Monday, January 27, 2014

1-21-2014 Short but sweet

Hello all!
So unfortunately, I don't get very much time today.  For some reason, we only get an hour today.  By the time I have written President and read all the emails (you guys are awesome!  Thank you), I only have about 15 minutes left.  So this will be super short.
Well the Wethors didn't get baptized this week.  She wants to wait for all the kids.  Please keep them in your prayers.  We did some great finding this week and have a potential new family we are looking to meet with soon.
The temple was amazing this week!!  We had to wake up super early though so I was dead on my feet.  I only fell asleep for a little bit though! (Did you hear there is a new NEW movie??  Some of the missionaries saw it!)  But I still love the temple.  I learn so much and love feeling the Lord's peace.  We had a great lesson at the Routs and got Britany and Dalton to church again!!  This time they stayed the whole time.  We told the Elders they had to be quick because we were worried he would make a run for it.  So right after Sunday school, he came up and shook his hand.  Without letting go said, "Hi Dalton!  I'm Elder Brennan!  It's good to have you here.  If you just come with me, Priesthood is right this way!"  and just kind of pulled him along.  It was so perfect.

Oh no...!!!  I just saw the time, I have to go right now to make Sister Hunt's dentist appointment! I'm sorry, I'll finish this letter because I have a lot more to say!  Bye I love you. 

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