Sunday, June 8, 2014

6-2-14 The To-Be-Continued Part

It's been a crazy week!!  A very long week, but mostly good! Ok so continuing where I left off last week:
Tuesday we had two appointments we were really looking forward to.  Right after we left the library we went to meet with a former investigator named Scott.  The lesson was alright, we more got to know him, but he agreed to let us come back!  He sidetracked the conversation a lot when we brought up gospel things, trying to dodge the conversation.  Not quite sure how far we will get, but we are hopeful!  Right after that, we had a lesson I was really stressing for!  It was a referral from a member.  The first time we stopped by, we dragged the guy out of bed.  He was very sick and he told us to come back next week.  So when we came back, he agreed to let us come and share a message with his family.  Before the lesson, we were talking with the member, Sister Wride asking her if she had any advice for us or information about the family.  She said the husband was not as open as the wife.  When we told her he was the one who let us back, she was very surprised.  She said she feels he is looking for peace.  Sounds to me like a perfect fit with the gospel!  We showed up and the wife answered the door.  You could tell she had no idea what was going on so we told her we had an appointment with her family.  She had no idea but let us in anyways!!  We talked with her for 30 minutes before her husband showed up.  We didn't teach a whole lot, but we talked all about God and families.  She was so enthused; you could tell he threw up a few walls, but we didn't address them at all so he is kind of peeking over them.  They agreed to let us come back and continue to share our message!!  The next day Sister Wride was talking with her and she said she was just so excited to have a message in her home.  Sister Wride was so pumped that she was asking us, "ok what do I do?  Do I come with you?  Should I have her in my home?"  It was awesome.  We told her to have the lesson in her home would be great!  She asked if she should offer, or if we should. we said definitely her!  She was so excited to see it play out.  I am very excited for this family!
Thursday was Christine with Sister Lentz and Brother Rockwood (our ward mission leader).  She had a ton of questions and that should have been our first clue that we shouldn't move on yet, but unfortunately we just stuck with our plans and started on the plan of salvation.  I walked away feeling unsettled.  It was an ok lesson, but I don't think it was what we should have taught her.  Thankfully, we only got a couple principles in.  We talked afterwards and decided we needed to backtrack and watch the restoration video with her.  Then we would talk about what it means and the importance of baptism and the role of the Book of Mormon.  She is still so excited to be baptized!  And she is very excited to come to church next week, so excited that she is even bringing a nonmember friend with her.  I guess her friend was over at her house (she knew that she was meeting with us) and her friend was wearing a longer skirt and she said she felt like a Mormon!  Christine said then she might as well come to church with her!  The next day her friend showed up and said, "You know what!  I actually do want to come to church with you!"  We slightly freaked out when she told us that story!!  How awesome!!!   So prepared.  I keep seeing more and more things that the Lord has prepped her on.  She has a few tattoos and she mentioned how she regrets them so much and doesn't want to get anymore!  We just smiled like crazies! 
We had exchanges Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon.  It was great to talk with Sister Hanshaw about the area and about Sister Hall.  She really helped me a lot, even if it was just to vent.  I told her how Sister Hall and I were talking and that I told her I needed her help because I wasn't strong enough to do this alone, to work this area alone.  That she needed to help me push.  Sister Hanshaw turned to me and said, "Sister Grossman, don't you see?  You have already been doing it yourself this whole transfer!"  I wanted to say, yeah but you don't know how much it hasn't been going good.  haha Things are doing better with Sister Hall.  I am still making her take the lead in almost everything.  All the planning, the deciding where to go.  I don't dump it all on her because Sister Hunt did that to me and it wasn't fun, but I do make her think it through before I chip in.  Or we will take turns while in the car picking people to go see.  She is becoming more confident and willing to step up.  It sure is helping a lot.
Now that the Elders have a core, we have really needed to rearrange boundaries in the ward.  We finally met with the bishop yesterday and walked away with a big surprise.  No boundaries!  Everything is fair game for both of us, we just have to communicate where we are working a little better.  I also loved it because our ward mission leader told the bishop, look the ward needs to step up with convert and returning member retention.  This is not my job and certainly not the missionaries job!  I could have hugged him.  Every missionary wants to say that! 
This weekend was stake conference and our stake president laid it out to the members how it should not be our (the missionaries) job to find people.  That is the job of the members.  He had them role play inviting a friend to take the missionary lessons and asked them to pull out their phones, open their contacts, and listen to the spirit to pick 3-7 names that they can begin to work on.  I loved it!! I've been thinking a lot about instruments lately and how God asks us to be an instrument in his hands.  (I thought of this in terms of a flute) I realized he puts it perfect in the top, but it is up to us whether he will let the melody come out the other side.  Are we only going to let part of it come out, or the whole song?  I related this to what our stake president was saying.  How it is nice to be the example and live it, but Heavenly Father is asking us to proclaim it also.  The scripture says be an example of the believers in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.  He wants us to open our mouths and invite people to come unto Christ.  I thought about this with instruments and thought he is so right.  With everything that Heavenly Father pours into us (blessing, testimony, holy ghost, eternal life, etc) and all we are going to do is live it?  It doesn't repay him!  To let the melody that he is giving us come out fully, we need to speak it also.  Open all of the keys, instead of refusing to use some of them.
I hope everyone is doing well and all set for summer!!!  Love you guys so much!  Talk to you next week!  Love, Sister Kleinerman   (a German guy in my ward told me I should be Sister Kleinerman instead of Grossman because Kleiner=small hahaha) 

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