Sunday, March 23, 2014

3-17-14 The Party continues....IN WESTMINSTER!!

Hello Family!!!
Wow what a crazy week it has been!  Unfortunately, I left my planner at home so I can't remember anything that has happened.  As you can see from my title though, I survived another transfer!!  I get to stay here!!!!!!!!  I am so happy.  I am still with Sister Rodriguez as well.  I am pleased with that as well.  Apparently we were one out of maybe four companionships who didn't get split up in the whole mission!  So crazy!  Shane Rout was ready to talk to President Toombs if I got transferred.
Well I don't have a whole lot of time today.  I will share with you the letter I wrote to President, as it contains many of the things I wanted to share with you.

Hi President!!
I am so happy to be staying in Savory Ponds!!  I am excited to continue working with Sister Rodriguez as well.  We saw quite a few miracles this week.  We had a district blitz in our area on Saturday.  I think the Lord was trying to teach us something from this.  We both hate tracting, but we had the most success out of all 4 companionships.  We found a less active family not on our records, we found a good potential who we gave a Book of Mormon to, and we found a new investigator.  That was an incredible experience.  We hadn't been talking two minutes when she was crying and telling us about how she lost her husband and daughter a year and a half ago.  She didn't believe in God anymore; or at least that he cared about her.  We were able to bear strong testimony that God loves her and about the Plan of Salvation.  The whole time we were talking she had tears running down her face, but she was really listening.  Almost like she had just been waiting for someone to tell her.  We have an appointment with her this Sunday.  She has several other kids.  Even if she ends up dropping us or not working out, I know we touched her heart and I know she felt the spirit testify to her that she is a daughter of God, who he loves.  As long as I was able to give her that, I am so grateful.  
I have been so grateful this week that the Lord allows me to be apart of his work.  All of the success we are seeing has nothing to do with us.  This lady I just told you about, Judy, there were 3 other companionships in the area that day who could have knocked on her door.  But the Lord allowed me to witness that miracle.  Shane Rout, the man I introduced you to on Sunday who is getting the priesthood soon, he didn't believe me every time I testified.  He told me so.  But it was God who answered his prayers and changed his heart.  Same with his son, Zach, who was completely closed off to the gospel.  He wouldn't listen to us no matter how hard we loved or how much we tried.  But it was God who softened his heart and prompted him to reach out to us.  (He had his first day of seminary today!!) In all of these times, I had nothing to do with these people coming into the gospel, but the Lord has allowed me to be apart of it and experience the joy that comes from peoples hearts being changed. I am so grateful for that.  I love being apart of his work and helping people experience the gospel.
We had a great lesson with Zach about learning from trials, relying on the Atonement, and trying to forgive.  The spirit just witnessed to me how important the Atonement was and how much I truly need to rely on it.  Life is so much harder without it.  The price has already been paid, the gift given; why mock the Savior's sacrifice in refusing to use it?
I am grateful for how much I have learned this week.  It has been a week where I can see the hand of the Lord in many things.  We have a baptism coming up this week that I am very excited for.  We are slowly gaining the bishop's trust and it feels great.  It just makes me want to work harder. 
Another neat experience I had this week was after Transfer Doctrine.  Sister Rodriguez and I ended up having kind of a heart to heart.  She was crying, saying she wasn't sure why she couldn't be strong like she was in transfers past.  She felt so weak.  Something we have been working on lately is thinking positively.  She said she has been so negative and weak this transfer and she doesn't understand.  It shocked me that she called me strong.  I don't see myself as that.  I told her I wish she could see herself as I see her, and more importantly the Lord.  We don't define her by her imperfections.  That is not how God sees us and that is not who we are.  I don't see myself as a strong person.  Often times I feel weak.  But I have learned to be ok with that.  It keeps me humble.  I know the Lord will make my actions and my efforts strong and that is all I care about.  I think it really helped her.  She focused a lot on failing.  That when she messed up, she was a failure.  We talked about how it didn't really matter, just try again.  We are working on that this transfer.
My heart has just been full of gratitude this week.  Thank you for letting us come by the mission home last night as well.  That meant a lot to Sister Rodriguez and I.  I can't believe I hit my six month mark tomorrow!!  In a year, I will be in those missionaries spots.  The sad part is, it won't be with you and Sister Toombs.  When she told me last night you only have 2 more transfers left, I almost started crying (she yelled at me to stop it hahaha).  I can't believe it has passed so quickly.  I love your family so much.  Thank you for everything!!  Have a wonderful week!

It truly has been a week full of blessings.  The Lord doesn't need us in this work, but he allows us to be a part of it.  A blessing which I am so grateful for.  I saw a cool sign on another church.  It said, "Will anyone be in heaven because of you?"  A cool thought.  There are always people around us to share the gospel with, we just have to be willing to open our mouths.
I love you guys so much.  Miss you lots!  Talk to you next week! (I can't believe it has already been 6 months!! So  crazy!!!)
Love, Sister Grossman

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