Monday, June 30, 2014

6-30-14 HUMMUS DAY

  A member is taking us to Costco today!!  We are so excited!!   We had dinner with a family and they had this great hummus there!  They told us they got it at Costco and ever since we've wanted hummus, so hence...HUMMUS DAY!!  It's finally here. Sister Migao has had a count down on our wall ever since!  This might be short today. I don't have a ton of time to type.

Well it was a hard, but good week!  Tuesday we said one last goodbye to the Toombs :(  they walked around and hugged all of us, taking pictures with each one of us.  I will surely miss them.  We get to meet President and Sister Mendenhall tomorrow.

Saturday we got to do service at a really fun event.  It was called Sand in the City.  They bring in all of this beach sand and have sculptors come in and there is a big competition to see whose is the best.  Then they have a big box for the little kids to play in.  It was pretty neat.  I want to come back next year when this event is happening to be able to actually walk around and see all the neat things.  

Still having a blast with Sister Migao!! I am always laughing with her!!!  Our area is struggling a lot, but we are trying hard.  We really spent a lot of time this week thinking about our goals and what the Lord would have us set.  We are working hard to try and reach them!  I am so thankful for Sister Migao's example to me of faith, desire, and motivation.  It has really helped me to regain my desire.  When I found out that I was training, I was angry because I had been asking for someone to pull with me, to labor equally in the work, and I thought with training I wouldn't get that.  But I was so wrong.  Just goes to show I should trust the Lord better.  He really knows what he is doing and what we need.  Heard a cool quote going along with that: "If I really trust God, it doesn't matter what I don't understand."  I really liked that and reminded me to stop stressing out and put my faith in him.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and not roasting too much.  Love you guys so much!  Thanks for everything.  Love, Sister Grossman

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