Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12-29-14 Last one for the year

Hi all!
I know I have missed a few weeks!  I'll try to catch up today, but it might be shorted.
- Christmas devotional: We did an awesome skit!  It really was the best one, not being biased.  It was voted haha.  Our skit was legit.  I had a beard and everything.  We used brown and black eyeshadow to get a lovely 5 o'clock shadow.  Painted eyeballs on an elder's eyes just as Jack Sparrow.  We pulled out all the stops.  The picture I sent was the makeup we practiced the night before.  We were all little midgets.  I was Aragon from Lord of the Rings; that's what the beard was for.
- Had a great Christmas hopping around to lots of different people.  We spent the day with so many people that we loved that it was just like being with our Colorado family :)  the Russell's, the Lees, Jessie, and the Kers :)  Got to wrap lots of presents, and play Santa Claus!
- we got to watch TWO movies this year!!  :O crazy right?! We even had quite the selection. Well because I was saving How To Train Your Dragon 2 for when we got home, our two picks were........(drum roll please)  Frozen and The Saratov Approach!!!!  Loved them both!!  They were super great...although we are a little afraid to knock on doors now haha.  We had such a great time though.  We watched the Saratov Approach with 2 other sisters and a member.  She said as soon as the movie turned on all 4 of us just stared at it wide eyed and slack jawed.  We stayed like that for the whole movie haha.  At the end, Sister Packer said, I think I didn't breathe that whole movie.  We had a great time.
-Snowed started falling Christmas evening so we had a half white Christmas :)  very slippery Christmas.  A guy driving in front of me turned completely sideways on the road.
Things have been going well.  Still loving Sister Bush!!  We are just having a party.  I really hope that we don't get transferred but I guess we will find out on Saturday!  Stay Tuned!!
I love you all and hope that you were able to find Christ at Christmas time this year.  As I focused on him, and spreading that spirit of the wonderful miracle of his Birth and Life, my holiday was filled with joy and happiness, the kind that can only come from him, and the only one that lasts.  It truly is a magical and special time of the year!  I love you all and hope you have a wonderful new year!! 
Love, Sister Grossman

Monday, December 8, 2014

12-8-14 Busy, Busy

Hi there!!
Even though this was a great week this week, I don't have too much to share!  We met with Martin and Justin, and one other investigator.  Great, super progressive lessons!  Met with a few less actives, that we had never met with before!  Had a really great lesson with another one who now wants to take the missionary lessons.  Crislin came to church again with 2 of her daughters!  The one who was actually in our ward, brought her son as well!  We are half way to having a functioning ward mission effort.  We have an assistant ward mission leader, but not a ward mission leader.  Apparently the calling has been extended, but they are waiting to see if he will accept.  But our assistant WML just moved into the ward and we are excited because his family is so great! We were meeting with him yesterday and asked what he did.  He is a federal agent. After some questioning, this is the conclusion we reached: I officially know a spy!  We may or may not have freaked out in his presence.  We kept it pretty controlled though...until we got in the car.  In our phone he is labeled as 007. He even does surveillance and has to keep cover and everything!  So cool.  Christmas devotional was great!  Loved the perspective Elder Christofferson gave in his talk.  Getting to talk with so many people about the He is the Gift video!  It has been so great.  We have 2 appointments next week with people whom we never met, but are following up watching the video.  Still loving Sister Bush.  We are getting along great! Things are going great!  Love you all, Sister Grossman

Monday, December 1, 2014

12-01-14 Laughing All the Way!

What a fun week this has been!  It's a party every day with Sister Bush and I!  We just never stop laughing! Been a fun and busy week:
- Monday night we were lamenting about how many miles we have for the rest of the month.  I jokingly said one of us needs to get sick, then without warning, put my finger on my nose.  She tried to put hers quick and then we busted up laughing because there is only two of us and she already lost.  The next morning, she had issues with her knee and we had to stay in for a couple hours.  We laughed so hard.  We decided that our companionship is the physical manifestation of God's ironic sense of humor.  Then the Russells shortened it for us "we put the fun in dysfunctional" hahaha.
- had a good time helping the Ronald McDonald House prep for Christmas.  I fluffed enough trees for the rest of my life.  My arms and hands were so scratched afterwards.  We were talking with the elders who were helping us, and Sister Bush mentioned that her last zone gave her "Lilo" as her superhero award.  The elder (whom I am good friends with, so it was really funny) said, "Oh my gosh, that is so true! and look, (pointing at me) you even have a little monster!"  I laughed so hard.  So now we are Lilo and Stitch as well.
- Thanksgiving was great!  We had brunch with the Russells and played a few rounds of Phase 10! Then went and hung out with a less active family for a while.  Then the Kers told us they were going to be with their brother, who is in our ward, and that we should stop by, so we did!  Then we left for Jessie's.  Her tables was decorated so cute!  We had so much fun playing with the girls while she finished up dinner.  We had dinner while rocking out to Christmas music.  It was so fun and such a good time.  Just spent all night laughing and talking.  Poor little Gemma got so sick during dinner and fell asleep.  Jessie ended up having to take her to the doctors, so we cleaned up all the food and put it away.  Ended up being there most of the night.  We stopped by one more family on our way home.  I was ready to collapse into bed!  But overall, it was a great, fun day spent with people we love! 
- Had another great visit with Crislin!  She came to church and even brought her less active daughter!
- Had a great Saturday and Sunday. Not a whole lot of set plans, but had some awesome random lessons with actives/less actives.
Sorry there isn't too much to share.  But it was a great week.  Sister Bush and I have spent all week just laughing our heads off.  I am so glad I get to be with her for the holidays.  Normally at this point you at least find something small that annoys you, but we were talking about it and we haven't found anything in each other.  We both just made a conscious decision together on the first day of this transfer to just be happy.  So anything that might bother us, we just let it go.  We both felt this week was great work wise.  Then we got excited because we still felt like we could do more.  It is so  nice to be on the same work path as my companion.
I love you all!  Hope this week will be good.  If you haven't already seen the video, go checkout  .  A really good video, very similar to because of him.  They are making a huge push for it, we even have pass along cards that match it!!  Don't forget what this season is really about.  Grateful to be serving my God at this time to be able to share this wonderful message: the beginning of the greatest miracles.  I love you!
Love, Sister Grossman

Saturday, November 29, 2014

11-24-14 Same place, new companion

Hello all!
What a great week we have had!  We sure were busy!  Coal Creek is really starting to come together!...except we still don't have a ward mission leader yet...we've made it a whole transfer without one!  Bishop promised it would happen very soon!  Fingers crossed!
- Had 12 Less Active/Recent Convert lessons this week!  It was so great!  Most of them are really progressing and we are really getting down to the root of their problems in order to help them fix it.
- Went to the temple on Wednesday and saw so many of my good friends who are getting ready to leave.  So weird that so many of them are gone!  Drove with a member that used to be a part of our ward and she was hilarious.  Her husband was driving the elders and we all stopped and got Krispy Kreme on the way home! Yum :)
-Forgot to mention last week a little miracle we had.  We kept meaning to stop by the house of this less active couple, the Mileys, for a long time and had never gotten around to it.  The wife is very ill and her health has been rapidly declining.  The husband is more of the inactive one.  The night we finally make it is the first day her daughter (an inactive member), Crislin, is in town and we had a wonderful talk with her about the plan of salvation and not having to do it all alone because of Jesus Christ.  It was an amazing talk.  At one point it was heart breaking because her mother was asking where her son was.  He passed away a while ago in a car accident.  Crislin just cried and put her scriptures on her mother's lap and said, "you know where he is mom, he is somewhere better.  He is waiting for you. you know this mama, please remember!"  It was so heartbreaking.  I thought this must be what Heavenly Father feels like sometimes.  Just begging us to remember who we were, the happiness we had, to remember he has an extraordinary plan for us.  I was very humbled to be a witness to that scene.  It made me so grateful to have such a testimony of the plan of salvation that I don't have to worry when my loved ones pass.  This Wednesday, everything fell through for the evening and I was mad at Heavenly Father.  But I could hear him telling me there was a reason and I had to find it.  To stop being stubborn because I was needed elsewhere.  We eventually found our way over to Crislin and she was having a hard time.  We had a great talk with her about coming to church, being an example to her father, finding strength and solace in Christ.  She started crying and said those words were exactly what her mother would have said.  She wanted to come to church and she also wanted to take the missionary lessons (and get her dad in on them too!!)! She asked us if she could have them!  It was awesome!  before we left, we sang the first verse of "I am a child of God" to Sister Miley (her mother) and also "families can be together forever".  It was hard to be there, but very humbling and very spiritual.  The next morning we got a text from a ward member saying Sister Miley passed away later that night.  We were a little awe struck; we both felt that it was her last night here, but we didn't want to say anything.  It was a little freaky to know we were right, but really cool at the same time.
- Had a great lesson with the Okelberrys and their son Daniel.  They helped us teach the lesson and it was so great!  So excited for this family, I love them so much!
- Friday all the missionaries in our stake  were called in to help set up for a giant fencing tournament happening.  It was so much fun setting up all the...I actually don't know what they are called, can't call them courts.  Hmm..  Anyway, it was a lot of fun and they even fed us!  This was the first time they had ever used the church for help and they were so thankful and pleasantly surprised with all the help.  They said they would call us next year!  They were even asking us all sorts of questions about missions and the church.
- Had a less active family ask to feed us on Saturday and it was so much fun!  They were just a hoot.  Honestly, less actives are some of my favorites out here.  I love the members and investigators too, but I've just connected with so many of them
-Transfers...I stayed in Aurora!  I was pretty excited for that.  There is so much going on here, I would hate to leave.  There is so much I want to accomplish!  Sister Bracey got transferred to Denver South, the area I was just at.  My new companion is Sister Bush!  We served together in the Denver South Zone.  An elder we served with in Denver south said, "you're with Sister Grossman?? that is going to be the sassiest companionship ever!"  She is so awesome, super hilarious.  I was so excited when I heard her name!  She is from Hawaii and has been out almost a year.  I think this ward needs her, and us.  It is going to be a great transfer :)
- Sunday we had some awesome lessons.  Also helped set up a Christmas tree :)  Jessie (ironic right?), a member we are very close to, wanted Sister Bracey to be there.  It was way fun!  I didn't get to do one last year so it made me happy to have that this year.
- Excited for Thanksgiving!  We have lots of people lined up to go see.  It should be great.  I hope you all enjoy yours and really focus on what you are grateful for. 
I love you all and miss you dearly.  But don't worry, I am well taken care of.  Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Keep praying for missionary opportunities.  Be what someone else is grateful for.  Love you all!
Sister Grossman

