Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7-14-14 Give 'em Heaven

Hello there!
Hope everyone's week has been great!  What an interesting week it has been here.  It was another very hard week.  Probably the lowest number of lessons I have ever taught.  However, the Lord is blessing us so much because Sister Migao and I are still happy!  We still have faith that this is the Lord's work so we don't need to stress.  We have finally reached the point that we just laugh and it doesn't affect us at all to which I am so grateful to the Lord.  Even though things failed all week, we still felt the spirit so strongly and that is really all that matters.
Monday night was bad.  Sister Migao was really upset and I tried to talk about it with her, but it all went south.  She ended up locking herself in the closet and when I checked later, all of her bags were packed.  Later, when she was upstairs, I called the STL's because I just didn't know what to do.  I prayed really hard that night, but just left her alone.  I felt really bad since this her first transfer, the area is sucking, and I am suppose to be her trainer and help her.  But she will learn that everyone has that in the beginning of her mission and that it won't be the last.  She will probably get to that point 4 more times.  I know I have been there multiple times. 
We spent most of Tuesday talking to our leaders.  I was really grateful for my STLs; normally I'm not a huge fan of them, but I was so thankful to have someone else to help me in that moment.  They were on exchanges that night and the brand new STL accidentally ended up with both phones.  I felt bad she had to deal with this the first couple weeks, but what better way to break them in haha!
Tuesday night, the ZL's had extended a challenge to us to see how many people we could get to wave to us.  We drove around a neighborhood waving.  Thankfully, there was a terrible storm the night before so we had a ton of hail damage that day so everyone was outside cleaning that up.  One of the guys who waved turned out to be a member in our ward.  We jumped out and started helping him clean his yard.  Then, we cleaned his neighbor's yard.  Her husband and just passed away and the Elders had been helping her a lot around her yard and with her car.  I like hailstorms.  They let us do service!!  For the record, we got 72 waves!  We beat the whole zone!
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday pretty much everything fell through.  Christine cancelled everything this week...again.  Even our own ward mission leader forgot his appointment hahaha.
This whole week has been thrown off as Sister Migao is just not sleeping.  Since last Saturday she has had a total of about 11 1/2 hours of sleep.  Sad right?  The poor thing has tried all sorts of different things to help her fall asleep, but nothing has worked.  When I think she is sleeping, I just leave her, trying to let her get some sleep, and I don't do anything that would wake her up (i.e. shower).  Our whole schedule has been off since I think she is actually sleeping, but then she tells me later she wasn't.

Saturday night at dinner, just as we finished giving the message and asked "how can we serve you?", the little boy ran yelling "DADDY THE BUNNY IS IN THE GARDEN. HE'S HERE!  HE'S HERE!!"  They told us during dinner about a rabbit who was digging in their garden.  He pulled us all outside and I proceed to catch the rabbit!!  My business is expanding to more than just window wells haha!  Our next two appointments cancelled, so the member we were supposed to have a lesson with at her house took us out for ice cream.  It sure made everything better :)  good ol' reliable Coldstone!
Sunday was better than the rest of the week!  Had the most meaningful sacrament I have had in a long time.  I just felt so free from burden as I took the sacrament and felt washed clean again.  That even though this week sucked, things were going to be ok.  I had done everything I could have, it wasn't my fault.  I just started crying during the sacrament because it was so nice to have that burden removed from me.  I'm sure the members think I am breaking, and maybe I am a little bit.  But that is ok, God loves broken things because from them, he can grow new things in the direction wants.
I am still having such a good time with Sister Migao.  She is awesome!  Loving the ward more and more.  We were at a member's house who has the little redhead 3yr old who is just the cutest thing.  His name is Cannon and usually we have to bribe him to give us a hug, but yesterday when we were over there, we were giving his sisters a hug and he runs over "My turn!  My turn!  I want a hug!!"  and then gave us a big ol' hug. He went and picked flowers for us to and told us we had to put them in our hair.  A different day, we were walking out and he was saying something so I bent down to listen and he thought I was going to give him a kiss, so he puckered up.  I gave him one on the forehead because I couldn't just leave him hanging.  Things are going good; still loving being a missionary despite the hateful glares.  Wouldn't ever give this experience up.  The sister who I talked about last week had her farewell on Sunday and Sister Migao and I were just crying thinking of our own haha.
I love you guys lots and hope you have a fantastical week!!!  Love, Sister Grossman

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