Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12-9-13 With the weather this cold, I should be making toys

Hello everyone!
I am doing well, inside and defrosted.  It is very cold here.  Some nights we are out and look at the car thermometer and it says one degree!!  But then we have members tell us it is even colder.  We try to stay away from tracting at this temperature.  We visit a lot of less actives and members.  If we do go out finding, we try to go during the day when it is at least slightly warmer.
This week was a hard week, but still very good.  We had quite a few appointments fall through and dropped three investigators.  Even some of our good investigators had to cancel appointments on us.  Or things came up with members or less actives that they had to cancel or we couldn't teach the lesson.  There was one less active who we are on good terms with and we went to her house to teach her a lesson, but she said she couldn't talk, child services were coming over.  Her little girl had fallen off the monkey bars at school and hit her head, but she couldn't remember how until later, so they thought she was trying to cover something up.  We were able to help her get her house ready though which was good.
Darrien and Sam's lesson went great.  They brought another friend, Amber.  They are all super interested and we spent two hours teaching them!!  But I love them so much.  I am so worried something is going to happen to keep them from discovering its truthfulness.  I pray for them constantly.
Katie called us Thursday in tears.  She just met with the bishop and decided that she needed to get baptized on her birthday, the 28 of December!  We are so excited for her.  Her interview is Thursday and then we will help her set up her program.  Elder Osbourne is going to sing and we know a few other things.  She loves how I curl my hair and wants me to do it for her on that day haha.   We'll have to see.
Friday evening was the Relief Society program.  It was really great, but I was so nervous to sing!  Because I was sick, I couldn't hear myself as well.  There was a high "d" (I think) that I was hitting before I got sick, but then had to drop down.  The music was prerecorded and we only had the opportunity to practice about 3 times.  The tempo was a little odd.  I was so nervous.  But we got lots of compliments, so I guess I didn't do too awful.
We had another "lesson" with Patty and brought a member pretty knowledgeable in the Godhead, but she was still too "stuck".  We're going to call president and see what his answer would be and then, if she's still not satisfied, we're just going to drop her.  She's not ready yet and I think is just having a good time arguing it and trying to disprove us.  Not that it outwardly appears that way, but maybe a little subconsciously.
Today is Zone P-day; we're going bowling.  This week is the last week in the transfer, we find out Saturday night where we are going. Anyways, I love you all. I was so excited for Monday again this week.  I think it's harder when it's cold and near the holidays.  I've been good and not opened any packages I wasn't supposed to despite Sister Lee prompting me to do so.  She thinks she is getting transferred and wants to know what they all are before she leaves.  Oh I almost forgot to mention.  A family in our ward is getting sealed on Saturday (they are converts of about a year) and invited us to go!!  We got special permission to attend.  We are so stickin' excited.  It is Sister Lee's first one.  The elders are coming too.  Anyways, I need to run!  Have a wonderful week!  Stay warm and send some this way.  Love you!

Sister Grossman

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