Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7-7-14 Having a Ball in Arvada

Hello family and persons!!
Hope everyone is doing good today!!  Have a ball here in Arvada.  Been a bit of a tough week.  No one really wants to listen haha.  Sister Migao took it pretty hard.  I guess you just kind of go numb to it after while...most of the time.  Sometimes it still gets to you.  Bit of a crazy week.  (this might be shorter than I thought.  I was helping an elder with his family history and it took a bit of time)
Not too much to report this week.  We got to meet President and Sister Mendenhall!  They are awesome!!  So excited to work with them.  
Did a lot of family history again this week.  We got permission from P.Men to do family history on our members computer when we were grounded for the fourth of July, so I spent all night working on it.  Had a headache by the end haha.  It is so exciting and incredibly frustrating at the same time!!  Found a few problem spots I need help with.
Wednesday night we helped a recent convert.  She has a paper route and had to fold and gad over 2,000 newspapers.  We sat for a long time helping her!  It was good though because she trusts us more now.  
Yesterday was pretty fun.  A family in our ward has a daughter leaving next week on her mission to Argentina.  Her nonmember friend was visiting and they invited us over for an early dinner.  Her husband and son were out doing fast offerings so we had 30 minutes that we got to sit and chat with her.  Afterwards, their daughter showed us all of her mission stuff and asked tons of questions.  In Argentina, the whole time they are down there they can't receive packages and I guess the part she is at is pretty rural so for some of her stuff she has to take 18 months worth of items.  (I guess in Argentina, they think using tampons means you aren't a virgin.  Imagine having to pack 18 months worth of tampons!!!)  Suddenly, I was very very grateful to be serving in the states hahaha.
Well, not too much else other than normal missionary work.  Christine is still struggling, Cannons are still out out town.  But we're having fun!  Talk to you guys next week!  Love you!!

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