11-17-14 Finding out what cold really means

I really didn't know what clever think to write in my subject so that you knew it was freezing cold down here! but that is mostly the moral of the story.  So cold.  We were happy when it was in the 20s, ecstatic when it was in the 30s.  Single digits were normal.  You had to drive at 10 mph in order to not slide all over the road!  I dearly love my long skirts that I can wear pants under and get away with it.  I wore a shorter skirt for the first time yesterday and about froze my knees off.  Well another week gone and passed!  Not too shabby, had lots of appointments cancel, but it was still good.  Not too much to share on those, although there were lots of good lessons.  Everything is just prefaced with it was too cold.  Had zone conference on Wednesday!  It took us an hour and a half to drive up there when normally it wouldn't have been 45 minutes.  Thank you snow storm.  Driving was sure a blast.  They were inspecting our cars in 0 degree weather.  As a zone, we performed the song "Come unto Christ". It's the new youth song.  It was a good meeting.  Doing our weekly hour of family history Saturday morning.  There was a ton of nonmembers at the church for this big Aurora Arts Festival.  Someone comes running into the center saying a pip has burst and it has spiked out into the hall!!  We go running over  and sure enough, it's a big room with a boiler in it flooding itself, the mothers'  room next to it, the classroom it is attached to, and is now pooling in the hallway.  No one can get in touch with the facility manager so we are trying to find someone who has a key.  Thankfully, we get someone and the door is opened, the water gets shut off.  Now what to do with the pond in the hall?  We grab some mops and an empty janitors bucket with the nifty squeeze thing and start trying to soak up as much water as possible.  We were worried that we weren't going to have church the next day.  If they couldn't get the pipe fixed, they couldn't get the water on, which would mean no bathrooms.  Thankfully they got it working again.  Apparently it wasn't anywhere close to the mess they had in the brand new building the day before.  200,000 gallons of water came out ruining the primary piano and flooding several rooms.  Sorry not too much to share!  That's it for this week.  Can't believe we are already on week 6 of the transfer!  Love you all! Have a good week.
Love, Sister Grossman

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

11-10-14 Apparently I get to live Frozen before I watch it

Man what a crazy week!
And next week should be even crazier!!  Our schedule is so booked solid with appointments that we don't have enough time to see everyone we need to.  So cool!!  Well this last week still had no snow!  It was ever warmer!  But this week is complete opposites.  Single digit weather.  Highs of 15s.  Crazy winds.  They are predicting snow, but at this point I am really starting to doubt it.  I guess we will see.  But I did break out the fleece lined tights today!  Winter is coming!  Well we saw a lot of great things happen this week!
- Tuesday I was on exchanges in another area.  We went to visit a RF they received.  Twins answered the door, told us to come in, that their sister had warned them about everything.  Their sister was just baptized and told them she was sending missionaries whether they liked it or not and told them everything to expect.  It was awesome because they were just like, "alright!  What message do you have for us?"
- Dr.'s office on Thursday. Of course because I followed through and went to a Dr's office, my wrist started feeling better.  She thinks it might be a ganglion cyst and that is why the pain is coming and going because they swell up at different times.  Especially because when it was hurting I could see a specific lump instead of all around general swelling.  It won't show up on an MRI unless it is flared so we are going to wait until it gets bad again, I'll call her, she left a note in my record, and they will right away approve me for an MRI so I can get it done while it is bad.  Hopefully that will help.  So for now...once is a waiting game.  Traffic was the worst.  It took me through my old area of downtown Denver again and I do not miss the traffic!!
- Had an awesome first lesson with one of the investigators, Tom, the elders passed off to us.  He seems to be very sincere and open to learning more.  Was excited when we invited him to church and to read, respects us a ton as missionaries (told us a few things to make our egos pretty big haha), and was super impressed when we told him we would invite him to be baptized.  Hope it turns out well!!
- Had quite a few great lessons with LA.  Setting expectations with them.  Telling them we were there to bring them to Christ.  If they wanted to come great, we'll be here every week and we will challenge them!  It went really good :)
- First time I legitimately got to talk to someone about the Law of Chastity! so great :)  Saturday night.  Investigators: Big John and Momz.  Invited us over to their house for their son Ricky's 21st birthday. Just them, some good food and cake, no wild party. So we showed up for a little bit.  He made some hints about his plans for the night which included beer and girls.  His mom turned to us and kind of joking said please help him!  So we started talking to him about it.  You should know he just got out of jail (I don't think for anything awful, might have been some type of addiction).  So she made the comment, "Do not call me from JeffCo Jail. I will hang up on you.  You will be wasting your free phone call!"  I told him, "And do not call us!  Because we will just bring you a chastity pamphlet!  In fact...I have one in the car, you can have it right now!  Our birthday present to you!!"  I went and grabbed one and also a Word of Wisdom pamphlet, handed it to him and said happy birthday!  He started to read it, a little jokingly at first and then very serious.  He was even reading parts out to his mom, calling her out on the things she isn't living, such as a common law marriage.  They brought the cake out so he put it down and as soon as they left to cut it, he picked it right back up again.  Afterwards, he had nothing to say.  He was slightly stunned.  Finally he said, , "I feel like I just knocked lopsided (edited for family content haha) by a piece of paper..."  I couldn't help it, I busted out laughing.  We talked with him a little later on it and he said, he knew it was true and that he felt so guilty!!!  What!  Major miracle!!  We got a text from him mom this morning saying that he felt so guilty that night that he ended up just coming straight home and not doing anything bad (well other than the 6 things of alcohol he had. guess he had to drink his sorrows away lol).  It was awesome!!!!!  We even got to talk with him a little about the Atonement because he said it felt like it was all so overwhelming. He had hope in his eyes :)  I hope we get to talk with him more.
- Sunday we are sitting in Relief Society and the Elders Quorum president comes and pulls us out, asks if we know the Okelberrys.  We say no.  He explains they are less actives for a while that haven't wanted anything to do with the church.  They just showed up saying they want to come back to church and they want their 9yr old son baptized.  We have an appointment with them on Friday :) so cool!!!
The Lord is listening :)  It was such a great week and we have an awesome one planned out for next week too.  We are so booked that we don't have enough time for everyone we need to see.  We have maybe 2 hours open on Saturday and Sunday is wide open.  We also have zone conference coming up this week.  Man I'm already exhausted, but so pumped!  As I have trusted the Lord more, I have seen the miracles that come from it.  We are not in control; this is his work.  We just choose if we will be left behind or not.  We are so blessed to be apart of this.  I love you all and hope your week is great!!
Love, Sister Grossman

Monday, November 3, 2014

11-3-14 We're not in Colorado anymore!

