Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7-21-14 Sleepless in Arvada

Hello all!!
Man I love Mondays!! Probably the only time in my life I will haha. We're happy to be out of the house, so it's a good day! Transfers happened and we made it out unscathed!!
Not much of an exciting week. We got to go to the temple on Wednesday!! Apparently there is an even newer video!! It was interesting. I just love the temple.
 A cavity that I got fixed a year ago was still bothering me and was getting worse. So one of the men in 4th ward whose parents are in my ward (we know him because he was at dinner once) is a dentist and had me come in. Bless him, he did it for free. Feeling great so far!!  Apparently the filling was too high.
We spent a lot of the week at home. Sister Migao still isn't sleeping. 13 hours in 2 weeks. We are working on getting a doctor's appointment. It got to the point that she doesn't remember anything after dinner on Saturday night, including transfer doctrine. She conked out for quite a while Sunday morning until 3 o'clock that afternoon. At least she slept!
She is going a bit stir crazy at home, but she doesn't have the energy to go out, she gets tired walking up the stairs. Our members house is now very clean though! Everyone but her is pretty concerned. Hopefully we get it sorted soon.
Oh, my award at transfer doctrine: "Sass meets Salvation". I thought it was pretty humorous haha.
Still loving Sister Migao, still having tons of fun, work still sucks and is getting worse, but we're doing good. Hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying the scorching heat. It is pretty bad here too.
Much love, Sister Grossman

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