Sunday, August 17, 2014

8-11-14 Quidditch-A New Version

Hi all!!
Wow, what a fun week this has been.  Monday was Zone P-day and we played Quidditch.  But don't worry, it wasn't lame or anything, no brooms were involved.  We hung 3 hula hoops from the basketball hoop and there was a keeper.  Then we had a foam ball for the quaffle.  There were 2 beaters who had pantyhose filled with flour as the bludgers.  Everyone else were chasers.  Only rule was if you got hit by a bludger you had to sit down for 30 seconds.  Oh my gosh we had so much fun!!  By the end the gym was covered in flour (don't worry we cleaned up spic and span)  and I had to apologize to a few people for playing a little rough...  But regardless, it was so great!! Best p-day I've had!!  They also gave Sis.Migao a birthday cake!  They were joking about shoving her face in but she wanted to do it because she had never had it done before.  So her face was covered in cake haha.  Then the Scotts had us over for dinner and we celebrated it with pizza (her favorite) and mini lava chocolate cakes.  
Wednesday everyone decided to cram everything into the one day. We actually had something to do (we moved).  We had lunch with our stake president and then a poorly organized district blitz (we were able to find a couple potentials for the elders, which was cool!!)  which made us late for our moving.  We were able to move in an hour and a half!  Quickest that has ever happened!  We now each have a queen size bed.  It is magical and I sleep so good every night.  I miss my own bed haha.
Thursday, we had a zone meeting.  In all honesty, this was the best one I have ever had.  It was an incredible spiritual experience.  This might sound goofy, but we let it be really serious and it was incredible.  We reenacted the council in heaven.  Two elders were there as instigators (of course one was Elder Fleming and he is the best debater I have ever seen, so it didn't matter that  the whole zone was against him, he held his own well) and the rest of us got to say whatever we wanted.  By the end, half of of us wanted to punch Elder Fleming, but that means we really cared about the plan, so that is good right??  But it was so cool.  I have never felt the spirit witness to me as it did there how important this time is down here.  How much we really need to be fighting to get back; how serious this is.  After that, we moved onto a little class room setting where we got our patriarchal blessing in an envelope and were told to read them as our calls to earth.  My favorite line was "Are you ready to see for the first time who you were meant to be?"  That hit me so hard, to really take our blessing seriously.
Well, I am out of time, but I will finish explaining to you next week about it.  Love you all so much!!  Hope you have a fantastic week and rest of summer!  Sorry this is so short, lots to do today.  Talk to you soon!
Love, Sister Grossman

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  1. Hi Jessie, we enjoyed your post so much!! We laughed so hard about the game and the flour on the floor. It reminded us of our great mission in Tampa, FL. We have so many wonderful memories to enjoy for the rest of our life! You are a great missionary and we are soo proud of you! Love & Hugs, The Stephens