Hello from cold Colorado!
Everyone is surprised it hasn't snowed on us yet!  Usually it is bitterly cold Halloween and we have already received two snowfalls by that point.  But don't be too sad, snow is predicted today!  Winter is coming! :O
This week:
- Got a call from President Mendenhall during dinner on Monday.   They have asked me to be on the family history committee.  A new thing the mission is doing.  All about putting the power back into the hands of the missionaries.  There are 3 committees: family history, flooding Denver with the BOM, and 1001 in 2015 (1001 is the goal for baptisms we have set for 2015).  We meet every Tuesday and it is all about how to implement family history into the mission, how to use it in our proselyting.  Going to be interesting!
-Got to carve pumpkins with a member and her 2 daughters!  So much fun!  First time ever using a pattern!
- Thursday was our Halloween trunk or treat.  Since Sister Bracey is originally from Virginia and her family is now in Maryland, she had the idea to be the wicked witches from the Wizard of Oz.  I am the witch of the west and she is of the east!  It just so happened that there was a little Dorothy there with Todo!!  It was so cute.  We had a good time!
-Saturday we helped a family move.  (really gross!!  I don't think they have ever used their vacuum, let alone a cleaning supply.  The house just wreaked.)  I vacuumed a very small carpeted area and had to empty the canister and filter 5 times!!!  It was chock full every time.  The other filter inside that you have to wash was so chock full of dirt that it was leaving dirt streaks on the carpet.  The dirt that was on the carpet had stained it.  It was so gross!  Of course she didn't offer us gloves until near the end...  After we left we washed off thoroughly and that night I dosed up on Echinacea and OnGuard.  I also made Sister Bracey take some.  I am surprised we haven't gotten sick.  I didn't know it was going to be that bad...
- Had a few good lessons this week.  Just  trying to get the area going.  Things are moving a little slow so we need to dig in our heels and get to work.  
- I think all of the problems with my health lately are so that I have to rely on Sister Bracey more and she has to step up and take control.  I keep letting her know how much I am struggling and how much it is worrying me, but I don't think she is entirely getting it.  
Well not too much more to add.  Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!!  Have a great week!! Love you lots!  Sister Grossman

10-27-14 Happy Halloween!

Feel totally exhausted this week, but not quite sure what we did haha!
- Got in with a less active who I guess had never been able to sit down or even open up to other missionaries.  She has agreed to let us continue coming back.
- Spent a good deal of time working on the transition of the people we were working with to the other wards and picking up all the people the elders were working with.  I hoping none of them fall through the cracks!
- Met with one of the Elder's awesome investigators who ended up having a friend over who decided to sit in on the lessons too!  Unfortunately he is right across the street, which now belongs to the Sable ward, so we will have to pass him off.
- Had to take our car in for a recall on one of the parts.  We were going to do our planning there, but it was no place to feel the spirit and was so distracting.  We found some other elders who were there for the same thing and asked if we could join in on their game of Phase 10!  Had a fun time with them!
- Saturday, the brand new church building had its open house so we were there giving tours.  Sadly it was such a beautiful day that not as many people showed up as they were hoping, but we still had an ok turn out.
- Sunday was interesting because people in callings were lost so everyone was trying to scramble and adjust to get through.  We ended up teaching gospel principles, but they did give us heads up notice, so at least that was nice.  We don't have a ward mission leader so that is a little weird.
- Things are still good with Sister Bracey. She is in that phase though where she swings back and forth from knowing everything to know nothing (in her mindset). She just doesn't take the lead on a lot, except for when she is really comfortable with something.  Like in conversations, I'm the only one talking.  Kind of frustrating, but predictable from someone who is straight from her trainer.  I remember what it was like to be there.  We talked about it a little yesterday, so hopefully she steps up.  I told her I'm going to start acting like she is training me; she panicked slightly.  She just doesn't realize how much she really does know and how much I need help doing this.
Hope everyone has a very awesome Halloween!  We will be "grounded" after six that night so I won't get to see much fun.  But we have our Chili Cook Off/Trunk or Treat the night before.  A mom is letting us raid her little girls dress up clothes so we will see what we come up with.  Love you lots!!  Miss you!
Love, Sister Grossman

10-20-14 Having a great time

Hello Everyone!
It has been such a great week!  Sister Bracey and I are having a great time.  We get along really well!  Since she has just come out of training, she is really unsure about a lot of things, but she is great at learning fast.  I love that she always goes up to people on the street.  Anyone she sees she wants to talk to.  She doesn't really know what to say after she starts the conversation but that is why we make a good team lol.
- We live with a fight attendant so basically have our own apartment for half the week!
- Met some awesome people.  Found a ton of potentials that we referred to other missionaries, a couple really promising ones!
- Found a new investigator!  17yr old girl who when we asked her what she felt about Joseph Smith's experience she said, "I just felt it was true." So cool!  Unfortunately we'll have to pass her off to another set but more on that later.
- Temple was great once again!!  But there was a surprise there!  Sister Rodriguez (or now Audrea I guess...weird) and her parents are visiting!!    I got to see them all!  Including the Kers.  I am going to dinner with all of them tomorrow!  So excited.  I really am excited to ask Sister R how it was to go home and what she has found hard.
-District meeting was awesome!  It was all about inviting people to be baptized which is how they follow Jesus Christ.  So instead of practicing on each other like we normally do, we went out onto the most famous street in the mission, Colfax (it is famous because it is full of people to talk to during the day and the sketchiest place to go at night because that is where all the hookers stand.  No one good goes there after six.) (and don't worry, it was only 12:30 at this point) and just found the first person we could and invited them to be baptized.  We got two referrals for other missionaries and so many of the other companionships had amazing experiences, including people say yes!!  It was way cool just to go out and do it instead of practicing.
- Saturday and Sunday was Stake Conference!  It was so good!  The Sunday session was a broadcast where we got to hear from Elder Scott, Bednar, a lady in the primary presidency and the president of the 70's.  What amazing talks!  It was all about how our baptismal covenants are literally to do missionary work.  More and more everything is about missionary work.  I sure got a lot of good notes!
-Other exciting news, at Stake Conference they rearranged the wards.  2 wards completely disappeared, one of them being mine.  I was the last missionary to serve in the Buckley ward and the first to serve in the Coal Creek Ward!  Most of the boundaries are the same, we lost a couple neighborhoods though.  We also lost the elders.  We are now the only missionaries.  It is so weird to be without another set.  But I guess it will be this way until February because so many are going home in the next 2 transfers and we won't get enough to balance it out until then.  So quite a few wards will be shut down entirely and the ward members will have to take over teaching the progressing people the missionaries were working with.  So we have to do a lot of transitioning of people which is why we are losing our new investigator.  So this should be interesting!  I've never had to do this!  New experiences all the time!
Well there it is.  Not much more to say!  Love you all!  Hope this week is spectacular!!  Let your light shine to those around you!! Love, Sister Grossman

Sunday, October 19, 2014

10-13-14 Off to the Mighty Aurora

No I didn't make that up.  Each Zone has it's own nickname.)
Hello All!
We had another great week this week!
- After fhe, Stephen, the member we pulled out the giant stumps for, wanted to take us out for ice cream with his nonmember girlfriend.  She has been taking the discussions in another ward and calls herself Mormon, but has held off on baptism.  We found out that she had been thinking lately that she didn't want to do it anymore, that it wasn't for her.  We talked to her for a while and then parted ways.  Got a text from Stephen the next morning saying that because of our talk she wanted to get baptized that Saturday!  Blew our minds.  I bet that was the best phone call of those missionaries lives.  We were so happy.
- Had an awesome lesson on patriarchal blessings with Kate (the recent convert) and Aaron (the returning member who's girlfriend called us).  Elder Osborne and his companion were actually at that lesson so there were four missionaries teaching it.
- We met with Jake again!  Without even asking him to, Nate invited him to be baptized on Nov 16 which he agreed to as long as he got an answer!  It was awesome! Best member present ever!
- Michael, our Chinese investigator, brought one of his friends to our lesson who wanted to learn more!
- Spent about 5 hours getting our car fixed.  No I didn't break it :)  The brakes were terrible and the alignment needed adjusted.    But we got to have CafĂ© Rio for lunch :) the only one in the mission!  Normally it is outside of our stake.  But it was next to the car place so we went for lunch!
- Transfer doctrine is in! I am now in Aurora, usually referred to as the ghetto of the mission! My areas keep getting sketchier and sketchier haha. Super excited!  So sad to leave Maplewood, I really wanted to stay.  But I am excited for this new area!  I am serving in the Buckley ward and my companion is Sister Bracey.  She is 19, has only been out for 12 weeks (or 2 transfers), she just finished her training program.  But she is super fun and I think we are going to have an awesome time.
- Sunday we took Sister Meteer to the mission home!  Man it was so hard to say goodbye to her!  It was also great to see some of my friends who are going home.  Just really got me thinking about me going home.  I only have four transfers left.  Kind of freaked me out a little bit...
Man I have just been so happy lately.  Despite all of the struggles and trials that have been going, the Lord has truly blessed me to be happy and grateful.  I really love being a missionary; I love getting to share what I love with people and watch how He can change their lives.  I have seen many miracles out here, big and small.  It makes me sad to think I will have to give this up in 6 months.  It is hard to be out here, but it is something that I love.  I love you all and hope your week will be spectacular!

