Sunday, December 29, 2013

12-2-13 You'd think I'm going to a trade school.

How is everyone doing today?  I can't believe it's already December!  I could swear you were just dropping me off at the MTC last week.  It has been a wonderful week full of many blessings and miracles.  Monday night we went over to a member's home.  They were scraping up three layers of linoleum and replacing it with hard wood floors. I was handed a shovel and went crazy!  I don't know why, but I have a blast doing all the manual labor!  I had so much fun I didn't notice how hard it was on my hands until I blew open a blister I didn't even know had formed!  The next day, I could barely move my hands they hurt so bad.  The Brother took a picture of us so that he could show the Elders and rub it in their face how we were showing them up.  They kept commenting on how good I was with a shovel!  I said I had a lot of practice growing up ;)
Wednesday we had exchanges!  Sister Mailau (she is a Tongan sister who has been out for I think about 16 months.  She is crazy awesome.)  came to our area. Because Sister Mailau doesn't have driving privileges, I got to drive!!!  It felt great.  But that also meant that I was temporarily senior companion, meaning I did all the scheduling.  Thankfully, we had a pretty full day already!  We had a great district meeting talking about faith, what are the anchors to our faith, how we can overcome those, and what we can do with our faith.  We went tracting for an hour after that.  Sister Mailau is hilarious!  She'll peer in the window and say really loudly "HELLO??"  but think of it in a Ms. Doubtfire voice!!  It's so funny.  But to hear the love and sincerity in her voice as she talks to these people is incredible.  She is so great at getting people to talk to her and keeping the conversation going even as they are saying they're not interested.  It was great to see.  We got to teach quite a few lessons that day!  One was a family so we got 3 new investigators out of that!  They know Tui Fa'amausili from when their son played football for him.  He came with us to the lesson and because he was there, the dad actually listened and we could tell their hearts were softened.  Had he not been there, I'm not sure how the message would have been received.  Members definitely need to be at the lessons!!  We talked all about mission life and it was very beneficial to see it from the perspective of someone almost done.  
We had a great Thanksgiving!  Our plan for the whole day was to visit members seeing as tracting would not go far.  We visited a few homes and in one, the mom was so busy preparing food.  They were attending a party for 30 people that she was making half the food for and was running very late.  We asked her what we could do to help and she asked if we would do her daughters' hair!  I was way excited.  There are 3 of them and did all of their hair.  For dinner, the relief society president had us and the elders over so it was fun to be with them too since out here, our zone, and more specifically our district, is our family.  I feel like in our family, we don't have a lot of the traditional foods (which I am perfectly fine with!  I like our spread :)  )  so it was weird eating something different!  I definitely missed the orange jello salad.  We stayed there for a while and then went to other homes.  We had a good time just visiting with the members and getting to know them better.  It really was a great day, but it didn't feel like Thanksgiving, just another work day!
Friday night we went over to the home of one potential investigator we found the other night.  She is 16 and her name is Darrien.  We tracted into her, gave her a Book of Mormon, and set a return appointment.  We showed up at her house, only to be told that she was on her way home from a trip to the airport. Her mom welcomed us inside to wait for her.  We started talking to her and found out she is a flight attendant!  They have tons of FA come stay with them all the time; there is always people coming in and out of their home.  Darrien was running with her brother to go pick some of them up.  We met a few others staying with them while we waited.  When she showed up, one of the FA came up and started talking with us.  He almost gave Sister Lee a hug, then stopped and said, "What am I doing?! I know the rules!"  Apparently he is a member as well and was so happy we were there.  As we was walking down the stairs, I'm pretty sure he mouthed to us, "they NEED you here!!"  Darrien's friend, Sam, sat in on the lesson and they both ate it up.  She told us how excited she was to get the Book of Mormon and how she really wants to read it.  She doesn't think the bible has all the answers and really thought everything we were teaching was awesome.  We then found out that her half-brother's dad was baptized into the church three years ago and has been talking to him about being baptized.  He's only been twice, but has been thinking about it.  Which would be great because she is super close to her brother so they could do it together!  It was amazing to see how she was being prepared.  and even if her time isn't now, I know it will be soon.
Saturday, we met with the relief society president again to discuss visiting teaching.  We only planned on one hour but it ended up taking two and a half hours.  But hopefully it well help some of the less actives.  They really just need friends and for members to reach out to them.  Sunday, we had another lesson with Patty.  Oh man, she is sure one tough nut.  We thought we were pretty prepared, but think again.  It was crazy.  In our mission, the standard of excellence for lessons taught throughout the week is 20.  Sister Lee and I were able to get 22 this week!  This is more than the first two weeks of this transfer combined!  Everyone was pretty shocked, including us.  I know that all of those are not a reward of our work, but the Lord trusting us.  I am so thankful for this opportunity to be given so many people to teach.  It was such a great week and next week is almost completely booked up except for Saturday and Sunday!  It is such a miracle.  Transfers are coming up in 2 weeks and Sister Lee thinks I am going to be training since there are 15 new sisters coming out...I hope she is wrong!  But she will probably be transferred since she has been in this area for 3 transfers.  So I'm doing my best to get the area down as well as I can before I don't have her anymore.  It's a bit nerve wracking!!  This week we are helping lay hard wood floor and painting a kitchen.  You'd think I was going to a trade school rather than a mission between moving, raking leaves, scraping linoleum, painting, doing hair, and all the others!!  But those are my favorite times; when I can serve the members and get to know them better and vise a versa.  For some reason, no one takes me seriously when I volunteer though.  I have to work to convince them I want to come.  Poor Sister Lee, getting dragged along to all these projects!  We're getting along very good.  Today I will probably be dying her hair and having a mini birthday party for her.  Anyways, I better get going, way over on time.  I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  Love you all! 

Sister Grossman

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