Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2-24-14 Sick Again

What a crazy week! So many different things happened this week! Tuesday was our moving day!  That was exhausting.  We had to pack everything that day- I'm getting to the point where I am just throwing everything in and not really caring about order.  I have come to the conclusion that I have accumulated a lot of stuff! (but not near as much as my companion)  So we ended up having to haul everything downstairs (my suitcases are super heavy!!); we learned to slide stuff down the stairs.  Then we hauled it out to the car and stuffed it so full, drove over to the other house and hauled it down to the basement.  Only then did I wish had far less stuff...   We were so exhausted by the end of it.  We only had to make two trips which was nice.  By the time we finished with everything, it was time to go back out for dinner; we had no time to unpack anything.
 Well the next morning was temple morning!! Oh how I love the temple.  I hope when the new mission president comes in, he doesn't change it.  It is such a blessing to be able to go once a month; I wish we could go more.  Thanks to my companion, we ended up being super late there (and then she still wanted to go to Deseret Book despite the fact it was past time to be in our areas and we had other companionships with us.  However I was able to find a cheap copy of Jesus the Christ and I was so thrilled!) so we didn't get back until early afternoonish.  We went home and I spent a little time unpacking, but I wasn't feeling well so I laid down to slept for a little while.  Little did I know that it was foreshadowing for the rest of the week.  Yep, you heard me right, I got sick...again...  I don't know what is wrong with me that I can't stay healthy but it is just a pain!  I just want to be able to go out and be a missionary.
Later that night, we went over to a less active/part member family for dinner.  The member ended up leaving and it was just the nonmember.  So we were able to talk to her and have a great lesson.  She is very open about learning which we are very excited for!
Thursday I stayed home in bed most of the day, pretty boring.  However we did go to a less active family's home for dinner that night.  They just started coming back to church and we are super excited.  They have this adorable little boy, Logan, who was just a hoot at dinner.  As cute as he was though, it just made me miss Justin.  I saw him at church on Sunday and he got so excited and came to give me a hug.  He saw me wearing the sheep necklace that Grammy gave me and he was just in awe.  I asked him what sound a sheep made and he said, "muahahah"  I about died laughing.  It was a mix between an evil laugh and a cute giggle. 
Friday we went out and did a little bit of service in the morning, but my tissue box was in tow.  We tried to do weekly planning after that, but it just didn't happen.  When we went to dinner, she sent me home with lemon tea, a lime (I guess to gargle with), and vitamin c!  I think I just have a bad cold.  I am coughing like crazy, a little bit of sneezing, stuffed nose.
Saturday I think was the worst of it.  We did not go anywhere.  At one point our member came down and talked to us.  We went upstairs with her and while I sat there, Sister Rodriguez made cakes with her.  The sad part?...I got exhausted just watching them!  I had to go lie down in the living room (and cuddle with the dinosaur they gave me :) that's right, a dinosaur.  Today I am buying supplies to crochet a T-Rex!)  They took very good care of me.  We happened to mention that the beds we were sleeping on were terrible beds. Really they were, probably only like four inches thick, not exaggerating.  So what did they do?  They went out and bought us new beds.  I seriously love these people.  They are like family to me.  They are stuffing me full of drugs and stuff to make me get better.  Then, some other members find out I am sick.  These are the same ones who gave me the two birthday cakes.  They brought me over a gift complete with a jug of orange juice, a box of tissues, a can of chicken noodle soup, emergen-c, cough drops, animal cookies, and a wooden giraffe hahaha. I loved it.  However, if it is possible to OD on Vitamin C, I just might.  Everyone is cramming so full of it.  I did end up getting a blessing Saturday morning at the instances of the elders during correlation.  It helped a lot.
Thankfully I was feeling well enough to go to church and I made it through the whole thing!  But afterwards, I went home and I slept for four hours.  Didn't even eat lunch or anything, straight to sleep and then woke up for dinner!  Spent the rest of the night at home.  All of my resting has paid off though!  I am feeling much better today.  Still have an awful nasty cough, but I have much more energy and hardly any congestion.

Well I just looked at the time and need to go.  Sorry it was such a boring letter again.  Being sick isn't much of an adventure.  I am glad to hear everyone is doing well.  Can't wait to talk to you next week!