Sister Grossman

10-6-14 And then there were 4

Just thought I would mix it up a little.  Hope everyone had an awesome week and enjoyed Conference!  I certainly walked away with an action items list.  I think if we don't then we really missed the whole point of it, being to help us change and come closer to God's will and purpose for us.  So I am going to try to find those things Heavenly Father wants me to change on.
Man what a great week it was!!
- Had zone p-day on Monday!  As we were playing soccer it started raining, which then turned into huge pieces of hail!  We kept playing until it really started pouring down, hurt pretty bad!  So we tried to take shelter under the pavilion but it was just blowing sideways so it didn't do much good.  We were all soaked and freezing.  But we had a great time.
- Amazing week for work!  The standard of excellence is 20 lessons and we got 19 with our 20th canceling (dang Satan) last minute!  It was so awesome just to be able to talk to that many people about the gospel.  Sarah (the LA we found my first day here) is doing so well.  Every lesson is just one break through after another.  Our new investigator that we got last week, Jake (the one our Elders Quorum president brought to church), is doing great also and has agreed to baptism when he finds out it is true.  Found a new investigator late last night and she agreed she would be baptized too if she got an answer. 
- Finally got our Chinese investigator to commit to a baptismal date!  We didn't find out until Sunday night so it was just the cherry on the rest of the week! October 26!
-  Meet the Mormons was amazing!!  I want to challenge everyone take one nonmember with them to see it (and if you aren't planning on seeing it, do it anyway haha).  You didn't feel like you were being lectured about Mormons the whole time.  It was really well done.  Almost like extended "I'm a Mormon" videos, but with faith and church woven in more.  Just inspiring stories that show great people. Please please go see it!  I loved it.  President even bought popcorn and drinks for us!
-Things are going great with our little trio.  Sister Meteer is amazing and we are having so much fun!  It is really nice to have a third person to ease the tension.  And it is not like normal trios where one person is isolated (although sometimes we both get frustrated with Sister Cannon but we just move on and try to pull her in more), but we all just have fun and laugh together.  Lessons are still awkward with 3 people teaching, but it is nice to have an extra back up if the words are tied in your mouth.
-General Conference was stellar!  I wish I wasn't so tired and I could have listened more, but that's what we have the Ensign for right?  But what I did get out of it was so good!  Really helped to direct my path more.  What was everyone's favorite thing they learned?
- Apparently we now have a 4 occupants in our apartment.  Sitting on the couch early Sunday morning and saw a little black object dart across the room and go under the couch WHICH I HAPPENED TO BE SITTING ON!!  I realized the only thing it could have been was a mouse.  We tore apart the apartment but could not find it anywhere.  So we set out some bait food to make sure I wasn't going crazy and left for the day.  We got home and the spoon it had been sitting on was gone!  Then they thought, "well maybe we didn't leave the spoon out"  so I for sure thought I was going crazy.  But then, I flipped the couch and found it hidden in there, food gone!  Sure enough, we have a mouse.  Haven't named him yet, or decided what we were going to do about him.  Stay tuned.
Transfers are coming this week!  Can't believe it flew by so fast.  Having Sister Meteer here and helping her prepare for home has really showed me how little time I have left here.  I really want to make the most of it.  So just remember I might not be on Monday and if I am, I might be a little late.  or we'll just see you on Tuesday!  

Sunday, October 5, 2014

9-29-14 The Three Musketeers

Well it has been a crazy week full of surprises!!
- the zoo was so fun!!  It was Sister Lee's first time! so it was cool to see her excitement. although the ostriches weren't out so that was sad :(
- doctors appt went well.  Gave me a prescription to go get the blood work done.  Since it is feeling better right now, she just said to call if I start having problems again. 
- had some pretty great lessons this week with members and less actives.
- Got a phone call from the APs this week announcing that the church would like us to be able to use the new movie "Meet the Mormons" in our finding.  So we get to watch it!!!  Salt Lake City sent an advanced copy to our mission president and we will be watching it on Wednesday!!  We are all so stoked.  I heard that you can go somewhere and request it to be played in your theaters near you.  So go do it!!  And get your friends to!  If they get enough requests, they will out it in all the theaters in that area.  and then go watch it!! With someone who isn't a member!  They were originally going to just use this in visitors centers, then they got some awesome feedback saying people wanted to go to their church now.  It's an awesome nonthreatening way to help your friends understand what you believe.
- went on exchanges and it was so fun!  We had such a blast!
- Saturday about 20 missionaries helped set up for a Down Syndrome walk they were having.  It was great to be able to see so many friends!  We had a ton of fun working with the people there.
- I thought the General Women's Meeting was great!!  I learned so much and I just felt my testimony of the temple growing.  I would love to hear something everyone learned from the session!
- Had a zone fireside after the women's session. It was really great as we heard from a week old RM who served in Milan, Italy.  Great to hear his experiences and thoughts.
- Saturday afternoon came a huge surprise!!  Are you ready??  We were getting another sister added to our companionship.  That's right, we are a trio now!  Her name is Sister Meteer, she trained my MTC comp and she goes home at the end of this transfer.  No we weren't on the verge of killing each other, (we've been doing pretty good lately!)  her companion was going home 2 weeks early, so she needed a place to kick it.  We are the closest companionship that has living room (and President thought it would be a good idea anyways.)
- Sunday during sacrament sister Meteer was delivered.  She is so awesome and I think will be a really great help for our companionship.  I am excited to see how this turns out.  Plus now that we have 3 women together, we can go into single guys homes to teach without needing an extra person! 
- Sunday our elders quorum president (who is very inexpressive) walked up to us before church and said, "Sisters, I brought a nonmember to church today and we would like to meet with you after church." and then walked away.  Of course we were stoked; we dream of that!  It was awesome and now he is an investigator!!  It was such a great lesson with him.  The first half of our week is pretty busy so we are excited!  Hopefully it goes great!
- best part about being in singles ward, we are expected to be at all the activities: fhe, institute, volleyball, socials!  We went to a social last night and it was great just to be able to be with so many members of the ward.  Ended up having a super spiritual conversation with a brother who didn't see why he was important.  Lately I have been able to feel just how vital each and everyone one of us is to the Lord's plan.  If you don't feel you are or aren't sure of your purpose, pray to the Lord to know you are and then turn to the scriptures for the answers.  He will show you!
I love you all and hope you have a great week!  Sorry for a short one today!
Love, Sister Grossman 

9-22-14 Meet Denver

Hope  everyone has had a great week.  Our weather has been pretty bipolar, going rainy, to really warm, to really cold.  Today is pretty rainy, but hopefully it clears up because we are going to the zoo!  Super excited!  The week:
- We had another good lesson with Tiara, but then we got another text message in the week saying that she probably wouldn't be back for a while but thanks for everything and God Bless.  We were really disappointed, but I'm just so worried for her.  I wonder what happened that she doesn't feel she can come back. 
- Attached I put a picture of our dinner that night.  Yep, it was a picnic in front a giant cow sculpture.  Most interesting dinner I have had and will probably ever have out here!!
- Guess I haven't talked a lot about the area yet.  Denver is so fun.  There is actually more than white people here!  Lots of Russians, Blacks, and Middle Easterners.  The traffic/roads are terrible, the parking is horrendous, and the air smells like pot.  It's so fun!  Definitely different than other areas, except for maybe Aurora, they might be kind of similar.  I swear if I tried to avoid every giant, gaping hole in the road I would get pulled over for drunk driving.  There are chunks of the road missing.  People here are a lot more diverse and it provides good entertainment sometimes.  I heard for the first time that we are all Jesus and we are all the devil, we are all one.  Kind of strange...
-  Temple Wednesday morning!  Some Elders I am good friends with had a member telling them a lot of the symbolism in the temple and they shared with me.  So cool!!  Even though I can't remember half of it because they told me so much.  I just love the temple and the peace it brings.
- After a meeting we had on Wednesday, we got a phone call from a girl named Ann.  We knew immediately that this was the nonmember girlfriend of a member we had been working with on missionary work.  She said she had a Book of Mormon (and had read some of it!), had been to, and wanted to learn a little more!!  It was so awesome!  Unfortunately, she is over YSA age so we have to pass her off, but it was still such a cool miracle!!
That's about it for the week.  Some bad and some good.  Kind of up and down.  But overall it was still good.  Not too much else to share.  Sister Lee is actually in my zone and she is coming to the zoo too!  It is amazing what a little time and distance can do.  We are really good friends now.  She was on exchanges with the STLs one night and came over to our apartment.  It was so good to just sit and catch up with her and compare stories and experiences.  It is so weird to know I am 2/3 done.  Not quite sure what to think.
Love you all and hope you have a great week!

