Monday, April 21, 2014

4-21-14 Happy Easter, He is Risen!

Hey all!!
Happy Easter, what a beautiful week it makes it to be!!  As always in the mission field, lots of blessings and lots of frustrations this week.
Monday we had a lesson with Dalton and he finally admitted there was a God this week and that he is listening to and answering his prayers  BIG PROGRESS!!  That is huge for Dalton.   But we made such big steps forward that night with him.
Wednesday was crazy.  We tried to go to bed early, but it didn't pan out so well.  Then we had to wake up at four because it was temple Wednesday.  We were trying to make it to the 6:30 session.  They only show the new new video on the half hour sessions.  I finally got to see it!  We got home, had some lunch, and then spent the rest of the time until dinner running around getting our car fixed.  We needed an oil change, a tire rotation, and a crack in our windshield fixed.    A member took us to Red Robin that night!  It was great to eat there again!!  Then we accompanied Haleigh (the less active 17yr old) to young womens.  We didn't do much there, but I was really frustrated with the girls because they didn't seem to really reach out to her.  They weren't mean, but they weren't welcoming.  It was also sad to see how...(wow I can't think of the word that will accurately describe it).  They just seemed way too focused on all the wrong things, which did not include their standards.  I didn't really blame Haleigh for not wanting to go.
Thursday, we had another awesome lesson with Dalton.  We had him come to a members home.  It makes all the difference having to invite the spirit somewhere new, or having to invite the spirit to testify somewhere it is already present.  The members helped so much.  I think he really felt the spirit and understood better.
Saturday was a little sad.  We went to meet with Amanda, an investigator, and her mom (who is a member) told us she didn't want to meet with us anymore.  Her mom said sometimes she is just in moods and she might change her mind.  Let's hope.  We saw her at the library just a few minutes ago and she said she still needs to think about it.
Easter was great!  Nothing happened that made it Easter-y and that is what made all the difference.  All this Easter was focused on was bearing witness of Christ, of his atonement and resurrection, and of our Heavenly Father's plan for us that made it all happen.  It invited such an incredible spirit into this holiday.  Getting to share that for a week and a half gave the spirit time to testify to me the reality of it.  I know the Savior was resurrected on that Sunday.  He gave his life so that we can live.  Because he overcame death and walked again, so we can.  This is not the end.  I have no doubt in my mind any of this happened.  I loved this Easter holiday and am grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ who provides a way for me to have happiness in life and after this life.  Sharing my testimony of this has caused it to grow even stronger.  If you get a chance to talk to someone about your Easter, find a way to fit the Savior in and I promise your testimony of it will grow, even if theirs doesn't.
I love you all and hope everyone is making it through the final drudges of the school year.  Thanks for all the support you give me!  Love you and miss you lots, talk to you next week!
Love, Sister Grossman
p.s. This week is transfers (and of course I am freaking out!!) so I'm not sure what time or day I will be on.  Stay Tuned!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

4-14-14 Making up for a short one last week!

