Wednesday, May 21, 2014

5-19-14 Any tips on getting grease stains out of a skirt?

So I need you to imagine the Brady bunch theme song in your it? OK good, sing this to that tune:
Here's a story
Of a car name Gregory
Who has no fender of his own!! should know..our car's name is Gregory should also know it wasn't my fault

That's right! I got in my first car accident!  Details to come.

What a rough week it has been.  Monday we didn't have dinner, so the Clarines came over and took us out!  It was sure nice to see them again!
Tuesday we had Zone Conference over in Westminster.  It was good to be back again.  It was great to see so many people and to catch up with them!  It was really good and I learned a lot.  But it also showed me a lot of things that I need to be doing better on.  At the end, all of the missionaries who are departing in the next two transfers bear their testimonies.  It was hard to see so many people that I know get up there.  I will definitely miss them.  It took quite a while to get back home.  We drove to a lesson with a member and then as we were heading back, that is when the accident happened.  We were driving straight up a road and the light we were approaching was already green so we kept going. All the sudden a car whipped out in front of us turning left.  I slammed on the brakes and the horn and tried to swerve but it was too late.  Our front right side hit him right where the two doors meet and slid down all the way to his back tire.  When we stopped moving we just looked at each other.  Sister Hall was pretty shaken up and started crying.  I was worried she was hurt, but she assured me she was fine.  (Don't worry mom, we are both absolutely fine :) )  We drove our car to a gas station right on the corner (it was a big and crazy intersection so we had to move.  Later I found out it is actually a law in Colorado that if you can move your car, you need to.)  Sister Hall was still crying, apparently this was her first accident.  Unfortunately, we didn't have our phone on us (unbeknownst to us, it was actually under my seat, not at home like we thought) so I was slightly freaking out because I didn't know how to get a hold of the vehicle coordinator.  We got out of the car and hear: "Dude! you hit the sister missionaries!!"  Apparently the guy we hit is a less active and the coworker he was following is an active member.  They let us use their phones, so we called the elders and asked them to come because they would have the numbers of the people we needed to call.  Then we called our member to tell them we would be home late.  Well she wasn't home, but her daughter was.  The daughter called the mom who called the bishop and relief society president.  Then the daughter and her friend came down, the relief society president and her daughter, and the bishop and his wife.  By the time the elders get there, we had a full blown party.  Oh and don't forget the cops, they showed up too.  The damage to our car: front right fender gone, headlight damaged, windshield fluid container broken, tire well broken, hood slightly bent, frame around the front either gone or bent.  Damage to his car: leaking brake fluid, possibly a brake in the back axle, both doors don't open, back tire at a 45 degree angle.  We were definitely on the better end.  I felt so bad for this poor guy.  It was his first day in Colorado for a summer job.  Apparently in Texas, they don't have plain green lights to yield on a left hand turn so he thought he had the right of way and just went.  I also assume he was just following his coworker and didn't even realize what was happening.  He was telling the cop how we doesn't have money to pay for it.  But he did have insurance.  So I guess he meant the rise in insurance? I don't know.  But we tried to do all we could to help him.  He still had all of his clothes and boxes in his car, so we transferred them to his coworkers car.  The active member had zip ties, so they used a chain of them to pull the tire well off of our tire so we could drive home.  The other driver was cited with the ticket.  When we finally got everything situated, we got back to the house and our member's daughter got us frosties.  We sat and talked with them for a while then went downstairs to try and sleep.  Sister Hall was still shaken up and would be for the next few days, poor girl.  Thankfully it didn't bother me too much except for trying to figure out how we would get to all of our appointments.
Unfortunately, I don't have much time to talk about the rest of our week.  But that is okay because it was filled with a lot of cancelled appointments, mean people, and grease spots on our skirts.  Yes, we did do some biking.  It wasn't too bad.  Thankfully we got those to-the-knee spandex before I left.  The members have been helping out a lot and giving us rides.  The APs finally got back to us last night and said they have a car they are taking from someone else to give to us.  Because our area touches all four edges of the stake (north south east and west) it is inoperable without a car.  Who knows how long it will be until we get Gregory back.  I won't be on Monday next week due to Memorial day so I will talk to you on Tuesday.  I love you all and have a wonderful week!  Let your light shine!!

Love, Sister Grossman

5-12-14 I don't know about Christmas in July, but Christmas in May is Real!!

