Monday, January 27, 2014

1-28-2014 If it is going to snow again, we better get another Christmas out of this!

Hi everyone!
Sorry about last week!  We aren't allowed to be at member's homes to email.  I'm not sure why, but they specifically sent out a voicemail reminding us we weren't allowed.  Such is the life of a mission.  But I appreciate you guys being so understanding.  I'll do a quick back track of the things I missed from last week that I wanted to share with you.
We had exchanges that week.  It was so much fun, we met a lot of people.  We went to one potential's house, only to find out he had moved!  We set up a return appointment with the people there instead!  We went to another potential's door, but they didn't answer.  We felt prompted to knock on their neighbor's door. It was a Spanish couple that had just moved in.  Blessedly, the sister I was on exchanges with was called as a Spanish speaking missionary!  We went in and had a whole lesson with them! It was so awesome!! I didn't understand a word!! She translated a little for me, but most of it was so fast that she couldn't keep up.  Needless to say, we gave them to the Spanish branch.
My birthday was great!  I got love from everywhere.  These people have really become my family out here and I love them.  They made it such a great day.  We did service at the food bank and they kept trying to give me a huge cake!  Since I would have to eat it myself, I insisted on just a package of cookies.  They were all I really wanted or needed!  Then, we go to district meeting and there were balloons all over the floor, they had written happy birthday on the board, and they sang to me before we started!!  Another district in our zone left a voicemail where they all sang happy birthday to me.  That night, a member, (actually one I knew before I came here because they are related to relief society pres in Webster lake and we had Thanksgiving with them) brought me a little cake that night!  It was so nice of them!
That Saturday was exactly my 4 month mark and Sister Hunt's 18 month mark.  So to celebrate those and my birthday, we went out to lunch.
So now that we are mostly caught up, here is this week:
On Tuesday, one of the young women in the ward who we are pretty close with called us and told us to come over.  She made me a cake for my birthday!!  (I love that people are on board with celebrating much more than one day haha)  She is really good at making cakes.  It had giraffe print and a giant bow on top, all made out of fondant that actually tastes good!!  I'm sending home a camera card soon so you should get pictures of it.  We had a great lesson at the Rout's house.  We watched Holland's "Lord, I believe" talk.  I love listening to that one!!  We had another great lesson with Saundra and Matthew.  I have high hopes for them.  It might take a while for them to build a faith in God (especially because Matthew has been searching for a long time and never received an answer), but I think with them reading the Book of Mormon, it will come.
The Wethors cancelled all week on us which was pretty disappointing.  I hope they are doing well.  We should be meeting with them tomorrow.
This week we were just guided by the spirit so much to whom we needed to go see and be with.  It was a great week full of miracles!  This coming week is transfers and I am fully freaking out!  Everyone says I am going to be training, which scares me to death!  We'll see... If I do, I'll get a call on Friday.  You might not get an email on Monday due to transfers, but I'll be on Tuesday, hopefully for the full 2 hours.  Since it is our last week together, Sister Hunt and I are pretty sad.  But we have an awesome week planned with lots of people we are going to see!  This week was ward conference and it was ALL about missionary work!  The spirit was incredible!!  I'll tell you some cool thoughts next week.
Well I'm going to go.  I love you all!!  You guys are so great and you are what keep me going.  I hope you have a fabulous week.
Love your missionary,

Sister Grossman

1-21-2014 Short but sweet

Hello all!
So unfortunately, I don't get very much time today.  For some reason, we only get an hour today.  By the time I have written President and read all the emails (you guys are awesome!  Thank you), I only have about 15 minutes left.  So this will be super short.
Well the Wethors didn't get baptized this week.  She wants to wait for all the kids.  Please keep them in your prayers.  We did some great finding this week and have a potential new family we are looking to meet with soon.
The temple was amazing this week!!  We had to wake up super early though so I was dead on my feet.  I only fell asleep for a little bit though! (Did you hear there is a new NEW movie??  Some of the missionaries saw it!)  But I still love the temple.  I learn so much and love feeling the Lord's peace.  We had a great lesson at the Routs and got Britany and Dalton to church again!!  This time they stayed the whole time.  We told the Elders they had to be quick because we were worried he would make a run for it.  So right after Sunday school, he came up and shook his hand.  Without letting go said, "Hi Dalton!  I'm Elder Brennan!  It's good to have you here.  If you just come with me, Priesthood is right this way!"  and just kind of pulled him along.  It was so perfect.

Oh no...!!!  I just saw the time, I have to go right now to make Sister Hunt's dentist appointment! I'm sorry, I'll finish this letter because I have a lot more to say!  Bye I love you. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

1-13-2014 Thanks for the wishes!