Love, Sister Grossman

Monday, February 17, 2014

2-17-14 Rough Week

Sorry to surprise everyone today.  For some reason, the college library we go to is still open today.  Well there won't be hardly anything to report on this week.  Monday night, Tuesday morning I guess, both my companion and I woke up very sick.  We were so incredibly sick.  Every 20 minutes we were up headed for the bathroom, needless to say we didn't get much sleep that night.  I think we either had food poisoning or the stomach flu.  Well our zone conference was supposed to be the next day, but obviously we weren't going to it seeing as how we could hardly get out of bed!  To sum up a long story, we spent pretty much all week at home sick!  We went out a few times to teach a couple of important lessons, but we usually came right back home. Tuesday, a member found out we were sick and brought us over a ton on stuff: medicine, ginger ale, food we could eat, etc.  It was so sweet and really helped! We finally got priesthood blessing Saturday night.
We talked to President on Tuesday and he told us if we were feeling better, we could come to the other Zone Conference.  Well, we weren't feeling good, but we were feeling better, so we went!  (Somewhat of a mistake because we were trying to not to throw up the whole time!)  It was pretty good though!  Plus, I got to see a lot of my friends in other zones which made me pretty happy.  At zone conferences, they do car inspections, so everyone goes crazy cleaning their cars.  At our actual zone conference, our zone won the cleanest zone award and then some sisters in our district won the clean car award.  We spent a few minutes that morning cleaning it, but we didn't go crazy.  Turns out, we won the clean car award anyway!!  Westminster Zone represent!  We won 2/3 of the zone conferences haha.  So that was a fun highlight.
Yesterday at church, we met this man named Augustine!  He works with members who have been casually talking with him about the gospel.  They invited him to come to church and he came!!  They aren't members of our ward, but since he is in our ward, that is where they brought him!  He is married with 3 kids and wants to learn more!  He was even participating in class and everything.  He talked about how he wants to better his family and strengthen his marriage.  Well guess what gospel doctrine was on??  Eternal families!!  You don't get more of a miracle than that.  It was so incredible!  
We had another lesson with Saundra and Mathew!  This was Sister Rodriguez's first time meeting them so we talked about their background.  They didn't end up praying like they were supposed to, (well Mathew said he would meditate, Saundra said she would pray) so we talked a lot about what they thought prayer was.  It was an awesome lesson and in the end, they both committed to praying!!!  MIRACLE!!  I was so stoked.  Truly the hand of the Lord.  I know this has only come about because we have been asking all the members of our ward to pray for our investigators.  We also had an awesome experience with the Routs where the dad now knows God is there!  It was an incredible day on many accounts. I was so overcome with gratitude to the Lord.
Well that is about it.  Not too much to report this week because of being so sick.  However, my comp did loan me her Jesus the Christ book and it has been awesome reading it!  In just one morning I was already through the 3rd chapter!  I have already learned so much.  I love being out here so much.  Sometimes it is hard to keep going, especially when I know I have a year to go (tomorrow is my 5 month mark! :O oh my goodness!), but then I see miracles like yesterday and it is all worth it.  I love serving the Lord and helping people come to know him better.  This is such a wonderful work that I am so happy to be a part of.  I love you all, hope you are enjoying the day off!!

Love you, Sister Grossman

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2-10-14 Still Freezing!

