Sunday, April 6, 2014

3-31-14 Making Progress

Hello everyone!!
Man it has been such a good week!  The Lord is truly blessing us.  A lot of things went wrong, but a lot of things went right.  Funny story for the week:  we got to dinner last night with the Elders and were talking to them about their recent convert.  Apparently, she has been having a real hard time because of something that happened with a guy at her baptism.  I guess she has been avoiding everyone's texts, didn't come to church, and the one appointment they had with her she was pretty standoffish.  So we were asking them if maybe they wanted us to invite her to go shopping with us, that way she could have girls to talk to. (she doesn't have many friends in the area because she moved in recently)  Elder Hoyt, mind you the 6' 8" one who is a football player for BYU, looks all offended, scoffs and says, "well I wanted to take her shopping, but I guess you can take her." 
So lately we've been considering dropping Dalton because he just wasn't really progressing.  However, we asked to meet with him separate from the rest of the Routs and twice a week.  Monday we had such a good lesson with him where he was asking tons of questions and really thinking about what we were saying.  We definitely can't drop him!  That was nice to know that he just needed a little more personalized attention.
Tuesday night our seven o'clock appointment cancelled.  After dinner, we were both feeling pretty bad and considered going home until we our 8 o'clock, but we decided to go visit a few people.  We tried finding Mike again, but that didn't really work.  However, we did run into that Spanish couple that Sister Earl and I taught a while ago.  The Elders didn't have any success in getting in touch with them, so it was nice to see them again, get their information, and make sure they still wanted missionaries to come by.  Then as we were driving away, lone behold who do we see, but Mike!!  We talked to him and got his actual number (instead of the wrong one we received before. one number off!)  We set up a return appointment with him for the next day (which he bailed on because he had to work over time...but that's not the point!)  It was nice to see small blessing from the Lord for doing what we were suppose to be. 
Thursday, we took Sister Richin's (the member we live with) son, Justin (he just graduated from Basic and is back home now) with us to an appointment with Dalton.  It went really well and I think it helped a lot having it from a guy's perspective.
Saturday was packed with baptisms again!  We started off the morning going to a baptism for a ward that is in the same building as us.  I was there when her husband got baptized in January, so it was cool to be there to see her get baptized BY her husband!  Two of the missionaries sang a beautiful song!  It was "Come Thou Fount" but a different arrangement.  I loved it so much, they gave me a copy!  I've been attempting to play it on the electric piano that Sister Richin dragged out for me ever since!  hahah it is a work in progress, but actually progressing!
After that baptism, we traveled out to Aurora, Sister Rodriguez's last area.  There was a baptism out there.  We met up with a family who she is close to and they fed us lunch.  I got to see a couple missionaries I know, that was fun!  Later that night we went to the Women's Conference.  Man it was so good!!  Both Sister Rodriguez and I were crying the whole time!! If y'all didn't get to watch it, I would definitely recommend watching it online!  I was able to feel God's love for me so much and his love for all of his children. It also testified so strongly of each of our divine potential and strength.  I can't wait for General Conference!  And then for the May Ensign so I can see all the talks!! Looking forward to it so much!
Yesterday we had some free time so we decided to go drop by Judy's house (in case you forgot she is one of the ones we tracted into.  She lost her husband and daughter and was crying the whole time.)  She was home!!  We had a good lesson getting to know her!  Apparently her neighbor who wanted nothing to do with us saw that she talked to us and came over the next day wondering if she was looking for a church.  She has been inviting her to all of their events at her church now.  Then she told her in-laws that she is meeting with us and they freaked out a little bit, saying that she is Catholic and why would she meet with us!!  Thankfully, she didn't care what any of them said.  It is nice that Sister Rodriguez used to be Catholic so they can talk about that.  That night Sister Rodriguez had a package dropped off for her from a family in her old ward.  It was full of lots of fun stuff, including a bunch of kids card games.  We stayed up that night playing old maid and go fish!
  Well, I better get going so I can actually make it out on time today.  The Lord is hastening his work and it is so great to be apart of it.  One Elder said, and I thought this was so cool, something along the lines of he believes that Colorado can see as many baptisms as Brazil as members and missionaries join together. The Lord has told us the time is now.  I thought that was way awesome!  It gave me motivation to keep going strong.  I love you guys and hope your week goes well!!
Sister Grossman

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