Sunday, October 19, 2014

10-13-14 Off to the Mighty Aurora

No I didn't make that up.  Each Zone has it's own nickname.)
Hello All!
We had another great week this week!
- After fhe, Stephen, the member we pulled out the giant stumps for, wanted to take us out for ice cream with his nonmember girlfriend.  She has been taking the discussions in another ward and calls herself Mormon, but has held off on baptism.  We found out that she had been thinking lately that she didn't want to do it anymore, that it wasn't for her.  We talked to her for a while and then parted ways.  Got a text from Stephen the next morning saying that because of our talk she wanted to get baptized that Saturday!  Blew our minds.  I bet that was the best phone call of those missionaries lives.  We were so happy.
- Had an awesome lesson on patriarchal blessings with Kate (the recent convert) and Aaron (the returning member who's girlfriend called us).  Elder Osborne and his companion were actually at that lesson so there were four missionaries teaching it.
- We met with Jake again!  Without even asking him to, Nate invited him to be baptized on Nov 16 which he agreed to as long as he got an answer!  It was awesome! Best member present ever!
- Michael, our Chinese investigator, brought one of his friends to our lesson who wanted to learn more!
- Spent about 5 hours getting our car fixed.  No I didn't break it :)  The brakes were terrible and the alignment needed adjusted.    But we got to have Café Rio for lunch :) the only one in the mission!  Normally it is outside of our stake.  But it was next to the car place so we went for lunch!
- Transfer doctrine is in! I am now in Aurora, usually referred to as the ghetto of the mission! My areas keep getting sketchier and sketchier haha. Super excited!  So sad to leave Maplewood, I really wanted to stay.  But I am excited for this new area!  I am serving in the Buckley ward and my companion is Sister Bracey.  She is 19, has only been out for 12 weeks (or 2 transfers), she just finished her training program.  But she is super fun and I think we are going to have an awesome time.
- Sunday we took Sister Meteer to the mission home!  Man it was so hard to say goodbye to her!  It was also great to see some of my friends who are going home.  Just really got me thinking about me going home.  I only have four transfers left.  Kind of freaked me out a little bit...
Man I have just been so happy lately.  Despite all of the struggles and trials that have been going, the Lord has truly blessed me to be happy and grateful.  I really love being a missionary; I love getting to share what I love with people and watch how He can change their lives.  I have seen many miracles out here, big and small.  It makes me sad to think I will have to give this up in 6 months.  It is hard to be out here, but it is something that I love.  I love you all and hope your week will be spectacular!

Sister Grossman

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