How is everyone?  So good to hear from you!  Thanks for all the early birthday wishes :)  I appreciate it!  So glad to hear everyone is recuperating from Christmas and New Years.
This week was full of a lot of meetings.  We had a zone meeting, interviews with president, and a zone weekly planning meeting.  Doesn't sound like a lot, but they sure take up a lot of time!  They are so fun though.  I love seeing the whole zone.  And I always learn so much!
Between those and service, we still had time for some awesome couple of lessons and quite a few miracles from the Lord!!
We met with the Wethors, but only Jen and Shelby.  We are praying the 3 girls will be ready for baptism next Sunday, but we'll see. We might have to push it back another week.  It was such a powerful lesson with them though!  I love that family!  I can't wait to see when they make those covenants.  The two older kids were gone to their mom's house this week, so we didn't get to see them which was really sad.  It doesn't give us much time to work with Shelby.  We went to the Rout's one night and found out that Jen (the mother) was very sick.  We called the Elders and had to wait until they could come give a blessing.  The spirit was so strong during it.  The whole family was there and listening and watching.  I hope it was a good experience for them to see the wonders of the priesthood!  I hope they all payed very close attention to the words in it.  So we told them about 2 weeks ago, that every Sunday, we would show up at their house at 8am to wake them up and get them ready for church.  Last week we tried, but no one came.  So Saturday night as we were talking to them, we told them, "Ok see ya tomorrow!!"  As we talked with some of them about it, we actually got a few of them to say that maybe they would come!  We were stoked!!
So we show up on their porch Sunday morning.  Have to knock quite a few times to get them to answer, but finally Britany does.  She is their niece; both her and the Routs are all baptized.  But Britany's boyfriend, who is also living there, is not a member.  So she goes around the house and wakes everyone up asking if they are coming to church. We sit for a long time waiting until finally her and Dalton walk out dressed for church!!  We were so pumped.  Dalton was really closed off to coming to church so it was such a miracle that he came!  They only stayed for sacrament (it was an amazing meeting!  The speaker shared his conversion story which was perfect!), but it's ok, baby steps!  He said maybe he would come to class next week!  YES!!  And so many people came up and said hi to them!  Which is just what they needed since their last ward was really unfriendly.  It helps SOO much when people come and talk to them.  It shows them love instead of overwhelming them like I use to view it as.  All in all, we felt so blessed.
We had our second lesson with the atheist/hopeful agnostic couple.  I love them so much!  They are so open to learning! It's not like they are particularly interested in the gospel, they are open to studying, learning, and listening!  I love it.  I know eventually their heart will be softened.  Even if it's not while I am here.  We had dinner that night with the Bishop.  He invited an intern who is from China and working at his company to have dinner with us.  We all had such a good time and were laughing so hard.  Even though I know he isn't interested in the gospel, maybe in the future, he will let missionaries in to talk to them!
Well that's about all.  I'm almost out of time today and we have a lot of errands to run.  I hope you guys are having a good new year so far and things are going well.  Have faith in the lord and his plan for you!  Love you all!  Miss you dearly!  Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes!!

Love, Sister Grossman

1-6-2014 Happy New Year!

Well this week has still been a sick week.  I passed whatever I had on to Sister Hunt, so we've both been in recovery, me on the upside thankfully.  The first half of the week we were able to get some teaching done. We finally committed half of the Wethor family to baptism!!  Super excited.  We still are working with Devin, he is not sure if he wants to or not  (it doesn't help that the family keeps pressuring him so he can't make his own decision.  He feels like he is being forced into it.)  Grace doesn't want to do it without Devin, so we are praying hard!
New Year's Eve/Day wasn't anything too special.  It is cool to know that I am starting a new year in the service of the Lord.  I have the ability to be whoever he needs me to be as I give myself over to him.  I like the fact that I have a whole year just to see what he can make of me.  I hope it will be a good one!
On New Year's Day, we found out that the next day was Elder Brennan's (one of the AP's which we basically see everyday at least) one year mark.  So we decided to decorate his car with sticky notes and go crazy!  Turns out...he was on exchanges...  So we did it all over the second day!  (we knew he had been struggling a lot.  As sisters and elders, there isn't too much you can do to help.  This was one of the few ways that we thought we could show him how much we appreciated him while still staying in our boundaries).  The look on his face made it all worth it.  He didn't stop smiling until they drove away, and then I just couldn't see, but I'm sure he still was!  
Saturday, we spent at the mission home hanging out with Sister Toombs.  We did some filing for them and then when we ran out, we just talked.  and talked some more.  Finally when it got to be late, Sister Hunt did not want to eat because she was feeling so sick.  It was hilarious to watch Sister Toombs say she absolutely would eat. However, Sister Hunt didn't have anything at home so she gave me a shopping list and Sister Toombs sent me to the store with president!!  Oh man, that was so funny. The last half of the week, we pretty much spent at home.  We sometimes left for dinner. So all in all, it was a pretty slow week.  Not too much to tell. Sorry it is kind of a short letter this week.  They switched zone p-day on us to today.  So we have so much to do before then.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Good luck on your new year's resolutions :)

Sister Grossman