Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Hi everyone!
I hope everyone is enjoying their break!!  It's really sad, it doesn't really feel like Christmas at all.  I mean I see all the lights and decorations, people's trees and presents, but I'm not doing anything that I normally do, so I have a hard time believing it's almost Christmas.  I woke and thought, "tomorrow is Christmas Eve!!"  and my mind was blown.  This week was good.  A little hard going into so many new situations blind, but it's been fun.  I have Sister Hunt with me, so I'm not worried.  I seriously love her so much!  She is just what I needed.  It's great to have someone as equally forward in lessons.  I think our biggest problem is going to be to stop having long conversations and laughing like crazy and go to work!  We just get along great!  I know President knows I needed to be with her.  There are a lot of things she can help me on and I am excited to learn from her!
I realized last time I forgot to mention the Biglen's sealing.  It was so amazing!!  I loved being in there and seeing that.  I got to go to Jacob and Heather's sealing before I left, but being out here on a mission and studying the gospel, I have a whole new understanding and appreciation for the plan.  It was so great to be there and see this family take in the ordinances that will allow them to be together forever!  To see the joy and love on their faces as they didn't have to be separated at death was the best.  When little Joseph walked in, he was just the cutest thing.  And he didn't squirm or move at all during the ceremony.  As I watched them, memories of our sealing came flooding back.  It is great to know our family has the same thing. I think it was hard for Elder Osborne knowing that his family wasn't at that point yet.  But he bore the sweetest testimony about it on Sunday.
Being the week after transfers, it was a little crazy and off.  I got to meet a family of investigators and they are so awesome! The dad is a less active member, Jen (mom), Shelby (14), Devin (11), and Grace (10) Wethor (only it's pronounced like waiter).  Jen and Grace are ready to get baptized, we're just waiting on Shelby and Devin.  Their real mom I think is a bad influence.  But they are so amazing!  Jen's dad just passed away and she's struggling to deal with her family on that side.  Both parents got a priesthood blessing which I think was really great for them.  Shelby was there during her dad's and I think she really felt the spirit.  I love them so much!
We also got to meet the Rout family.  All less actives and one investigator.  They are so awesome and super hilarious.  They love to mess around though so we are focusing on bringing a spirit of peace and reverence into their home.  It has made the last 2 lessons awesome!!  They are really progressing. The sad part is most of them don't know if God is there or listening.  They have had a lot of extreme experiences in the church.  But we are really working with them.
On Thursday we had our Christmas devotional!  Every zone did skits and they were so hilarious!!  I'm glad I wasn't still in the Denver North district because every single one of them got pies in the face during their skit!!  One of the Elders played "The good fairy"  from little bunny foo foo and I was dying at his performance.  Best good fairy voice I've ever heard.  He got that award my first transfer and I didn't understand...but I do now!!  Elder Handy from the 70's came and spoke to us. He was been all over Mesoamerica finding connections in the ancient artifacts about Christ's coming, the Book of Mormon, Nephi, etc. I learned some awesome things! Most mind blowing one: there is evidence of the 3 Nephites all over!!  (you know, the ones that asked to stay on the earth??)  Oh man it was so cool!  One of the man's names (don't ask for an explanation) is man-of-a-thousand-columns.  Elder Handy saw this house that the name was carved in and it literally had a thousand columns!  Then on the columns, there were 2,060 soldiers carved.  They were very young, but had their feet planted firmly in the gospel (they were standing on something representing the gospel) and a few other strangely similar things to the 2000 stripling warriors (plus their 60 reinforcements).  It was so cool!!  It was so great to see all of my old friends at the devotional!  I had such a great time.  We got the list of the movies we can watch.  We are going to watch the Chronicles of Narnia!  We're doing that today along with some Christmas shopping.
Well, I hope you guys have a very very spectacular Christmas!!  Know I will miss you, but also know I am happy to be here.  I love this gospel and the opportunity to share it with others.  Especially at this time of year. I know Heavenly Father is watching out for you.  I love you!

Sister Grossman

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