Love, Sister Grossman

9-15-14 Catch up from last week

Hi all!!
Sorry or not writing last week!  I'll try and cram 2 weeks worth of stuff in here.  Just kidding, it won't be too hard...I think.
We're teaching this awesome less active, Tiara.  She is struggling a lot.  It was amazing to see in just my second lesson with her how she had previously been very closed off, in our second lesson she started to open up.  She was crying saying her life was falling apart.  I just wanted to hug her, I felt so bad for her.  She is a convert with no family support and is going through quite a few hard things.
That is almost how it is with most of the people we are teaching; I love them so much.   I'm really seeing the Lord's mercy in helping me to love this ward.
Ok a neat experience.  Late at night last Saturday, we were visiting a less active in a very sketchy neighborhood that I'm pretty sure is a regular meeting ground for drug deals. (don't worry grandpa, my pepper spray was in hand!)  We are walking and this older gentleman sitting on his steps starts talking to us.  Nothing much, he just said hi and then God Bless.  So sweet!  The Spirit just told us to stop and talk to this man.  So we did.  His name is Clinton and he can't walk, but he can ride a bike.  So as we were conversing with him we asked if he would show us to building 2 since this apartment complex is ridiculous (it has 2 of every number and # 5 is next to 13 which is next to 27).  So he hopped on his bike and rode us over.  Instead of taking us to building two, he took us to where a member of our ward, Kenton, lives.  Kenton had just told us about Clinton, how they are good friends, and that he has been sharing the gospel with him.  So we talked to Clinton a little bit about the church and gave him a book of Mormon.  We invited him to church and then knocked on Kenton's door to see if he would give him a ride.  Clinton said he wanted to bring his roommate too!  That's fine, the more the merrier!  So as we walked away (to actually go find building 2) we walked past Clinton's place again.  There was another man standing where Clinton had been.  We talked with him, turns out he is his "roommate" (temporarily sleeping on his floor) Jesric.  We started talking about the gospel and you could literally see the hunger in his eyes for that.  We gave him a Book of Mormon, told him to read it tonight to keep the good spirit he felt, and then invited him to church in the morning.  Well we never found out what happened Sunday morning, but somehow Jesric wasn't on Clinton's floor anymore.  I guess Clinton hadn't been feeling too good, but Jesric showed up!  It was fast and testimony meeting and he got up...  We were so nervous that he would start talking about the things he spoke about the night before such as getting thrown in jail, kid taken away, drugs and alcohol, etc.  It almost started to go there, but God hears prayers and he took the reins.  It didn't turn out too bad.  Afterwards he were talking to him.  He said he laid awake all night just thinking of everything we said.  He looked at me and told me he came because of me.  As he explained it, I knew he meant because of the light of Christ (although he didn't know that was the source of the light) that he was able to see in my eyes and how he wants that so bad.  It was something incredible to hear.  Again I could see how bad he wanted it.  Later in the week, we were searching for the same less active and ran into Clinton and Jesric again.  Jesric seemed really torn up.  Almost a little crazy.  I think he wanted it so bad, but didn't think he could make the necessary changes.  I think he thinks he is too far gone.  It was so sad.  I was in tears as I tried to express my testimony to him that it doesn't matter where he thinks he is at, he is never too far from God's reach.  We had an appointment with him on Saturday to hand off to the family ward Sisters (we were also bringing a member who had been addicted to Crystal Meth for years), but he never showed.  He has no phone and no address so we have no idea how to find him.  We keep getting different stories from everyone as to where he is.  I just keep praying that he will remember the feelings he felt and follow them.
Last big news: we had mission tour on Saturday and was visited by Elder and Sister Lawrence from the 70.  Sister Lawrence talked all about the House of Israel and the Abrahamic Covenant!  It was so awesome!!  Those were things I had been thinking about for a while so it was awesome to be taught on it.  Than Elder Lawrence talked to us.  It was mostly calling us to repentance for not being very obedient, but he did it in such a loving way.  It was very humbling, but at the same time filling with love.
Since I didn't write last week: my companion is pretty rough but we are making it through.  This week was a little better, at least no big fights or anything. We are going with some other sisters to the 16th St mall today!  It has lots of pianos outside that anyone can just sit down and play on. Pretty excited.
Love you all!!  Have a great week!

Love Sister Grossman

Monday, September 8, 2014

9-1-14 Apparently I'm being punished for not going to singles ward back home...

Emailing you from the heart of Denver!  That's right, adios Arvada.  More on that later.
- Had a great lesson on Tuesday with Aurora!  We started talking about eternal families and ended up asking her to take the missionary discussions by telling her we wanted her to have an eternal family!  We were so excited when she agreed!  I hope things turn out well there.
- Had a great dinner with a part member family!  So much fun and really got him (the nonmember) to open up and feel comfortable with us.
-So not only am I on the red list for the car guy (not really, but secretly I think so), now I might have made the phone guy's list too.  As always, IT WASN'T MY FAULT!!!  We were stopping at Safeway to pick up a cake for Elder McDermott's last district meeting.  Sister Migao always puts her stuff on top of the car as she is getting it all out.  Well, the phone got left there.  We had no idea, got back in the car and drove away.  Pulled up to the church building and I asked to see it.  Searched the car for 5 minutes, I asked her if she put it on top of the car (I had a sinking suspicion I knew what happened to it), she said no, searched for another 5 minutes, told her we were driving back to Safeway. As we were pulling in to make a left turn I see it sitting there, in the spot to turn right out of the parking lot, and then I see a truck roll over it....and then I see three more cars behind it.  Needless to say it was beyond repair.  The STLs drove us to the Mission office to get a loaner phone (for a phone number no one in our ward had!) until the replacement got there.  Well it got there Friday night, but the power button was broken....Thank you suck.  (Elder Price actually answered the phone like that.  He asked Sister Migao, "are you calling to tell me Sprint is great and your phone is working wonderfully?!")  Some elder got it to turn on by one throwing it across the room and then the other one kicked it.  I was upset at them until I saw it turned on!!  That is what Sprint gets for sending me a dumb phone.  Oh well, it's not my problem anymore!
- Had a fun last lunch with the Elders on Thursday after district meeting.  All 4 companionships came.  And Elder McDermott loved his cake!!  It had a tombstone on it lol
- Went to the doctor's on Thursday.  They took x-rays, didn't find anything and then she gave me three options: cast, steroid shot, and MRI.  The cast would be to let it stay still enough to see if the problem would be fixed without me moving it and taking my brace off.  Steroid: same thing, different approach.  MRI: she least likely recommended.  Apparently my wrists are super loose and are easily moved.  Somehow that related to the healing/treatment process but I don't remember how.  So I called Sister Mendenhall and she called Salt Lake.  They tell me to go for the steroid shot, then MRI, then maybe a cast.  So I now have a dark bruise on my wrist.  I go back in 3 weeks to see if it worked.  I have to pay attention to how it is hurting.  Sister Migao let me touch her long enough (she hates being touched) to hold her hand while they shot me.  Mostly the pressure of all the fluid going in hurt.  So sad, I'm 21 and still so scared of needles haha. Keep you posted.
- Transfer doctrine.  The night before I got this sinking feeling I was staying.  I was sure of it.  We see how well that turned out...  Sister Migao stayed, replaced by a sister I served near for 2 weeks.  My destination?  Denver Stake in the YSA ward...  I said two places I didn't want to serve:  Parker and YSA.  But I think I will like it. I'm still going in a circle with my areas.  My companion:  Sister Cannon.  I served around her before.  Not so sure how it will be.  She is nice and all but I think has a small attitude problem.  And she is very bossy in the way she says things.  I'm being patient.  It is also a good learning experience to help me notice and change how I talk.  But we live right next door to our STLs: Sister Hardy (who I served with in Denver North) and Sister Packer (who I came out with, served with in Westminster, and she is adorable)  so that will be fun to go over and party with them at night or lunch.  This makes at least 3 sisters who came out with me now called as STLs.  So weird.
- Transfers: I think sister Migao was sad to see me go.  She was very nervous for Sister McKenzie. For the first time I had to take the Transfer van.  Basically they load all our stuff in a giant trailer and pack us into a truck or 16 passenger van and ship us off.  Moral of the story:  I should have sent more stuff home.  I felt better knowing a lot of it was food and bathroom stuff that I wouldn't take with me on the journey home. ..but still.  I sat next to the driver, Elder Price, who works in the mission office and he said President will be keeping transfers pretty short now, meaning we won't stay in an area forever; 1-3 being standard, 4 being a little long but possible. So this probably isn't my last area.  Where is next?  Well if the circle predicts, it will be Parker of all places haha.  I am covering two zones here and will be all over downtown Denver, so that will be cool to see the heart of it instead of the outskirts.
Well, I believe that is all for today.  I'm running out of time so I better shoot president a letter.  Love you all!!  Sister Grossman

