Sunday, June 15, 2014

5-27-14 The Forgotten Email

Hello everyone!
So sorry this will probably be a very short email today.  We only have an hour to email as we have an appointment to be at at 1:30 and the library didn't open until 12.  Meaning I have probably fifteen minutes to write.
Highlight of this week (with a little background info from last week):  We tracted into a lady named Christine a couple weeks ago.  Not this past week, but the one of my accident, we had a lesson with her.  It was awesome; we ended up staying and talking with her for 2 hours because she wanted us to keep teaching.  Everything she was talking about, her problems with other churches, her values and beliefs, aligned so well with ours!  We invited her to church and she said she wouldn't be able to make it this week because she was busy but she really wanted to come.  This week, we finished the first lesson with her and she aligned herself with Joseph Smith.  She loved it.  We gave her a Book of Mormon and she was excited to read it.  She agrees to pray about everything because she loves praying to God.  We also invited her to be baptized if she found out it was true.  Her response: "I've been wanting to be baptized, I just wasn't sure where" !! Score!  Our next step is to get her husband involved in the lessons.  She came with her sons to the Memorial Day breakfast our ward put on!  They did such an awesome job of talking with her and making her feel so welcome.  At the end she said she had a ton of fun.  She asked her son, Mark, if he would want to come to church here.  When he said yes, she said yeah, me too!  Such a blessing from the Lord.  I can really see how he has prepared her!

This week's weather has been crazy!!  Tons of rain, thunder and lightning. Buckets of rain coming down every night. We've had several tornado warnings go off.  Apparently there was one just a mile from our house, but we had the brilliant idea to drive up the mountain.  In all fairness to us, it wasn't storming when we left, just lightly drizzling like it had been all week.  As we were driving up it started storming really bad!!  Sheets of rain.  I guess storms freak Sister Hall out.  So the whole time, I'm loving it and she is scared .  I felt bad for her.  The next day, we were stuck at home for a little while because the hail was coming down so bad.  The streets were literally flooded with hail.  Everything looked so white, just like snow.  I tried to get pictures, but I wasn't fast enough.  I took all the crazy weather this week as a tender mercy from Heavenly Father since he knows I love storms!!
Well I guess this will be all for today.  Sorry it is so short AGAIN, but we have some exciting appointments today.  We are hoping they come out well.  Thanks for all the prayers on my behalf.  They have really helped.  Gives me strength to do the hard things.  I appreciate everyone and love you all!  Hopefully I get more time to talk next week!!  Love you, Sister Grossman

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