Well it has been another busy week full of ups and downs.
We moved this week!  The Richins have family coming into town and needed the rooms.  This was something they had long before the missionaries were scheduled to live with them.  However, we visited them during the week and they told us they wanted us back in a heartbeat.  That made us feel better :)  The house we live in now is really nice!  We each have our own full size bed!!  I'm in heaven basically.
On Wednesday, we had our zone meeting. So basically all the missionaries in the stake get together to have trainings by our Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders.  It was really good and it really helped answer a lot of my questions I had as well as things I was struggling with.  Afterwards, we went to teach Haleigh, the Less Active 17yr old.  We were teaching her about Lehi's dream and in the end I asked, "Haleigh, what did the spirit teach you today?"  She said, "That I need to go to Girls Camp."  We were pretty blown out of the water.  She doesn't necessarily want to go so we're helping her in feeling comfortable with the girls so she can give it a fair chance.  The whole time we talked about it we kept reminding her that it was her idea not ours.  It worked really well because we stayed really neutral, not pushing her, but also helping her to want to go.  As we were driving home, we passed this lady and her kid standing at a bus stop.  Now we always pass this bus stop and there are always people standing there and we always keep going, but this time, I had the distinct impression from the Holy Ghost to stop and talk to her.  As soon as I mentioned it to Sister Rodriguez she immediately started protesting saying there are always people there and were is she going to stop because there was nowhere to pull over.  It wasn't me at all, but through me the Holy Ghost fought hard and so finally she stopped in a parking spot a little ways ahead and we walked back.  I was praying hard because since I was the one who wanted to stop and she wasn't happy about it, I would have to start and carry the conversation.  Approaching random people on the street and starting an awkward conversation with them is one of my least favorite things to do.  I was pleading hard with Heavenly Father that I promise I would open my mouth, but please let something be there.  Prayers are answered!!  Just as I walked up the little boy said hi! and started talking to me!  Oh man, it was such a relief!  I still had to awkwardly bring the topic around to religion, but it was WAY better than walking up and saying, "Hi do you believe in God?"  I think most people would tend to look at me a little weird if I did that.  But we did start talking about God.  She said she didn't really believe in God but thought there might be something there.  The way she was talking, you could tell God was not her favorite subject and there was feelings boiling under the surface.  So I just testified of God, but I have no memory of what I said so I know it was really the Holy Ghost.  All I remember was that I testified of the reality of God, that he loves her and knows her very personally.  She was looking away from me so I thought she was hoping the bus was coming so she could get away.  But when she looked back at us, there were tears streaming down her face!  Then Sister R testified that we were told we needed to come talk to her.  Unfortunately the bus came then, so we couldn't really go into anymore, so we gave her a card with our number on it and told her to go look up the website.  Afterwards Sister R told me that she had the same impression too and as soon as she had it her negativism kicked in and started arguing with her and that's when I chimed up.  It explains why she fought it.  It was so awesome to have that experience with the lady.
Thursday was interviews with President.  I was the first one right off the bat.  I talked with him a lot haha.  I went way over my time.  But he asked me a lot of questions about Sister R.  He told me to not worry, that changes were coming this transfer.  Then he asked me how long I had been in Savory Ponds.  I just grimaced, looked down, and avoided eye contact.  Finally after a minute or so I told him 3 transfers.  He just laughed and said, yeah, that is usually when I start looking at moving a missionary, seeing where else the Lord wants them.  I told him I was afraid of that, but if he wanted to move me, than that was ok with me.  He said it wasn't for sure that I would leave, but I know for sure we will be getting split up.  So I just have to make it through these next two weeks and then we will see what happens.
We went to visit Sister Otting that night, but she wasn't home.  As we were coming down the stairs, I felt like we should knock some doors.  Sister R didn't seem super gungho on the idea, so I said ok let's just try this one.  Well no one answered so we left a card and walked outside.  Just as we did, this lady walked up with her little girl.  Sister R held the first door for her, and then I realized there was a second door so I quickly ran inside to grab that one.  We kept asking her if we could help her, because she had a lot of bags.  Finally she stopped and inquired who we were. When we told her, she said she knew of the church because she lived in Vegas and knew a bunch of Mormons.  I told her I was from Vegas.  She asked us when we would be back in the area and if we could come see her!!  She basically set up her own appointment!!  It was such a miracle to see!  If we hadn't of knocked on just one door, then we would have never had the chance to help her.  It continually impresses me how much the Lord is in each situation so that things work out just right!  Nothing is a coincidence.  We went to meet with Britany and Dalton after that.  We finished the plan of Salvation this week with him.  He said what we believe about heaven makes so much more sense!  WOOT!!  It was so great to hear that.  He thought it was pretty interesting.  We asked him to pray about it and IF he got an answer to his prayer that it was true, would he prepare himself to be baptized?  We are meeting with him tonight so we will see what he got.  He are hoping he opens his heart to an answer because he seems somewhat closed off to receiving one.
Saturday, we had exchanges and I stayed in the area.  We had a really good lesson with Amanda and a convert testified really strongly to her.  The Routs was extremely frustrating.  We had the Young Mens president come with us.  We get there and Jen and the 3 boys are outside with a stranger.  Shane is no where to be seen.  We ask where he is at.  Apparently they are helping this couple build a food trailer and they are at the store getting materials.  I was so flustered.  So finally we got Jen inside for the lesson, Riley wanted to stay outside and play, the so the other Lady stayed outside with him.  But Jen was just dodging us the whole time and saying she didn't want to waste our time since Shane wasn't there because "she already knows all the lessons".  I just wanted to say, well you need help too.  But she kept interrupting us the whole time and we couldn't even get our point across.  
That night we had a good lesson with Judy about God's love.  She told us some really hard things.  I think she is still very skeptical but she seems to have real intent.
Then we met with Haleigh and it was another good lesson.  We had quite a few lessons this week which was great.  But mostly it was incredible to see God's hand in his work.  He is always present and he is always there to help us.
Just wanted to share one last thing.  The church is making a big push to get this video out to everyone.  I just wanted to invite everyone to go and watch this super short video:    Just a great message about Easter and Christ.  If you feel so inclined, share it with others, or even just like the video.  We got the chance to see it and I really liked it.  This is a great time of year to remember how the Atonement can help and change each of us.  I have been studying the Atonement a lot lately and have come to know that I know very little about the role it can play in my life.  There is an amazing talk given at a BYU devotional by David A. Bednar called, "In the Strength of the Lord".  It really expounds on the atonement.  Just make sure it isn't one given in conference called that. I at first found the wrong one.  But I really loved that talk and it is perfect for this time of year.
I love you all and hope you enjoy your Easter.  Talk to you next week!!
Love, Sister Grossman

