Thursday, August 28, 2014

8-25-14 #stalkerlife

But really, being a missionary means you are an excellent stalker.  In fact, being a Mormon, but mostly people like the ward clerk.  Ours has an account to a site called peoplefinder and as our bishop put it "a hack in the CIA software".  Our bishop, Bishop Bashford (fondly known amongst the youth as BishBash), and the clerk, Jerry (really Brother Blackburn, but we all just call him Jerry) were sitting next to each other in ward council. Jerry, with his computer as we are talking about people, will research them on whatever he has on there.  Bishop will lean over, look at the screen, and say things like, "according to the CIA, they...".  We were all dying.  The site didn't have something listed that the Elders reported and our young women's president said, "Psh! we are way ahead of the CIA!"  So there you have it: #stalkerlife.  But really we are great at stalking people...with love.

The weekly play-by-play:
- One more week until transfers!  "should I stay or should I go??"  Not really sure.  Part of me thinks I will be leaving, but then I think God is going to punish me and make me stay longer...or even worse, train again.  I got lucky with Sister Migao, I don't think I will get so lucky again.  Not that I don't love the area, but it gets a little old staying in one spot for so long.  Guess we will find out.  But remember, it is a gov holiday so I still won't be on unless we can find a place that is not a library (like the family history centers).
- Starting Tuesday, we were both feeling a little ill.  I determined it must be our shower curtain.  Apparently the guests they had prior in the basement did not do well at keeping the curtain closed and there was mold and crap all over it.  Ok it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't pretty.  Wednesday night we went and bought a new one.  We are feeling better now so I am guessing that was it.
- Went to the temple on Wednesday!  Love it so much.  It was cool to be there after having the Zone Meeting on the pre-earth life.  It meant more.  Although we had a hard time going to sleep the night before so we were fighting to stay awake.
-Had my Dr. apt. Paid $10 for him to refer me to another doctor.  Thank you sir.  I really appreciate your insightful advice that came from years of education.  Going to a hand surgeon on Thursday (out of the mission!).  But don't worry, I'm not getting surgery.  At least not yet.  He is just sending me there because they will know more of the little things in the wrist (that I guess he doesn't)
Do you remember Aurora and Jeremiah? The one with the two year old and brand new twins? Well if you don't, quick run down: elders contacted him in April? and he was so excited to learn more, they were passed to the sisters since they were in the sisters area.  They had one lesson with her and it was met well, but the week she was due so they said to come back in May.  We did and it was met well, but a little less enthusiastically.  She mentioned to her deacon at her Catholic church that she was meeting with us and he told her she was not allowed to go to other churches or meet with us. She still let us come over every now and then, but we just tried to serve her more.
Ok, so on Thursday we get a text from her saying today would be a good day for us to come over if we would like.  We seriously debated not going because it was on the opposite side of town that we were on and had to be on in 2 hours, which means a lot of miles. But we went.  Within 2 minutes of us being there, she was crying.  She is in a tiny apartment and doesn't get out all day because her husband works crazy hours so she can stay home.  So she has postpartum because she doesn't leave and no one comes to see her.  She said she has been missing the Spirit and knew we would have it if we came.  Was so happy that we did come, said no one in her church would have done that for her.  We talked a while with her and shared a message.  We invited her to a women's group that meets almost every week and then invited her to church. She brought up her deacon again and I said, "I don't want to tell you he's wrong...but I'm going to." and then told her why.  She said that the things we said made sense and we invited her to pray about it.  She also wants us to come over a couple times a week to read scriptures with her!  I hope things lead to her investigating the church, but if it doesn't that is ok.  Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ.  I know that even if she doesn't accept this religion, at her time of need, we brought her closer to Christ and helped strengthen her faith.  
- had another great lesson with Aurora and we brought a member. She even made us food, she was so excited to have us there.  She admitted that she was scared to pray and get an answer to go because she is worried what her family will think since they are all Catholic.  It was amazing to see the spirit work through all 3 of us to help her.
-Spent forever hunting out this house.  We ended up having to go down this secret, tucked away little dirt road back to these apartments and found some people to ask about the people we were searching for.  Seriously felt like a detective.  Thanks to Jerry and his CIA software, we now have a new address to try.  We also now have pictures taken off of facebook (done by Sister Scott, not us) of a LessActive we are trying to hunt down.  We also found out which Petsmart she works at so we can hunt her down there. Pro-stalkers. (or so we would like to think)
- We held signs again on Saturday. I made sure to wear sunscreen this time.  It was on a crazy busy street and we were against traffic this time, so we only handed out one to a guy walking on the street. He asked Sister Migao why he should take it and she told him, "Well it has changed my life.  I'm a 21yr old college student who left everything to come spread His word."  he said, "I'll take one!"  It was awesome.  Made me think of a scripture that talks about how he knows with a surety that this gospel is true, he sought out the witness of the spirit so much that is was undeniable and he was filled with joy. Which joy pushed him to share it with everyone because he was so happy about the knowledge that he had.  That is all missionary work is.  Inviting people to have the same happiness you do, sharing the love and joy that is in your heart.  Inviting them to participate in our activities and to learn more won't be offensive when it is done with love because they see you just want to share the happiness you have. Are our testimonies so great that this is the result, like this man?  That is what I am working for!  Because that is when missionary work becomes second nature.
-Got to see the Clarines.  They took us out for dinner on Saturday.  Had a great time getting to talk with them.

Well I think that is all.  It was a good week, not too much going on, but we have a good week lined up next week.  I hope all goes well.  Thanks for praying for me and supporting me!  Love you guys!
Sister Grossman

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  1. Another great letter Jessie! We love hearing the missionary stories! Keep them coming!! Prayers sent your way!! The Stephens