Sunday, June 15, 2014

6-10-14 I'm Going To Be A "Mom"

That's right!  I'm a trainer now. (They call trainers "Moms and Dads" in missionary lingo)  What a story that is.  I don't have a lot of time since we only get an hour on Tuesdays.  
Well not too crazy of a week this week.  Had a great lesson with the Cannons, the referral from the Wrides.  They are doing great and we are teaching them about Joseph Smith tomorrow.  They loved the family proclamation and the message on prophets.
Wednesday we had to drive all the way out to Aurora for our huge Mission Conference.  It was so great!  President and Sister Toombs addressed us the whole two and a half hours.  It was great to hear their training and their words of experience.  I love them and will miss them so much.  They really taught me a great deal.  It was fun to see all of the missionaries too.  It was nice to see one of my old zone leaders again (he was my first one out here).  It was nice to talk with him and get his perspective on things.
Christine is doing well, still progressing and excited about baptism.  Still praying to have her husband's heart softened.
Friday night was when this all went down.  I thought I escaped having to train because I didn't receive a phone call.  It's like 10:10 and I get a call from my zone leader.  Here is our convo.
ZL: "Congratulations!!"
Me:  " What for?
ZL: "Oh don't pretend you don't know what I am talking about!"
Me: "No, I really don't know..."
ZL: "You're training!!"
Me: ", no I'm not..."
We went back and forth like this for ten minutes.  I literally thought he was joking until I called the APs.  "Uh yeah, we're looking at the board right now. ..You're training."  I wanted to cry and throw up.  I was not ok with this.  Thanks for the call President....  (apparently he had family in town and was going to tell me in the morning and the ZL didn't know that)
The next day I had to attend a trainers meeting.  Found out there was only one other trainer; only 2 come in this transfer, so unusual.  The other was an elder.  Still felt like throwing up.  Transfer doctrine happened that night.  President is stacking our zone.  He is bringing in a ton of legit missionaries to help out the work.  Only one companionship stayed the same, 17 changes overall, 3 areas being swept.  It is crazy!  Turns out Sister Hall got sent to Denver to be with my MTC comp Sister Swarbrick.  How strange.  Sunday we just spent the day mostly saying bye to people for Sister Hall.  I still felt like puking.  In fact, I almost did at dinner.  So that night I finally asked the elders for a blessing.  What an incredible experience that was.  I helped me so much and comforted me a lot.  Every time right before I get a blessing I think, no I don't need one, I'll just pray really hard.  But the elders are already there so I let them go ahead and then it turned out to be an amazing thing because the Lord tells me things and gives me feelings that I never would have received from praying.  He really emphasized just loving my new companion that I was getting. It was amazing, that night I was just overcome with love for her even though I didn't know her.  We stayed up until 2 that night getting Sister Hall packed.
Monday was crazy!  Had to drop Sister Hall off at ten and then hang around until 3:00 for the STLs to take me to the mission office. Since I was the only sister, they had to wait with me.  I felt bad, kind of ruined their p-day.  So I am panicking again just because it is getting closer and I was so nervous to meet her. When the APs asked me if I was ready, I just froze, I couldn't move.  Then I was hopping around in the hall and just as they said we are ready, I ran to the drinking fountain down the hall, about giving the APs a heart attack.  Her name is Sister Migao. (me-gow) (ow sounding like it does in 'now').  She is from San Diego, but is Samoan. She is 20, 21 in August.  Get this, studying athletic training!!!  haha how cool right?!  We are so alike in so many ways.  I love her.  She is already so strong and so great.  I look forward to working with her.  I just still wish I wasn't training. 
We had a lesson with Christine that night and then met with the bishop.  Poor girl, she was falling asleep the whole time, she was so tired.  I just wanted to get her home and let her rest.
Things are looking well.  Don't feel like I'm going to throw up anymore.  That's progress.  I will be seeing the Clarines tomorrow so that will be great too!!  Anyways, got to run.  We have a meeting to get to.  Love you all.  It was so great to hear from you this week.  Wish I could write more.  Going to be late.

Love, Sister Grossman

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