Thursday, August 28, 2014

8-25-14 #stalkerlife

But really, being a missionary means you are an excellent stalker.  In fact, being a Mormon, but mostly people like the ward clerk.  Ours has an account to a site called peoplefinder and as our bishop put it "a hack in the CIA software".  Our bishop, Bishop Bashford (fondly known amongst the youth as BishBash), and the clerk, Jerry (really Brother Blackburn, but we all just call him Jerry) were sitting next to each other in ward council. Jerry, with his computer as we are talking about people, will research them on whatever he has on there.  Bishop will lean over, look at the screen, and say things like, "according to the CIA, they...".  We were all dying.  The site didn't have something listed that the Elders reported and our young women's president said, "Psh! we are way ahead of the CIA!"  So there you have it: #stalkerlife.  But really we are great at stalking people...with love.

The weekly play-by-play:
- One more week until transfers!  "should I stay or should I go??"  Not really sure.  Part of me thinks I will be leaving, but then I think God is going to punish me and make me stay longer...or even worse, train again.  I got lucky with Sister Migao, I don't think I will get so lucky again.  Not that I don't love the area, but it gets a little old staying in one spot for so long.  Guess we will find out.  But remember, it is a gov holiday so I still won't be on unless we can find a place that is not a library (like the family history centers).
- Starting Tuesday, we were both feeling a little ill.  I determined it must be our shower curtain.  Apparently the guests they had prior in the basement did not do well at keeping the curtain closed and there was mold and crap all over it.  Ok it wasn't that bad, but it wasn't pretty.  Wednesday night we went and bought a new one.  We are feeling better now so I am guessing that was it.
- Went to the temple on Wednesday!  Love it so much.  It was cool to be there after having the Zone Meeting on the pre-earth life.  It meant more.  Although we had a hard time going to sleep the night before so we were fighting to stay awake.
-Had my Dr. apt. Paid $10 for him to refer me to another doctor.  Thank you sir.  I really appreciate your insightful advice that came from years of education.  Going to a hand surgeon on Thursday (out of the mission!).  But don't worry, I'm not getting surgery.  At least not yet.  He is just sending me there because they will know more of the little things in the wrist (that I guess he doesn't)
Do you remember Aurora and Jeremiah? The one with the two year old and brand new twins? Well if you don't, quick run down: elders contacted him in April? and he was so excited to learn more, they were passed to the sisters since they were in the sisters area.  They had one lesson with her and it was met well, but the week she was due so they said to come back in May.  We did and it was met well, but a little less enthusiastically.  She mentioned to her deacon at her Catholic church that she was meeting with us and he told her she was not allowed to go to other churches or meet with us. She still let us come over every now and then, but we just tried to serve her more.
Ok, so on Thursday we get a text from her saying today would be a good day for us to come over if we would like.  We seriously debated not going because it was on the opposite side of town that we were on and had to be on in 2 hours, which means a lot of miles. But we went.  Within 2 minutes of us being there, she was crying.  She is in a tiny apartment and doesn't get out all day because her husband works crazy hours so she can stay home.  So she has postpartum because she doesn't leave and no one comes to see her.  She said she has been missing the Spirit and knew we would have it if we came.  Was so happy that we did come, said no one in her church would have done that for her.  We talked a while with her and shared a message.  We invited her to a women's group that meets almost every week and then invited her to church. She brought up her deacon again and I said, "I don't want to tell you he's wrong...but I'm going to." and then told her why.  She said that the things we said made sense and we invited her to pray about it.  She also wants us to come over a couple times a week to read scriptures with her!  I hope things lead to her investigating the church, but if it doesn't that is ok.  Our purpose is to invite others to come unto Christ.  I know that even if she doesn't accept this religion, at her time of need, we brought her closer to Christ and helped strengthen her faith.  
- had another great lesson with Aurora and we brought a member. She even made us food, she was so excited to have us there.  She admitted that she was scared to pray and get an answer to go because she is worried what her family will think since they are all Catholic.  It was amazing to see the spirit work through all 3 of us to help her.
-Spent forever hunting out this house.  We ended up having to go down this secret, tucked away little dirt road back to these apartments and found some people to ask about the people we were searching for.  Seriously felt like a detective.  Thanks to Jerry and his CIA software, we now have a new address to try.  We also now have pictures taken off of facebook (done by Sister Scott, not us) of a LessActive we are trying to hunt down.  We also found out which Petsmart she works at so we can hunt her down there. Pro-stalkers. (or so we would like to think)
- We held signs again on Saturday. I made sure to wear sunscreen this time.  It was on a crazy busy street and we were against traffic this time, so we only handed out one to a guy walking on the street. He asked Sister Migao why he should take it and she told him, "Well it has changed my life.  I'm a 21yr old college student who left everything to come spread His word."  he said, "I'll take one!"  It was awesome.  Made me think of a scripture that talks about how he knows with a surety that this gospel is true, he sought out the witness of the spirit so much that is was undeniable and he was filled with joy. Which joy pushed him to share it with everyone because he was so happy about the knowledge that he had.  That is all missionary work is.  Inviting people to have the same happiness you do, sharing the love and joy that is in your heart.  Inviting them to participate in our activities and to learn more won't be offensive when it is done with love because they see you just want to share the happiness you have. Are our testimonies so great that this is the result, like this man?  That is what I am working for!  Because that is when missionary work becomes second nature.
-Got to see the Clarines.  They took us out for dinner on Saturday.  Had a great time getting to talk with them.

Well I think that is all.  It was a good week, not too much going on, but we have a good week lined up next week.  I hope all goes well.  Thanks for praying for me and supporting me!  Love you guys!
Sister Grossman

