Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12-30-13 Last letter for this year

I am still pretty sick.  It was a slow week because of that.  We had to go home a lot so I could sleep.  I would get wiped out quickly.  Thankfully, I am getting to the point where I can pretty much go the whole day now. On Christmas Eve, we ran plates of goodies around to a lot of Less Actives (two young girls in the ward made a LOT of cookies and the mom asked us to take a bunch of plates.  We were very happy about that because we are always needing things to give out to people.)  We asked the relief society to help out with a struggling kind of-investigator family.  They are really being hit financially hard.  It was the best part to tell her that we were bringing her presents for her two little girls.  She started crying and was so thankful.  Even though I wasn't home, I still got to participate in something like that :) it made me really happy.
Christmas morning, we had a family feed us a delightful tasting breakfast.  They showed us an array of different Christmas headgear and told us to pick one.  Most of my pictures (of me opening my presents) show me wearing the antler headband I picked haha.  We went to another lady's house afterwards and she wanted us to try on clothes to choose which ones we wanted to take.  None of them fit me, so I just sat on the bed and watched Sister Hunt try on clothes.  I ended up falling asleep on the bed, so Sister Hunt brought me home so I could sleep.  ...We opened presents instead :)  It was so much fun.  Our host family made us stockings and gave us a present :O  We were so shocked and grateful.  The stockings had a bunch of candy, cutie oranges, but most importantly, we each a $25 gift card to a local grocery store!!  I love food :) so it was a magnificent present haha.  They also gave us each a scarf.  After Christmas, I think I am way stocked on scarves.  ..haha just kidding, that is an oxymoron! (meaning don't be afraid to send more!)  But I am glad I have quite a few now.  I really need them out here and now I actually have options.   It was really nice of them though.  They all (parents, and 3 step daughters) sat and watched us open all our presents. Don't worry mom (and Grammy), I took lots of pictures.  I need to get another memory card for my camera so I can just send this one home to be emptied.  It is a pain to have to send 3 pictures at a time.  Thank you again for all the wonderful presents!
After presents...and pretty much the rest of the day excluding dinner and skyping,  I slept or just rested.  It didn't feel much like Christmas.  But in some ways it did.  Just different I guess.
Saturday was Katie's baptism which was awesome!!  I was so happy to be there and watch her make such a wonderful covenant with the Lord.  It was great to see other missionaries too!  Elder Osborne and Elder Larson were both there!  It just so happened my former sister training leaders and my one of my old zone leaders were there, so I got to see them too!  Quite a few people from the ward were there.  It was just a wonderful experience and I am so glad I got to go!
Other than that, no out of normal experiences.  Teaching, talking to people.  But like I said, a slow week because I was sick.  It was nice to rest though haha.  Well anyways, hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!!  Don't party too hard!!

Love, Sister Grossman

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