Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6-18-14 At the Half Way Mark!!

Well another week over and gone.  Poor Sister Migao, she had a rough fist week.  Unfortunately, we spent a lot of time finding and contacting people.  She learned first hand how much people really don't want to talk to us.  She asked me if it was normal to get dirty looks out in public.  I told her she would get used to it after a while and just smile at them instead.  She thought the hardest part was going to be teaching, but quickly learned that it is finding.  We spent about five hours tracting/contacting on Saturday with absolutely zero success.  I remember when I first got out here how hard that was, but now it is just second nature.  It is what we come to expect.  I guess it helps us to be happy when we do find that one person after 5 hours.  It is sad though, how many people reject the truth.  Our calling is to teach, not find.  It would be the best thing ever if we could just teach all day, everyday. One day (maybe during the millennium) we might get there haha.
Even though we didn't have a lot of success in finding, we were able to top our most lessons taught (from last transfer) this week so that was pretty neat for me.  The area is improving slowly.  Sister Migao is great in lessons.  She is a wonderful teacher and is really not afraid to speak.  Even though she is way better than I was when I came out here, it is cool to see just how much I have learned.  She is still unfamiliar and nervous with talking to people on their door; I get nervous sometimes, but it is neat to see the difference.  Or that I know how to contact people and what to say to get the conversation going.  Not that I am perfect, but generally I am pretty comfortable in those situations.
I really do like having her as a companion.  She is super snarky and makes me laugh all the time.  I didn't laugh as much all last transfer as I did this week.  I see a lot of the things that I struggled with in her.  Like controlling her emotions.  I use to get so discouraged when I didn't find anyone or when things happened.  Sometimes it still makes me upset, but not like it used to.
I don't know if I mentioned stake conference at all.  We had that a few weeks ago and it was awesome.  In the adult session, it was all about missionary work.  The stake president had them take out their phones and scroll through their contacts, they had to pick 3-7 names that they wanted to start to work on to invite to take the missionary discussions.  Then they had to role play with someone sitting next to them, not their spouse, about inviting them in a casual conversation to take the missionary discussions.  It was so great!!  It is so true that we all have someone placed in our circle of influence to help them come into the gospel.  So at dinner appointments, we have been following up on that.  Friday night we sat down with a family and helped them to create a game plan for each of the people on their list.  It was such a spiritual moment as we brainstormed how to help these people.
Christine is doing well!  She came to church this week.  Said it was different than most churches, but she liked it.  Sadly to say, her husband is very not interested.  A family invited them over for dinner and then we would have a lesson afterwards and he could have made it, but just decided he didn't want to come.  Christine was talking about her baptism and asked if he would come and he said, "it's your thing."  So he didn't say no, but he didn't say yes.  She is doing well on the progression though.  She is meeting with us twice a week and then we will be going over even more to help her read and understand the Book of Mormon.
Well not too much to tell.  Nothing too exciting happening.  Now that it is summer, bugs are coming out.  And being in the basement means lots of spiders.  Yuck!  I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!  The rain and scattered thunder storms keep it pretty cool out here so that is nice.  And it doesn't get dark until like 8:30; I love that!
Love you lots!!  Hope things are going well.  Talk to you next week.
Love, Sister Grossman

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