Saturday, August 23, 2014

8-18-14 Honk if You Love Jesus

I feel like it has been forever since I have been on!  Ok, lots to tell you and a short time!!
- Zone Conference on Tuesday.  That's right, I'm still alive after driving through early morning rush hour on the freeway and rush hour traffic through the streets of downtown Denver.  Be impressed.  I sure am.  I think I about gave Sister Migao a heart attack with my driving.  Oh well, alive and kicking!! haha  It was a good meeting.  Saw lots of people, but was so exhausted!!  However, our car got a 50!!  Oh yeah!!  That's what happens when you have Elder McGrath judging your car who doesn't know a thing about them haha.  Or you got up at 5:00 to wash and wax it.  Or both.
- Thursday got to go on exchanges with one of my really good friends out here, Sister Openshaw.  We've decided to be roommates after this.  Accidentally matched, pictures attached.  Had a blast and she helped me to be a little braver.  Did a ton of service.  Finally contacted a less active who might be growing weed in her basement..  Welcome to Colorado!!
Had an awesome day on Saturday.
- did a district blitz and talked to a cool guy named ThunderCloud (he's Native American) but goes by Joe.  Wants us to come back.  Also told me he could heal my wrist.  It didn't work.  I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday.  But he was still awesome.
-Held giant Mormon signs on a street corner saying to come get a free book of Mormon.  In one hour we got 70 waves, lots of honks, thumbs up, thumbs down, devil horns, couple of the birds, and a grown man who stuck his tongue out.  And we passed out 4 Books of Mormon!! One even wanted to go to church!  Got a wicked sunburn on only half of my face and collarbone.  Have to use a ton of makeup to even my face out.
- Contacted 2 Less Actives (LA) who let us come back!
- had an awesome lesson with Catherine (the one with fibromyalgia who can't come to church) about missionary ideas for her family as she is trying to convert her nieces.
-great sacrament meeting.  Homecoming talk by an elder who was serving in Korea.  Told us just to get over our fears and share the gospel.  The missionary's purpose is all over our purpose.  I loved it.
-got to have dinner in the mountains.  It was beautiful but I got a little carsick.  The driver was going 50-60 mph around all of those curves.
- Just wanted to finish up describing a small part of last week's zone meeting.  After we read our patriarchal blessing, we watched the Mormon message, Choose Ye This Day ( ) and I realized even though there are things in my patriarchal blessing that I say "that's not me, I can't do that"  My patriarchal blessing is who I am and who I can be.  Even if I am not that right now, God is telling me, "Follow me and I will make it happen".  If you feel weighed down with the burden of who you need to be versus who you are, just choose today that you will be who the Lord wants you to be, and then don't worry if that doesn't happen tomorrow.  You already chose.  Keep that as your vision and walk to it.  It will come when the Lord needs it to.  But don't be concerned abut reaching it.  The Lord has promised that is who you will be if you walk the path he has asked.  That is your goal of a better you, not someone to look down on the person you are now.  Not sure I expressed that like I wanted, but oh well.  Hope it meant something.
Well those are the highlights.  Love you all.  Hope the start of school is wonderful!!  Miss you so much!!  Love, Sister Grossman
With Sister Openshaw


S'mores with Sister Migao

Sunday, August 17, 2014

8-11-14 Quidditch-A New Version

Hi all!!
Wow, what a fun week this has been.  Monday was Zone P-day and we played Quidditch.  But don't worry, it wasn't lame or anything, no brooms were involved.  We hung 3 hula hoops from the basketball hoop and there was a keeper.  Then we had a foam ball for the quaffle.  There were 2 beaters who had pantyhose filled with flour as the bludgers.  Everyone else were chasers.  Only rule was if you got hit by a bludger you had to sit down for 30 seconds.  Oh my gosh we had so much fun!!  By the end the gym was covered in flour (don't worry we cleaned up spic and span)  and I had to apologize to a few people for playing a little rough...  But regardless, it was so great!! Best p-day I've had!!  They also gave Sis.Migao a birthday cake!  They were joking about shoving her face in but she wanted to do it because she had never had it done before.  So her face was covered in cake haha.  Then the Scotts had us over for dinner and we celebrated it with pizza (her favorite) and mini lava chocolate cakes.  
Wednesday everyone decided to cram everything into the one day. We actually had something to do (we moved).  We had lunch with our stake president and then a poorly organized district blitz (we were able to find a couple potentials for the elders, which was cool!!)  which made us late for our moving.  We were able to move in an hour and a half!  Quickest that has ever happened!  We now each have a queen size bed.  It is magical and I sleep so good every night.  I miss my own bed haha.
Thursday, we had a zone meeting.  In all honesty, this was the best one I have ever had.  It was an incredible spiritual experience.  This might sound goofy, but we let it be really serious and it was incredible.  We reenacted the council in heaven.  Two elders were there as instigators (of course one was Elder Fleming and he is the best debater I have ever seen, so it didn't matter that  the whole zone was against him, he held his own well) and the rest of us got to say whatever we wanted.  By the end, half of of us wanted to punch Elder Fleming, but that means we really cared about the plan, so that is good right??  But it was so cool.  I have never felt the spirit witness to me as it did there how important this time is down here.  How much we really need to be fighting to get back; how serious this is.  After that, we moved onto a little class room setting where we got our patriarchal blessing in an envelope and were told to read them as our calls to earth.  My favorite line was "Are you ready to see for the first time who you were meant to be?"  That hit me so hard, to really take our blessing seriously.
Well, I am out of time, but I will finish explaining to you next week about it.  Love you all so much!!  Hope you have a fantastic week and rest of summer!  Sorry this is so short, lots to do today.  Talk to you soon!
Love, Sister Grossman

Monday, August 4, 2014

8-4-14 Small promptings

Hello all,
Not too much to tell this week.  Just share little tidbits.
Monday night we were driving to go visit some people and we passed this lady and her son sitting on the curb.  We both had the feeling that we should stop and talk, but of course, it takes me forever to determine what is me and what is the spirit, so we kept driving.  Just as we turned the corner, I parked the car and said we needed to go talk to her.  She, Amee, was really nice, and gave us her number without even asking.  Apparently her ex-husband is atheist and her and her son have been discussing it all week, so it was cool to talk to them.  Even if anything didn't happen, it was a neat experience with the spirit and listening/following it.

Wednesday we spent all day in the mountains.  We tried to get the Zone Leaders to switch us and let us have their truck, but the APs said the Elder Hollingsworth (the car guy) would probably kill them for sending a brand new truck into the mountains. HELLO!  That is what a truck is for.  So we were driving around the rainy mountains in our little Corolla.  Poor Dieter had a hard time with those hills, he spent almost the whole time in 2nd gear.  We got to visit a sweet older woman who is the only member in her family.  Before this day, so many things happened that would have kept us from going into the mountains.  We went anyway and it was a good thing we did.  She really needed it.  She told us how she had been feeling like she didn't belong in her family because she is the only member.  And then the week before she was sitting in Relief society and everyone was talking with each other, but no one was talking with her and she thought, "I don't fit in at home and I don't fit in at church either."  And that was when I stopped to talk with her.  She said it meant so much to her.  This Sunday, she thanked us so much for coming; in her words we left a glow in her house, that we just sprinkled fairy dust all around.  I was so glad that it helped her.  She is the sweetest lady.  It was really a testimony to me to look around for those people who are on the outskirts and to reach out to them. 
We went to a few other houses, but on the way to our last one, our gps got us lost.  So we were lost in the mountains with no cell service.  Don't worry, we are honorary boy scouts.  We had walking shoes, a blanket, a flashlight, food, water, all sorts of stuff.  We were prepared.  But we got home eventually, 2 hours late for dinner.  It was so cool though to drive through all of the low hanging clouds!  I love it up there.

Friday, Sister Migao had her doctor's appointment.  We got some pills to help her sleep, but for the past two days they haven't worked.  So we will see.  We had a meeting with our ward mission leader and our bishop later that night.  It finally went well.  We were able to address many of our concerns and they listened when we said what to do with a recent convert, which was a blessing.  So that is thankfully getting better.  Ward council and mission correlation went surprisingly better this week.

Saturday we had a trainer's meeting in Aurora.  It was fun to be out there because I got to see a lot of old friends.  As we were leaving, we went to help people who were carrying stuff in.  Once we got inside, we realized Sister Migao knew them.  It was her cousin!  Well second cousin, but apparently they don't pay attention to things like that.  So we stayed and helped them set up for a while because they were behind schedule for setting up for a bridal shower.  Then she saw her aunt and other people she was related to.  Apparently all Polynesian people are related somehow.

I forgot to tell you last week, official missionary stamp was issued.  I got peed on by a dog.  Yep, that's right.  Apparently whenever he is nervous or excited he pees.  He was leaning against my leg and just started going.  Oh fun times.

Yesterday my hair was in a bun and I had a lock of hair that kept falling out.  I was leaning down talking to a little girl and she kept trying to push it back,  but it wouldn't stay.  So finally, she put both her hands right on top and smoothed my hair back on both sides while telling me, "Someday,  I'll be five.....and that day is in two days."  With all seriousness!  It was so funny and so precious. 

