last minute!  It was so awesome just to be able to talk to that many people about the gospel.  Sarah (the LA we found my first day here) is doing so well.  Every lesson is just one break through after another.  Our new investigator that we got last week, Jake (the one our Elders Quorum president brought to church), is doing great also and has agreed to baptism when he finds out it is true.  Found a new investigator late last night and she agreed she would be baptized too if she got an answer. 
- Finally got our Chinese investigator to commit to a baptismal date!  We didn't find out until Sunday night so it was just the cherry on the rest of the week! October 26!
-  Meet the Mormons was amazing!!  I want to challenge everyone take one nonmember with them to see it (and if you aren't planning on seeing it, do it anyway haha).  You didn't feel like you were being lectured about Mormons the whole time.  It was really well done.  Almost like extended "I'm a Mormon" videos, but with faith and church woven in more.  Just inspiring stories that show great people. Please please go see it!  I loved it.  President even bought popcorn and drinks for us!
-Things are going great with our little trio.  Sister Meteer is amazing and we are having so much fun!  It is really nice to have a third person to ease the tension.  And it is not like normal trios where one person is isolated (although sometimes we both get frustrated with Sister Cannon but we just move on and try to pull her in more), but we all just have fun and laugh together.  Lessons are still awkward with 3 people teaching, but it is nice to have an extra back up if the words are tied in your mouth.
-General Conference was stellar!  I wish I wasn't so tired and I could have listened more, but that's what we have the Ensign for right?  But what I did get out of it was so good!  Really helped to direct my path more.  What was everyone's favorite thing they learned?
- Apparently we now have a 4 occupants in our apartment.  Sitting on the couch early Sunday morning and saw a little black object dart across the room and go under the couch WHICH I HAPPENED TO BE SITTING ON!!  I realized the only thing it could have been was a mouse.  We tore apart the apartment but could not find it anywhere.  So we set out some bait food to make sure I wasn't going crazy and left for the day.  We got home and the spoon it had been sitting on was gone!  Then they thought, "well maybe we didn't leave the spoon out"  so I for sure thought I was going crazy.  But then, I flipped the couch and found it hidden in there, food gone!  Sure enough, we have a mouse.  Haven't named him yet, or decided what we were going to do about him.  Stay tuned.
Transfers are coming this week!  Can't believe it flew by so fast.  Having Sister Meteer here and helping her prepare for home has really showed me how little time I have left here.  I really want to make the most of it.  So just remember I might not be on Monday and if I am, I might be a little late.  or we'll just see you on Tuesday!  

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