Saturday, August 23, 2014

8-18-14 Honk if You Love Jesus

I feel like it has been forever since I have been on!  Ok, lots to tell you and a short time!!
- Zone Conference on Tuesday.  That's right, I'm still alive after driving through early morning rush hour on the freeway and rush hour traffic through the streets of downtown Denver.  Be impressed.  I sure am.  I think I about gave Sister Migao a heart attack with my driving.  Oh well, alive and kicking!! haha  It was a good meeting.  Saw lots of people, but was so exhausted!!  However, our car got a 50!!  Oh yeah!!  That's what happens when you have Elder McGrath judging your car who doesn't know a thing about them haha.  Or you got up at 5:00 to wash and wax it.  Or both.
- Thursday got to go on exchanges with one of my really good friends out here, Sister Openshaw.  We've decided to be roommates after this.  Accidentally matched, pictures attached.  Had a blast and she helped me to be a little braver.  Did a ton of service.  Finally contacted a less active who might be growing weed in her basement..  Welcome to Colorado!!
Had an awesome day on Saturday.
- did a district blitz and talked to a cool guy named ThunderCloud (he's Native American) but goes by Joe.  Wants us to come back.  Also told me he could heal my wrist.  It didn't work.  I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  But he was still awesome.
-Held giant Mormon signs on a street corner saying to come get a free book of Mormon.  In one hour we got 70 waves, lots of honks, thumbs up, thumbs down, devil horns, couple of the birds, and a grown man who stuck his tongue out.  And we passed out 4 Books of Mormon!! One even wanted to go to church!  Got a wicked sunburn on only half of my face and collarbone.  Have to use a ton of makeup to even my face out.
- Contacted 2 Less Actives (LA) who let us come back!
- had an awesome lesson with Catherine (the one with fibromyalgia who can't come to church) about missionary ideas for her family as she is trying to convert her nieces.
-great sacrament meeting.  Homecoming talk by an elder who was serving in Korea.  Told us just to get over our fears and share the gospel.  The missionary's purpose is all over our purpose.  I loved it.
-got to have dinner in the mountains.  It was beautiful but I got a little carsick.  The driver was going 50-60 mph around all of those curves.
- Just wanted to finish up describing a small part of last week's zone meeting.  After we read our patriarchal blessing, we watched the Mormon message, Choose Ye This Day ( ) and I realized even though there are things in my patriarchal blessing that I say "that's not me, I can't do that"  My patriarchal blessing is who I am and who I can be.  Even if I am not that right now, God is telling me, "Follow me and I will make it happen".  If you feel weighed down with the burden of who you need to be versus who you are, just choose today that you will be who the Lord wants you to be, and then don't worry if that doesn't happen tomorrow.  You already chose.  Keep that as your vision and walk to it.  It will come when the Lord needs it to.  But don't be concerned abut reaching it.  The Lord has promised that is who you will be if you walk the path he has asked.  That is your goal of a better you, not someone to look down on the person you are now.  Not sure I expressed that like I wanted, but oh well.  Hope it meant something.
Well those are the highlights.  Love you all.  Hope the start of school is wonderful!!  Miss you so much!!  Love, Sister Grossman
With Sister Openshaw


S'mores with Sister Migao

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  1. Jessie, hilarious!! We loved it! We remember those blitz experiences!! Brother Stephens was chased by a dog at one house, and the elders out ran him!! Well after all we are old and they are young! Rascals!!
    Love to read of your experiences!! Keep it up girl=====Prays on there way for you this day!!! The Stephens