Hi there!
It has been a long week, but a good one.  But I am very happy it is Monday!
Last Monday we went hiking like I said in my last letter!  It was so fun!  Two of the other sisters we went with ended up eating a grasshopper.  They asked if I would try one and I said sure but they never caught another one.  It ended up being so much longer than we originally thought.  My companion is scared of hiking and rocks because she has had some really bad experiences, but she didn't want to let any of us down so she went.  Her fears came out near the top when she started crying on a rock. But together we went really slow and made it all the way up!  The view at the top was so pretty.  Unfortunately, my camera was in her pocket and she noticed  about part way down that it was not there anymore.  Our Zone Leaders who were with us decided to go back and look for it so we could keep heading down.  They looked for probably 20 minutes.  In that time we made it to the bottom of the trail and were waiting for them.  We finally decided to say a prayer and shortly after the sister asked that they would find my camera in good condition, before we even closed the prayer, they  radioed over the walkie talkies that they found it!  #prayerworks.  They ran all the way down (because we were all going to be super late for our dinner appointments. They told me they found it barely hanging off of a bush over a cliff edge.  You can bet I said a lot of gratitude prayers the rest of the day.  Well by that time we were running so late for our dinner and we still had to drop other sisters off and pick up our clothes.  But we had two really good lessons the rest of the night, if not just a bit behind schedule.
We had a meeting as a zone this week.  It was so great.  I always love those and receive so much inspiration on how to do better.
We volunteer twice a week at an organization called Warm Hearts Warm Babies which provides clothing and necessity items for mothers who just had a baby but can't afford things.  They had their annual luncheon for all their volunteers this week.  The ladies we sat with at lunch asked us all about the church and being missionaries!  It was awesome!!  
During lunch they were recognizing all their volunteers.  They asked the Brighton group to stand, then the Colorado Springs, and so forth.  After that, the main lady we work with said she wanted to recognize 2 people who weren't associated with any group.  And then she started talking about the Mormon missionaries!!  How normally people view them as annoying boys who come knocking on her door and she didn't really want to talk with them, but now she knows us as kind, good hearted people who are always willing to help and work hard.  They've had about six missionaries who they've worked with and they have just been so impressed with us.  It was incredible to hear her talking about us this way, and not just to our face, but to a whole room of ladies.  She had us come up to the stage so they could have a picture and the ladies all applauded us.  It was great to see them look at us differently.  While we were there earlier, you could tell they were looking at us a little strange, but after that you could feel a difference in the way they looked at us.  It seemed like they were curious if their previous impressions were wrong.  A lot of people came and introduced themselves to us after that.  It is great to see the Just Serve program working, it really is changing how people view Mormons.
Not too much else to share this week.  We did a lot of tracting and contacting people.  We found a few potentials.  Still working on the donut guy!  We totally went and bought more donuts today and had a 30 minute discussion about the church and what we do as missionaries!!  30 minutes and 3 dollars are totally worth changing his perspective and preconceived notions about us.  He told us today that he thinks it is awesome what we are doing, young people devoting our lives to the Lord.  haha he told us we were beautiful inside and out.  He meant it as not getting caught up in what the world thought we should be.  He told us we changed what he thought about the church!  So awesome!
Sorry this isn't longer.  It has been a struggle this week with the work and trying to find people to teach, but I know they are out their somewhere.  Just have to keep searching, stay strong, and keep the faith.  Hope you guys are having a warmer week than we are!!  It has been snowing for a day and a half now and it is quite thick.  Everything is white again!  It has been rainy all week and now it has turned to snow.  I think by next weekend we are suppose to be up in the 80s again.  Colorado is crazy...
Love you guys lots!!  Miss you so much! 
Love, Sister Grossman

5-5-14 Not a piece of road kill yet!! Success!

Will probably be a short letter today!!  My time is almost up and I have to make sure to get my errands done early because some of us are going hiking today!!  The benefits of being so close to the mountains!
Man what a whirlwind week.  Basically I am looking at this like I am a  follow-up training (a missionary is trained for 2 transfers.  Sometimes their trainer is taken after the first one and the next one to come in is the follow up trainer.)  Despite the fact that my comp has been out for 3 transfers, her trainer didn't teach her much of anything!  Seriously, hardly anything.  She isn't used to teaching much, other than occasionally jumping in with her testimony.  She doesn't know how to do the paperwork and has never even touched the phone.  The area book was in a complete disarray, papers everywhere, things not updated.  People aren't really used to being taught, just visited in more of a social way. Now you see why I feel like her follow up trainer.  She was really freaking out and really stressed out by the time I learned what had been going on here.  I assured her we would figure it out together because I don't have any  idea about the area either!  She seems to be calming down now and opening up with things she doesn't know about.
This week has just been all about getting things sorted and feeling everything out.  The elders have been super helpful, for that I am grateful.  On Saturday at service, I got to see a bunch of my friends and that made me so happy!  I have missed them so much.  It is really weird now to look back.  We all seemed to have a rough start and now we are all together, all senior comp and driving!  I miss them so much!  I'm happy to be serving with them.  
Keep on smiling!  You guys are amazing!!  I love you and think of you often!