4-7-14 MISSIONARY SUPERBOWL!! For the Win!

Hi everyone!
Well I don't have too much to share this week.  It will probably be kind of short, but who knows, sometimes I just get going.  We stayed home Tuesday and half of Wednesday because Sister Rodriguez was sick.  Finally I went a little stir crazy and called the STLs (Sister Training Leaders).  They came over and we did a mini exchange.  I got to go to the Hidden Lake area for the afternoon while one of them stayed there.  I just know that when I stayed home with Sister Hunt, I got too ok with being home.  I don't want that to happen again.  So thankfully they were nice enough to take me out of there.
Thursday....I got a little bit of a cold again.   I know, I know!!  I think it has to do with the weather changing constantly.  Some days it will be really warm and then the next it will all of the sudden get super cold and snow.  I'm not used to that so I think that is why I am getting sick so much.  I just chugged water, always took my echinacea and told myself I would be better by tomorrow. It started Wednesday, and I was mostly better by Saturday night!
General Conference was amazing!!  I should probably explain the email title.  We were at church last week, and Elder Brennan said the funniest thing.  He said General Conference was like missionary super bowl!!  And it is so true.  I received so many answers, some I didn't even know I was looking for.  I wish I had my notebook on me right now, but I loved Jeffrey Holland's talk about not  being a comfortable God.  It helped me to realize I need to be more uncomfortable with missionary work.  God is not a comfortable God because no growing happens inside our comfort zone.  We need to be willing to take a chance and walk outside of the box.  Then God can do something with us.
Sunday night we finally had a breakthrough with the Routs.  We were feeling really frustrated because we felt like they weren't really progressing.  They kept dodging church and appointments.  But we finally had a chance to talk to them and they FINALLY brought up some concerns they had on doctrine.  I guess when they hit this point of their progression, most missionaries would get defeated and leave or give them dumb answers that resolved nothing, which is why they hesitated to bring them up.  But we were able to give them answers that really helped them and made more sense, at least that is what they said.  I hope things start going better from now on.
Sorry this is so short, but that's all I really have to say.  My missionary challenge: find something you felt the Lord might have chastised you on in General Conference (I know I had a ton!!) and make a plan to improve on it.  And then do it!  If you didn't watch General Conference, that might be a good start :) it is totally worth it!!  Prophets are awesome and totally inspired!  Love you guys, have a great week!  Enjoy the beauty God has provided you!
Love, Sister Grossman

p.s. Forgot to tell you we are moving on Tuesday.  Richins have family coming in for 2 weeks.  Then there is only a week left until transfers (the 28th).  I have a feeling I will be getting transferred, so I will basically be living out of my suitcase for the next 3 weeks.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

