Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2-10-14 Still Freezing!

Hope everyone is doing well.  I am very jealous of the warm weather y'all are having.  It is very cold here, especially this week.  It has been dropping into the negatives at times.  Apparently this is a weird winter.  Usually the snow comes, but then melts away very quickly.  It'll get warm for a while and then drop suddenly and snow again.  But this winter, it is all sticking and staying cold.  We've had this snow for a couple of weeks.  ...go figure!  It would be the year I am here!
Well kind of an uneventful week.  It was a little stressful.  When you've been in the area, and a new missionary comes in, for the first little bit, they observe, see how things are going there, how you teach certain people, etc.  That has been a little hard.  I feel like I am being evaluated, not true but kind of!  I have definitely had to have my A-game on.  But it has been nice to see that in those situations (maybe if I am training or something) I can rise to challenge and fulfill the task ahead of me.  I know it has only been with Heavenly Father's help though.  Lately I have been tripping over my words so much, but this week I was actually able to teach pretty clearly.
Sister Rodriguez and I are getting along very well!  We have a fun time.  She is 25, from SoCal, and is a convert to the church at 16.  She has many of the same ideas I had when I first came to this area on improvements we can make. I am excited to get started on those.  We have a lot of the same goals and ways of working.  This week has been a little different because she is learning the area, but now I think we are ready to attack it head on!  It should be a week full of miracles!  This week we still had some pretty powerful lessons and was able to see the hand of the Lord in many ways.
We'll be moving, probably by the end of this week!  I haven't seen the new place yet, so I don't know how I feel, but the people we are moving in with are wonderful people!  They are the ones who feed us breakfast every Saturday!  Her mother, who lives there, is in the middle of crocheting a dinosaur!  She said she would teach me!  I am so pumped.  Lately, I have discovered my love for dinosaurs and dragons.  Just keeping you updated ;) haha.  We were talking to them on Sunday and it sounds like a very nice set up!  We're going over to there house on Tuesday, maybe we can see it then! 
Time to be a missionary for a moment!:  Go out to lessons with the missionaries!!  That is something the Lord is teaching me lately and I have a testimony of!! It is truly wonderful when members come with us and it really helps bring others to the gospel.  It's not hard, because you basically just bear testimony when they ask you to.  But to the investigators, it makes a big difference having a friend.  So if you are afraid to do missionary work, or it's weird to just bear your testimony to people because you think it will be really random to them, this is the perfect starter.  This gives you a setting and an opportunity to share it, which in turn builds you up.  It is just a really easy way to start/help if you aren't sure how. :) 
I am really learning to love member missionary work!  Well, I can't think of too much more to say.  I'm sorry this is kind of short.  But we pretty much do the same thing every week! Not too much more to report.  I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day; know that I love you dearly.  Miss you lots, but am loving the work! 
Love, Sister Grossman

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