Love, Sister Grossman

4-28-14 Sharing the Love with Arvada

I said goodbye to Westminster and hello to Arvada.  I am at the Eastern most part of our mission now.  The ward I am now serving in is the Arvada 1st ward.  My companion's name is Sister Hall.  She is 19, from Arkansas, and has been out since December 16 serving in this area for 3 transfers (to spare you math, that is the whole time she has been on her mission.  It is quite possible that next transfer she will be gone and I will take over the area).  That's right, I am senior companion.  I would much rather be junior again.  One of the biggest responsibilities of the senior comp is they are the designated driver....yikes...
That is the part that is most nerve wracking.  This is also closer to the city I guess so the roads are much more narrow.  Everyone is far too close to me for my comfort.  Within my first five minutes driving, I had to get on the freeway and almost got hit by a's going to be great haha.
I don't know too much about the area.  We just moved homes today so that is what most of our day has been spent doing.  I guess it will be a lot of finding as well.
For the last week in Savory Ponds, I was anticipating that I would be leaving so I was already saying goodbyes and getting pictures with people. That night we threw all of our stuff in cars and moved once again.  We were back to the Richins.  Because transfers were just a few days away, neither of us unpacked except for the essentials.  I was definitely grateful for that.
On Friday, we had a fun lunch with some members who are leaving for the summer.  The night before, as she was talking with us, she told us there would be three elders there.  A lot of people have been guessing what would happen with the APs.  Both of them will have served for about the normal amount of time by the time the new president gets here.  President didn't want to release them early, but he didn't want to keep them in for so long either.  It would not be good to have new APs with a new mission president.  So as soon as Sister Bennion said that, we knew something was going on with the APs.  We get there and start talking with them and find out that we will have 3 APs for the next 4 months!  A tripanionship with the APs is crazy!  That is one thing I will really miss is not being able to eat with the Elders. Most wards don't do that and it is so fun to have both sets there.  It is not quite so awkward.  We brought cupcakes and balloons with us to the lunch because both of their birthdays were that week.
On Saturday during our lunch, we went to this place called Made by Me.  It is similar to Color Me Mine, where you have unpainted ceramics and you can decorate them however you want and then they fire them for you.  We met the owners at RMMS where they bring things for the attendants to paint.  Well I knew exactly what I wanted to paint; I saw someone else do it at RMMS.  It was this little dragon.  I looked all over and couldn't find it so I asked the owner.  He said he didn't think they had ordered it again but he would check the back.  He found one hidden under a lot of stuff.  I was so thrilled.  An investigator was supposed to meet us there but they ended up not being able to make it, so it was just us.  Sister R will deliver it to me in a few weeks when I see her at Zone Conference.  That night was transfer doctrine and we found out I was leaving. That night I went home and got almost everything packed so I wouldn't have to stress about it.  It broke my heart to leave Savory Ponds, but I was really excited for a new adventure.
Sunday we just went around saying goodbye to people and taking pictures.  That night, I stayed up with Sister Richins piecing together my T-Rex.  (Quite by accident, he has a name now.  Dalph.  It is odd, but it just grows on you.)  It is not entirely done, but to the point I can finish it myself now.
It was a late night and early morning as the Clarines wanted to take us out to breakfast in the morning.  They surprised me by bringing along the Webster Lake relief society president. That was cool to see her again.  We went back home, finished packing, loaded the car up and said our goodbyes.  I met Sister Hall at a stake center and we were off.  And now a new adventure begins!
Well I don't have much more to say.  I'm still in shock.  It hasn't quite hit me yet.  Thankfully, there are a ton of people here who I know and came out with so it will be fun.  The stress of learning all the details of this new area is starting to set in, but I'm just trying to breathe and stay positive.  I'm ready to know what I can learn here and what I can teach.  I hope everyone is having a great week!  I love and miss you all!  Talk to you soon! 
Love, Sister Grossman