3-31-14 Making Progress

Hello everyone!!
Man it has been such a good week!  The Lord is truly blessing us.  A lot of things went wrong, but a lot of things went right.  Funny story for the week:  we got to dinner last night with the Elders and were talking to them about their recent convert.  Apparently, she has been having a real hard time because of something that happened with a guy at her baptism.  I guess she has been avoiding everyone's texts, didn't come to church, and the one appointment they had with her she was pretty standoffish.  So we were asking them if maybe they wanted us to invite her to go shopping with us, that way she could have girls to talk to. (she doesn't have many friends in the area because she moved in recently)  Elder Hoyt, mind you the 6' 8" one who is a football player for BYU, looks all offended, scoffs and says, "well I wanted to take her shopping, but I guess you can take her." 
So lately we've been considering dropping Dalton because he just wasn't really progressing.  However, we asked to meet with him separate from the rest of the Routs and twice a week.  Monday we had such a good lesson with him where he was asking tons of questions and really thinking about what we were saying.  We definitely can't drop him!  That was nice to know that he just needed a little more personalized attention.
Tuesday night our seven o'clock appointment cancelled.  After dinner, we were both feeling pretty bad and considered going home until we our 8 o'clock, but we decided to go visit a few people.  We tried finding Mike again, but that didn't really work.  However, we did run into that Spanish couple that Sister Earl and I taught a while ago.  The Elders didn't have any success in getting in touch with them, so it was nice to see them again, get their information, and make sure they still wanted missionaries to come by.  Then as we were driving away, lone behold who do we see, but Mike!!  We talked to him and got his actual number (instead of the wrong one we received before. one number off!)  We set up a return appointment with him for the next day (which he bailed on because he had to work over time...but that's not the point!)  It was nice to see small blessing from the Lord for doing what we were suppose to be. 
Thursday, we took Sister Richin's (the member we live with) son, Justin (he just graduated from Basic and is back home now) with us to an appointment with Dalton.  It went really well and I think it helped a lot having it from a guy's perspective.
Saturday was packed with baptisms again!  We started off the morning going to a baptism for a ward that is in the same building as us.  I was there when her husband got baptized in January, so it was cool to be there to see her get baptized BY her husband!  Two of the missionaries sang a beautiful song!  It was "Come Thou Fount" but a different arrangement.  I loved it so much, they gave me a copy!  I've been attempting to play it on the electric piano that Sister Richin dragged out for me ever since!  hahah it is a work in progress, but actually progressing!
After that baptism, we traveled out to Aurora, Sister Rodriguez's last area.  There was a baptism out there.  We met up with a family who she is close to and they fed us lunch.  I got to see a couple missionaries I know, that was fun!  Later that night we went to the Women's Conference.  Man it was so good!!  Both Sister Rodriguez and I were crying the whole time!! If y'all didn't get to watch it, I would definitely recommend watching it online!  I was able to feel God's love for me so much and his love for all of his children. It also testified so strongly of each of our divine potential and strength.  I can't wait for General Conference!  And then for the May Ensign so I can see all the talks!! Looking forward to it so much!
Yesterday we had some free time so we decided to go drop by Judy's house (in case you forgot she is one of the ones we tracted into.  She lost her husband and daughter and was crying the whole time.)  She was home!!  We had a good lesson getting to know her!  Apparently her neighbor who wanted nothing to do with us saw that she talked to us and came over the next day wondering if she was looking for a church.  She has been inviting her to all of their events at her church now.  Then she told her in-laws that she is meeting with us and they freaked out a little bit, saying that she is Catholic and why would she meet with us!!  Thankfully, she didn't care what any of them said.  It is nice that Sister Rodriguez used to be Catholic so they can talk about that.  That night Sister Rodriguez had a package dropped off for her from a family in her old ward.  It was full of lots of fun stuff, including a bunch of kids card games.  We stayed up that night playing old maid and go fish!
  Well, I better get going so I can actually make it out on time today.  The Lord is hastening his work and it is so great to be apart of it.  One Elder said, and I thought this was so cool, something along the lines of he believes that Colorado can see as many baptisms as Brazil as members and missionaries join together. The Lord has told us the time is now.  I thought that was way awesome!  It gave me motivation to keep going strong.  I love you guys and hope your week goes well!!
Sister Grossman