Hope everyone is doing well.  I am very jealous of the warm weather y'all are having.  It is very cold here, especially this week.  It has been dropping into the negatives at times.  Apparently this is a weird winter.  Usually the snow comes, but then melts away very quickly.  It'll get warm for a while and then drop suddenly and snow again.  But this winter, it is all sticking and staying cold.  We've had this snow for a couple of weeks.  ...go figure!  It would be the year I am here!
Well kind of an uneventful week.  It was a little stressful.  When you've been in the area, and a new missionary comes in, for the first little bit, they observe, see how things are going there, how you teach certain people, etc.  That has been a little hard.  I feel like I am being evaluated, not true but kind of!  I have definitely had to have my A-game on.  But it has been nice to see that in those situations (maybe if I am training or something) I can rise to challenge and fulfill the task ahead of me.  I know it has only been with Heavenly Father's help though.  Lately I have been tripping over my words so much, but this week I was actually able to teach pretty clearly.
Sister Rodriguez and I are getting along very well!  We have a fun time.  She is 25, from SoCal, and is a convert to the church at 16.  She has many of the same ideas I had when I first came to this area on improvements we can make. I am excited to get started on those.  We have a lot of the same goals and ways of working.  This week has been a little different because she is learning the area, but now I think we are ready to attack it head on!  It should be a week full of miracles!  This week we still had some pretty powerful lessons and was able to see the hand of the Lord in many ways.
We'll be moving, probably by the end of this week!  I haven't seen the new place yet, so I don't know how I feel, but the people we are moving in with are wonderful people!  They are the ones who feed us breakfast every Saturday!  Her mother, who lives there, is in the middle of crocheting a dinosaur!  She said she would teach me!  I am so pumped.  Lately, I have discovered my love for dinosaurs and dragons.  Just keeping you updated ;) haha.  We were talking to them on Sunday and it sounds like a very nice set up!  We're going over to there house on Tuesday, maybe we can see it then! 
Time to be a missionary for a moment!:  Go out to lessons with the missionaries!!  That is something the Lord is teaching me lately and I have a testimony of!! It is truly wonderful when members come with us and it really helps bring others to the gospel.  It's not hard, because you basically just bear testimony when they ask you to.  But to the investigators, it makes a big difference having a friend.  So if you are afraid to do missionary work, or it's weird to just bear your testimony to people because you think it will be really random to them, this is the perfect starter.  This gives you a setting and an opportunity to share it, which in turn builds you up.  It is just a really easy way to start/help if you aren't sure how. :) 
I am really learning to love member missionary work!  Well, I can't think of too much more to say.  I'm sorry this is kind of short.  But we pretty much do the same thing every week! Not too much more to report.  I hope you all have a wonderful Valentines Day; know that I love you dearly.  Miss you lots, but am loving the work! 
Love, Sister Grossman

2-4-14 Lessons on leaving

Hello all!
Man what a crazy week!  Note to self, do NOT wait until the last week to say bye to everyone and to send things home.  Way too much stress!  That is pretty much most of what this week was!  We just went around to different people's houses so Sister Hunt could say bye and get pictures.  Not too much to report.
We did work on a project in the week though.  We decided to make shirts for the APs and the SAPs :) that's us.  The Elders say on the front "the real deal" and ours say "the better half".  The back has our names and AP/SAP real big.  Ours has CIA above that.  We just worked on it at night or during lunch.  Of course it would be a windy and cold week.  I swear my toes almost got frost bite!  My feet were half covered in spray paint!  But they turned out really great; the elders loved them.  I sprayed all the shirts so I am now an expert!
Packing Sister Hunt's suitcases was interesting.  She needed help making tetris work.  By the time I had them all packed, we were somewhere around 80 pounds over weight, which equals about $200 in fees.  Brother Mayne called her mom to get a promise that if she left stuff there, they would come back for it.  A LOT got left behind.  I think I'll be sure to keep an eye on that as my mission goes on.
So we dropped Sister Hunt off at the mission home at 3:30.  I already had another sister with me.  Her companion was emergency transferred a couple of weeks ago and she has been in a trio ever since.  They dropped her off at our house about an hour before.  Unfortunately, she was moving so all of her stuff got put at our house or in our car.  We went to a few appointments.  Of course we heard all about the Super Bowl everywhere we went.  The city seems a little glum right now.  That was a hard loss!  Heard the QB's head just wasn't there.  Had a great lesson with Saundra and Matthew.  Saundra agreed to pray about the BoM and Matthew said he would meditate.  PROGRESS!  They are truly remarkable people.  Turns out Sister Hunt left a few things at home, so by the time we finished everything, we weren't home until ten!  (curfew being 9:30, don't worry we're not rule breakers though.  President knew.  He actually answered the door and talked to us haha)  Then we had to make calls to both our District Leaders and then the Zone Leaders.  It was crazy!  I was so exhausted.
The next day was transfers which was another bundle of joy.  I ended up staying in the area, but not training. Just tons of crazy stuff going on, people to pick up, places to be.  It was fun though.  I got to see a bunch of people from my old zone so it was really fun!  Sister Rodriguez, my new companion, came sometime around four.  We took her back to the house, but all of Sister Brook's stuff was there so we couldn't move her in.  Plus, we are moving in 2 weeks, so she is basically living out of her suitcase.  She has been out a year and I heard she is awesome.  She baptized her whole investigator pool before she left the area.  I am excited to be working with her.  Well not too much else left to share.  Just exhausted from such a hectic week full of little sleep.  Hope all is well with everyone.  Love you lots!

Sister Grossman