Monday, February 17, 2014

2-17-14 Rough Week

Sorry to surprise everyone today.  For some reason, the college library we go to is still open today.  Well there won't be hardly anything to report on this week.  Monday night, Tuesday morning I guess, both my companion and I woke up very sick.  We were so incredibly sick.  Every 20 minutes we were up headed for the bathroom, needless to say we didn't get much sleep that night.  I think we either had food poisoning or the stomach flu.  Well our zone conference was supposed to be the next day, but obviously we weren't going to it seeing as how we could hardly get out of bed!  To sum up a long story, we spent pretty much all week at home sick!  We went out a few times to teach a couple of important lessons, but we usually came right back home. Tuesday, a member found out we were sick and brought us over a ton on stuff: medicine, ginger ale, food we could eat, etc.  It was so sweet and really helped! We finally got priesthood blessing Saturday night.
We talked to President on Tuesday and he told us if we were feeling better, we could come to the other Zone Conference.  Well, we weren't feeling good, but we were feeling better, so we went!  (Somewhat of a mistake because we were trying to not to throw up the whole time!)  It was pretty good though!  Plus, I got to see a lot of my friends in other zones which made me pretty happy.  At zone conferences, they do car inspections, so everyone goes crazy cleaning their cars.  At our actual zone conference, our zone won the cleanest zone award and then some sisters in our district won the clean car award.  We spent a few minutes that morning cleaning it, but we didn't go crazy.  Turns out, we won the clean car award anyway!!  Westminster Zone represent!  We won 2/3 of the zone conferences haha.  So that was a fun highlight.
Yesterday at church, we met this man named Augustine!  He works with members who have been casually talking with him about the gospel.  They invited him to come to church and he came!!  They aren't members of our ward, but since he is in our ward, that is where they brought him!  He is married with 3 kids and wants to learn more!  He was even participating in class and everything.  He talked about how he wants to better his family and strengthen his marriage.  Well guess what gospel doctrine was on??  Eternal families!!  You don't get more of a miracle than that.  It was so incredible!  
We had another lesson with Saundra and Mathew!  This was Sister Rodriguez's first time meeting them so we talked about their background.  They didn't end up praying like they were supposed to, (well Mathew said he would meditate, Saundra said she would pray) so we talked a lot about what they thought prayer was.  It was an awesome lesson and in the end, they both committed to praying!!!  MIRACLE!!  I was so stoked.  Truly the hand of the Lord.  I know this has only come about because we have been asking all the members of our ward to pray for our investigators.  We also had an awesome experience with the Routs where the dad now knows God is there!  It was an incredible day on many accounts. I was so overcome with gratitude to the Lord.
Well that is about it.  Not too much to report this week because of being so sick.  However, my comp did loan me her Jesus the Christ book and it has been awesome reading it!  In just one morning I was already through the 3rd chapter!  I have already learned so much.  I love being out here so much.  Sometimes it is hard to keep going, especially when I know I have a year to go (tomorrow is my 5 month mark! :O oh my goodness!), but then I see miracles like yesterday and it is all worth it.  I love serving the Lord and helping people come to know him better.  This is such a wonderful work that I am so happy to be a part of.  I love you all, hope you are enjoying the day off!!

Love you, Sister Grossman

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