Tuesday, March 4, 2014

3-3-14 I'm a Spanish Missionary!

Hola Familia!
Como estas?  Mi companera y yo estan muy bien.  Te querio mucho.
Ok so just kidding, I had my companion write that.  She is called Spanish speaking. BUT!!!  I have the first vision almost completely memorized in Spanish!!  She has language study everyday and hates it.  So in order to make it more bearable, I do it with her and now almost have that memorized!!  Woot!!
Sorry to be on so late today.  We had some other errands we had to run this morning and email had to be pushed back.  This week, I am feeling much better.  I still have a pretty wicked cough, but it gets a little better every day.  We've been able to get up and work more which is nice.  However, ever since we got the stomach flu, Sister Rodriguez's stomach has been super sensitive.  She is lactose intolerant and so now even the slightest amount of dairy will throw her off.  I feel bad for her because there is nothing I can do to help.  
Tuesday we had exchanges.  I went into another area and had a good time working and talking with the STL.  It was hard because it was my first full day in almost two weeks!  I was still super sick and way exhausted, but it all worked out. 
Wednesday unfortunately I was coughing so much, I had a migraine.  I was able to make it a good part of the day, but after a while Sister Rodriguez made me go home because apparently I looked like death had rolled over me.
Thursday night we were at dinner at a home that had 3 young boys.  One of them was trying to play his recorder for us ("Amazing Grace"), but the youngest one kept knocking his music off the stool and trying to play on it.  As the mom was getting up to put him in time out, she said, "If you don't shape up, I am going to send you home with the sisters!"  He got the biggest look of horror on his face (eyebrows all drawn up, mouth open/frowning) and yelled, "NOOOOOOOO!!"  hahaha I died laughing.  Who knew we were that bad.  She tried to see if he would like the Elders better but he still had a look of horror on his face.
The Routs came to church on Sunday!!!  YAY!!  We were missing Britany and Dalton because they woke up late, and the middle son didn't want to go.  But we had Jen (mom), Shane (dad), Zack (16), and Riley (6).  Unfortunately Jen got a migraine in the middle of sacrament so they had to go home.  Zack stayed the whole time though, which was awesome!!  He said it was definitely different then he remembered, but it was more of a good different than a bad different and he wants to keep coming. SCORE!  Brother Chin is his Sunday School Teacher which is so helpful when it comes to making him feel very comfortable.
Sunday we met with Saundra and Mathew.  Good news, Saundra is pregnant!  Bad news, they can't meet with us for a while because she gets crazy sick.  He is working crazy over time hours and they want to have the time to devote to fulfilling the invitations we give them.  SO they want to put off for 2 months.  Really, it is only like them cancelling on 4 appointments, but still a bummer because they need that contact.  However, there is more good news!!  Mathew said he was in traffic and got really mad and frustrated, so he tried kind of praying to be calm.  He said it worked and "he kind of, sort of, felt something"!!  There it is (sorry, mission saying).  It was awesome that he had that positive experience praying.
So because we have had to stay at home a lot lately (and during language study, night time, and even sometimes during lunch) I have had time to work on my dinosaur!!  His head is done and I am part way through his body!!  Be impressed mom :)  I can do more than go in a straight line.
Love you all lots!  I love this work and have really had my testimony strengthened lately.  I will share cool scriptures I found with you next time!  Love you!! Have a great week!
Sister Grossman

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