But I think that is all I have to share.  We are moving this week.  Sad to leave the Scott's but it will be fun at our new house.  Love you all, talk to you next week.
Love, Sister Grossman

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7-28-14 Same stuff, different week

Howdy Ho!
Well this week doesn't look like much on paper, but we sure worked hard.  Sister Migao still isn't sleeping, so our morning routine is kind of off, but we try to work hard during the day.  Tuesday we got dropped by a potential, but that's ok.  We didn't really see him going anywhere either.  But he does want a list of scripture passages from the Book of Mormon he can read so that is good!  Then we ran to Ace Hardware because we may have accidentally broken our shower.  Of course the one part that was broken they didn't have, so we had to buy glue to fix it.  Which then had to set for a day.  We did get to go to Texas Roadhouse that night for dinner!  Yum!!  Made me a little sad thinking of Grandpa.
Wednesday I went with my Relief Society President, Sister Petersen to Christine's.  Sister Migao's eye was swollen (which we later found out was due to two bug bites that she got right by her eye).  The lesson went well; it really helped to have Sis.Petersen there.  Christine isn't progressing, but she isn't a waste of time.  So hopefully we can get her progressing.  We'll see.
Thursday night, we decided to head up into the mountains.  We have a ton of miles since we switched cars half way through the month.  We quickly decided we needed a truck.  Dieter (our poor car) was just having quite the trouble with the hills.  But we didn't get stranded so that is good news!!
But, Sister Migao still keeps me laughing and we are having such a great time!!  I wish I could spend the rest of my mission with her!!  Even though everything sucks, we are still doing awesome!  I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for all the letters!  Love you guys lots!  Love, Sister Grossman

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

7-21-14 Sleepless in Arvada

Hello all!!
Man I love Mondays!! Probably the only time in my life I will haha. We're happy to be out of the house, so it's a good day! Transfers happened and we made it out unscathed!!
Not much of an exciting week. We got to go to the temple on Wednesday!! Apparently there is an even newer video!! It was interesting. I just love the temple.
 A cavity that I got fixed a year ago was still bothering me and was getting worse. So one of the men in 4th ward whose parents are in my ward (we know him because he was at dinner once) is a dentist and had me come in. Bless him, he did it for free. Feeling great so far!!  Apparently the filling was too high.
We spent a lot of the week at home. Sister Migao still isn't sleeping. 13 hours in 2 weeks. We are working on getting a doctor's appointment. It got to the point that she doesn't remember anything after dinner on Saturday night, including transfer doctrine. She conked out for quite a while Sunday morning until 3 o'clock that afternoon. At least she slept!
She is going a bit stir crazy at home, but she doesn't have the energy to go out, she gets tired walking up the stairs. Our members house is now very clean though! Everyone but her is pretty concerned. Hopefully we get it sorted soon.
Oh, my award at transfer doctrine: "Sass meets Salvation". I thought it was pretty humorous haha.
Still loving Sister Migao, still having tons of fun, work still sucks and is getting worse, but we're doing good. Hope all is well and that everyone is enjoying the scorching heat. It is pretty bad here too.
Much love, Sister Grossman

7-14-14 Give 'em Heaven

Hello there!
Hope everyone's week has been great!  What an interesting week it has been here.  It was another very hard week.  Probably the lowest number of lessons I have ever taught.  However, the Lord is blessing us so much because Sister Migao and I are still happy!  We still have faith that this is the Lord's work so we don't need to stress.  We have finally reached the point that we just laugh and it doesn't affect us at all to which I am so grateful to the Lord.  Even though things failed all week, we still felt the spirit so strongly and that is really all that matters.
Monday night was bad.  Sister Migao was really upset and I tried to talk about it with her, but it all went south.  She ended up locking herself in the closet and when I checked later, all of her bags were packed.  Later, when she was upstairs, I called the STL's because I just didn't know what to do.  I prayed really hard that night, but just left her alone.  I felt really bad since this her first transfer, the area is sucking, and I am suppose to be her trainer and help her.  But she will learn that everyone has that in the beginning of her mission and that it won't be the last.  She will probably get to that point 4 more times.  I know I have been there multiple times. 
We spent most of Tuesday talking to our leaders.  I was really grateful for my STLs; normally I'm not a huge fan of them, but I was so thankful to have someone else to help me in that moment.  They were on exchanges that night and the brand new STL accidentally ended up with both phones.  I felt bad she had to deal with this the first couple weeks, but what better way to break them in haha!
Tuesday night, the ZL's had extended a challenge to us to see how many people we could get to wave to us.  We drove around a neighborhood waving.  Thankfully, there was a terrible storm the night before so we had a ton of hail damage that day so everyone was outside cleaning that up.  One of the guys who waved turned out to be a member in our ward.  We jumped out and started helping him clean his yard.  Then, we cleaned his neighbor's yard.  Her husband and just passed away and the Elders had been helping her a lot around her yard and with her car.  I like hailstorms.  They let us do service!!  For the record, we got 72 waves!  We beat the whole zone!
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday pretty much everything fell through.  Christine cancelled everything this week...again.  Even our own ward mission leader forgot his appointment hahaha.
This whole week has been thrown off as Sister Migao is just not sleeping.  Since last Saturday she has had a total of about 11 1/2 hours of sleep.  Sad right?  The poor thing has tried all sorts of different things to help her fall asleep, but nothing has worked.  When I think she is sleeping, I just leave her, trying to let her get some sleep, and I don't do anything that would wake her up (i.e. shower).  Our whole schedule has been off since I think she is actually sleeping, but then she tells me later she wasn't.

Saturday night at dinner, just as we finished giving the message and asked "how can we serve you?", the little boy ran yelling "DADDY THE BUNNY IS IN THE GARDEN. HE'S HERE!  HE'S HERE!!"  They told us during dinner about a rabbit who was digging in their garden.  He pulled us all outside and I proceed to catch the rabbit!!  My business is expanding to more than just window wells haha!  Our next two appointments cancelled, so the member we were supposed to have a lesson with at her house took us out for ice cream.  It sure made everything better :)  good ol' reliable Coldstone!
Sunday was better than the rest of the week!  Had the most meaningful sacrament I have had in a long time.  I just felt so free from burden as I took the sacrament and felt washed clean again.  That even though this week sucked, things were going to be ok.  I had done everything I could have, it wasn't my fault.  I just started crying during the sacrament because it was so nice to have that burden removed from me.  I'm sure the members think I am breaking, and maybe I am a little bit.  But that is ok, God loves broken things because from them, he can grow new things in the direction wants.
I am still having such a good time with Sister Migao.  She is awesome!  Loving the ward more and more.  We were at a member's house who has the little redhead 3yr old who is just the cutest thing.  His name is Cannon and usually we have to bribe him to give us a hug, but yesterday when we were over there, we were giving his sisters a hug and he runs over "My turn!  My turn!  I want a hug!!"  and then gave us a big ol' hug. He went and picked flowers for us to and told us we had to put them in our hair.  A different day, we were walking out and he was saying something so I bent down to listen and he thought I was going to give him a kiss, so he puckered up.  I gave him one on the forehead because I couldn't just leave him hanging.  Things are going good; still loving being a missionary despite the hateful glares.  Wouldn't ever give this experience up.  The sister who I talked about last week had her farewell on Sunday and Sister Migao and I were just crying thinking of our own haha.
I love you guys lots and hope you have a fantastical week!!!  Love, Sister Grossman

7-7-14 Having a Ball in Arvada

Hello family and persons!!
Hope everyone is doing good today!!  Have a ball here in Arvada.  Been a bit of a tough week.  No one really wants to listen haha.  Sister Migao took it pretty hard.  I guess you just kind of go numb to it after while...most of the time.  Sometimes it still gets to you.  Bit of a crazy week.  (this might be shorter than I thought.  I was helping an elder with his family history and it took a bit of time)
Not too much to report this week.  We got to meet President and Sister Mendenhall!  They are awesome!!  So excited to work with them.  
Did a lot of family history again this week.  We got permission from P.Men to do family history on our members computer when we were grounded for the fourth of July, so I spent all night working on it.  Had a headache by the end haha.  It is so exciting and incredibly frustrating at the same time!!  Found a few problem spots I need help with.
Wednesday night we helped a recent convert.  She has a paper route and had to fold and gad over 2,000 newspapers.  We sat for a long time helping her!  It was good though because she trusts us more now.  
Yesterday was pretty fun.  A family in our ward has a daughter leaving next week on her mission to Argentina.  Her nonmember friend was visiting and they invited us over for an early dinner.  Her husband and son were out doing fast offerings so we had 30 minutes that we got to sit and chat with her.  Afterwards, their daughter showed us all of her mission stuff and asked tons of questions.  In Argentina, the whole time they are down there they can't receive packages and I guess the part she is at is pretty rural so for some of her stuff she has to take 18 months worth of items.  (I guess in Argentina, they think using tampons means you aren't a virgin.  Imagine having to pack 18 months worth of tampons!!!)  Suddenly, I was very very grateful to be serving in the states hahaha.
Well, not too much else other than normal missionary work.  Christine is still struggling, Cannons are still out out town.  But we're having fun!  Talk to you guys next week!  Love you!!