Tuesday, March 11, 2014

3-10-14 Missionaries: Good at wielding a Book of Mormon or a Sledgehammer

Good news!  This week we were fairly healthy.  Me more so than my companion, she was a little ill on some days.  But for the most part, we were up and at it.  This week was pretty good; we saw a lot of frustrations and a lot of miracles.
Monday, we went to see a Less Active who called us, asking to come visit her.  She has 4 kids.  She wants to start coming back to church.  We had a great lesson with her, and when we texted her on Saturday reminding her of church, she said they were all set and ready.  However, come Sunday, we didn't see her there.  We will be meeting with her tonight.  
Tuesday we had a great lesson with Joyce (the 80 something year old lady).   She seemed to comprehend really well (which for her can sometimes be a surprise), but she is still on date to be baptized, so we are excited for that!  We still need to see if we can actually get her baptized; some people think she is there enough, and others don't. Guess we will see.  But if we teach her good enough to get her baptized, that is good enough for me.  She will just be prepped for the spirit world.
Wednesday, we had dinner with a Hispanic family in the ward.  A set of the Spanish missionaries were there also.  At one point after the APs left, everyone was carrying on in Spanish and I had no idea what was going on.  I just looked down all glum and said, "I feel so white."  haha.  However, they all helped me with my Spanish more.  I was able to pick up a few of the words that I had been taught.  One of the Spanish Elders was talking to me about sign language.  He said one of the members has a neighbor they want to teach, but they are deaf.  I was able to give him the name of a lady in my first ward who knew sign language fluently.  And then I also proceeded to beg him to ask President if I could come too haha.  It would be so cool to be there!  Elder Osborne even gave me the Book of Mormon in sign language.  It is a big case of CDs.  I watched some of it once and it took forever just to do the title page!!  The Spanish Missionary said he once had the Book of Mormon stories in sign language, but he left them in Commerce City, but he would try to get them back for me!  I was pretty happy.  We had a good lesson with the Routs about the atonement.  
Thursday, we took a sister with us to see Joyce again. As the Sister was trying to teach, it was evident that Joyce was feeling pretty chatty that day, because she kept interrupting.   I felt bad for Sister Welch because she was getting so flustered, but it  was so hilarious.  Sister Rodriguez and I were both trying so hard to not laugh.  Afterwards, Sister Welch and her husband took us out for lunch.  They took us to Olive Garden!!  It was so good :)
The member we live with volunteers at this place called House Rabbits.  It is basically an adoption shelter just for bunnies.  So during lunch on Friday, we went out and saw all the bunnies and got to pet them.  We weren't allowed to hold them :( but she has two at home that we hold all the time!  That night we spent an hour trying to track down an investigator.  Joyce had a friend of hers sleeping on her couch.  His name is Mike and he is about 36.  He came to church with her a couple weeks ago and was very interested.  When we were on exchanges, the sisters taught him, but ever since then, we haven't been able to get in touch with him.  He is in the middle of sorting out a mess of renting an apartment.  It is in the same complex as Joyce; she knows the building number and the floor (if those are even right), but not the apartment number.  She also keeps forgetting to ask for his new phone number.  So we decided to go knocking all the doors on that floor to see if we could find him.  ...we didn't find him.  However, we found two potentials, one of which excepted a Book of Mormon.  He was an Indian guy and I'm not sure he really understood what we were saying though.  As we were talking to him, we happened to see Augustine, the man who came to church a few weeks ago.  He was walking up to his apartment.  We have been trying to get in contact with him the past couple weeks, but I guess he works 2 jobs and is super busy.  Needless to say, he ran inside his apartment very quickly.  We ended the night with still no Mike though.
Saturday was by far my favorite day.  The Routs told us last week they were redoing their bathroom and we volunteered to help them.  We had no idea it would be demolition work!!  We had so much fun.  We got to take a giant sledge hammer to the walls, the tile, the cabinets!  Best thing ever.  We also scraped up all the rotted floor.  When we first came over, they were doing it by hammers.  I finally got fed up and went and got a shovel.  Went way faster!  When I was attacking the wall with the sledgehammer, Jen told me, "You are slightly terrifying."  Sister Rodriguez and I both weren't sure whether it was a good or bad thing that it wasn't the first time either of us had heard that on our missions.  They were pretty shocked at the change they saw in us just by changing into jeans haha (their words).  Afterwards, we invited their home teacher over and had a great lesson with them.  It was actually just Shane and Zach, but it was still great.  We talked all about the priesthood.  It was wonderful to see their righteous desires and all they were doing to move towards God.  We got out of there pretty late and hadn't been able to meet the Clarines and the Elders at Dairy Queen for dessert.  So the Clarines called us and said to go to DQ, order whatever we want, and just tell them we are with the Clarines.  Apparently they are on good terms with them there since their son worked there before his mission.  I guess the Elders and their investigator got there before the Clarines and the workers said, "It looks like Josh's family is coming!"  Haha!  Yes! I love that they recognize the missionaries!  That happened the other day when Sister Rodriguez and I went out for lunch, we heard the wait staff talking and they were referring to us as the sister missionaries.
Church was good.  Poor Sister Rodriguez woke up so sick, but she put on a face, got dressed and off to church we went.  Good news: Joyce came!!  Bad news: Mike was not with her. So sad.  Good news: the 4 Routs came again!!  I guess the night before, Shane prayed to have a talk on prayer/fasting and there was one!!  He was super stoked his prayer was answered.  Me too!  He met with the bishop that day about what he needs to do to receive the priesthood!  We are just so excited for this family.  Riley threw a fit about going to primary.  So Sister Rout and us took him.  As we were walking him down, we talked with a Brother and he was asking what class he would be in.  He said, "My son Dallin is in the CTR 5, and he is the funnest kid that I know!"  I about died laughing the way he said it.  We all sat in the back row and eventually got some smiles out of him.  We let the 2 of them go to class together.  Afterwards, he saw us in the hall, got so excited and ran up and gave us a big hug.  Apparently he had a super fun time!  Score!  He told his mom that she had to come once more with him and then he would be willing to go by himself.  That night, we had dinner with the bishop and afterwards, he asked to talk to us.  We ended up talking for about an hour!  It was so great; I think he is finally beginning to trust us!  When we got out, we saw that we had 2 missed calls from Joyce.  Turns out they were from Mike!!  YAY!  He apologized for missing church and said he has had a hard time with this new apartment lately but that he wants to meet with us this week.  It is just down to phone tag now.
Well my dinosaur is making excellent progress!  I will send you a picture soon!  I love the people we live with.  They are really like family!  Things are going good with Sister Rodriguez and I.  We get along well and have a fun time. We are hoping to stay together for next transfer.  Those are coming up this week and I am absolutely freaking out!!  Remember, emails might be delayed by hours, a day, or not at all.  Sad, I am over time and must get going.  I love you guys!!  I'm loving being a missionary and serving the Lord.  I love you guys; thanks for all you do.  I hope you have a fantastically awesome week!!  Don't forget to smile and enjoy the little blessings God has given.  Talk to you next week!
Love, Sister Grossman

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