Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2-4-14 Lessons on leaving

Hello all!
Man what a crazy week!  Note to self, do NOT wait until the last week to say bye to everyone and to send things home.  Way too much stress!  That is pretty much most of what this week was!  We just went around to different people's houses so Sister Hunt could say bye and get pictures.  Not too much to report.
We did work on a project in the week though.  We decided to make shirts for the APs and the SAPs :) that's us.  The Elders say on the front "the real deal" and ours say "the better half".  The back has our names and AP/SAP real big.  Ours has CIA above that.  We just worked on it at night or during lunch.  Of course it would be a windy and cold week.  I swear my toes almost got frost bite!  My feet were half covered in spray paint!  But they turned out really great; the elders loved them.  I sprayed all the shirts so I am now an expert!
Packing Sister Hunt's suitcases was interesting.  She needed help making tetris work.  By the time I had them all packed, we were somewhere around 80 pounds over weight, which equals about $200 in fees.  Brother Mayne called her mom to get a promise that if she left stuff there, they would come back for it.  A LOT got left behind.  I think I'll be sure to keep an eye on that as my mission goes on.
So we dropped Sister Hunt off at the mission home at 3:30.  I already had another sister with me.  Her companion was emergency transferred a couple of weeks ago and she has been in a trio ever since.  They dropped her off at our house about an hour before.  Unfortunately, she was moving so all of her stuff got put at our house or in our car.  We went to a few appointments.  Of course we heard all about the Super Bowl everywhere we went.  The city seems a little glum right now.  That was a hard loss!  Heard the QB's head just wasn't there.  Had a great lesson with Saundra and Matthew.  Saundra agreed to pray about the BoM and Matthew said he would meditate.  PROGRESS!  They are truly remarkable people.  Turns out Sister Hunt left a few things at home, so by the time we finished everything, we weren't home until ten!  (curfew being 9:30, don't worry we're not rule breakers though.  President knew.  He actually answered the door and talked to us haha)  Then we had to make calls to both our District Leaders and then the Zone Leaders.  It was crazy!  I was so exhausted.
The next day was transfers which was another bundle of joy.  I ended up staying in the area, but not training. Just tons of crazy stuff going on, people to pick up, places to be.  It was fun though.  I got to see a bunch of people from my old zone so it was really fun!  Sister Rodriguez, my new companion, came sometime around four.  We took her back to the house, but all of Sister Brook's stuff was there so we couldn't move her in.  Plus, we are moving in 2 weeks, so she is basically living out of her suitcase.  She has been out a year and I heard she is awesome.  She baptized her whole investigator pool before she left the area.  I am excited to be working with her.  Well not too much else left to share.  Just exhausted from such a hectic week full of little sleep.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Love you lots!

Sister Grossman

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