Monday, September 8, 2014

9-1-14 Apparently I'm being punished for not going to singles ward back home...

Emailing you from the heart of Denver!  That's right, adios Arvada.  More on that later.
- Had a great lesson on Tuesday with Aurora!  We started talking about eternal families and ended up asking her to take the missionary discussions by telling her we wanted her to have an eternal family!  We were so excited when she agreed!  I hope things turn out well there.
- Had a great dinner with a part member family!  So much fun and really got him (the nonmember) to open up and feel comfortable with us.
-So not only am I on the red list for the car guy (not really, but secretly I think so), now I might have made the phone guy's list too.  As always, IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!  We were stopping at Safeway to pick up a cake for Elder McDermott's last district meeting.  Sister Migao always puts her stuff on top of the car as she is getting it all out.  Well, the phone got left there.  We had no idea, got back in the car and drove away.  Pulled up to the church building and I asked to see it.  Searched the car for 5 minutes, I asked her if she put it on top of the car (I had a sinking suspicion I knew what happened to it), she said no, searched for another 5 minutes, told her we were driving back to Safeway. As we were pulling in to make a left turn I see it sitting there, in the spot to turn right out of the parking lot, and then I see a truck roll over it....and then I see three more cars behind it.  Needless to say it was beyond repair.  The STLs drove us to the Mission office to get a loaner phone (for a phone number no one in our ward had!) until the replacement got there.  Well it got there Friday night, but the power button was broken....Thank you suck.  (Elder Price actually answered the phone like that.  He asked Sister Migao, "are you calling to tell me Sprint is great and your phone is working wonderfully?!")  Some elder got it to turn on by one throwing it across the room and then the other one kicked it.  I was upset at them until I saw it turned on!!  That is what Sprint gets for sending me a dumb phone.  Oh well, it's not my problem anymore!
- Had a fun last lunch with the Elders on Thursday after district meeting.  All 4 companionships came.  And Elder McDermott loved his cake!!  It had a tombstone on it lol
- Went to the doctor's on Thursday.  They took x-rays, didn't find anything and then she gave me three options: cast, steroid shot, and MRI.  The cast would be to let it stay still enough to see if the problem would be fixed without me moving it and taking my brace off.  Steroid: same thing, different approach.  MRI: she least likely recommended.  Apparently my wrists are super loose and are easily moved.  Somehow that related to the healing/treatment process but I don't remember how.  So I called Sister Mendenhall and she called Salt Lake.  They tell me to go for the steroid shot, then MRI, then maybe a cast.  So I now have a dark bruise on my wrist.  I go back in 3 weeks to see if it worked.  I have to pay attention to how it is hurting.  Sister Migao let me touch her long enough (she hates being touched) to hold her hand while they shot me.  Mostly the pressure of all the fluid going in hurt.  So sad, I'm 21 and still so scared of needles haha. Keep you posted.
- Transfer doctrine.  The night before I got this sinking feeling I was staying.  I was sure of it.  We see how well that turned out...  Sister Migao stayed, replaced by a sister I served near for 2 weeks.  My destination?  Denver Stake in the YSA ward...  I said two places I didn't want to serve:  Parker and YSA.  But I think I will like it. I'm still going in a circle with my areas.  My companion:  Sister Cannon.  I served around her before.  Not so sure how it will be.  She is nice and all but I think has a small attitude problem.  And she is very bossy in the way she says things.  I'm being patient.  It is also a good learning experience to help me notice and change how I talk.  But we live right next door to our STLs: Sister Hardy (who I served with in Denver North) and Sister Packer (who I came out with, served with in Westminster, and she is adorable)  so that will be fun to go over and party with them at night or lunch.  This makes at least 3 sisters who came out with me now called as STLs.  So weird.
- Transfers: I think sister Migao was sad to see me go.  She was very nervous for Sister McKenzie. For the first time I had to take the Transfer van.  Basically they load all our stuff in a giant trailer and pack us into a truck or 16 passenger van and ship us off.  Moral of the story:  I should have sent more stuff home.  I felt better knowing a lot of it was food and bathroom stuff that I wouldn't take with me on the journey home. ..but still.  I sat next to the driver, Elder Price, who works in the mission office and he said President will be keeping transfers pretty short now, meaning we won't stay in an area forever; 1-3 being standard, 4 being a little long but possible. So this probably isn't my last area.  Where is next?  Well if the circle predicts, it will be Parker of all places haha.  I am covering two zones here and will be all over downtown Denver, so that will be cool to see the heart of it instead of the outskirts.
Well, I believe that is all for today.  I'm running out of time so I better shoot president a letter.  Love you all!!  Sister Grossman

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