Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7-28-14 Same stuff, different week

Howdy Ho!
Well this week doesn't look like much on paper, but we sure worked hard.  Sister Migao still isn't sleeping, so our morning routine is kind of off, but we try to work hard during the day.  Tuesday we got dropped by a potential, but that's ok.  We didn't really see him going anywhere either.  But he does want a list of scripture passages from the Book of Mormon he can read so that is good!  Then we ran to Ace Hardware because we may have accidentally broken our shower.  Of course the one part that was broken they didn't have, so we had to buy glue to fix it.  Which then had to set for a day.  We did get to go to Texas Roadhouse that night for dinner!  Yum!!  Made me a little sad thinking of Grandpa.
Wednesday I went with my Relief Society President, Sister Petersen to Christine's.  Sister Migao's eye was swollen (which we later found out was due to two bug bites that she got right by her eye).  The lesson went well; it really helped to have Sis.Petersen there.  Christine isn't progressing, but she isn't a waste of time.  So hopefully we can get her progressing.  We'll see.
Thursday night, we decided to head up into the mountains.  We have a ton of miles since we switched cars half way through the month.  We quickly decided we needed a truck.  Dieter (our poor car) was just having quite the trouble with the hills.  But we didn't get stranded so that is good news!!
But, Sister Migao still keeps me laughing and we are having such a great time!!  I wish I could spend the rest of my mission with her!!  Even though everything sucks, we are still doing awesome!  I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for all the letters!  Love you guys lots!  Love, Sister Grossman

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